Black Friday Deals 2011 at Sonic Electronix

The phrase “Black Friday,” can potentially evoke powerful headaches in many people. Memories of staying up all night, waiting in long lines in the cold, not to mention the madhouses that stores become once the doors finally open. Who needs all that nonsense when you can sit comfortably at home and shop online? Here at the Sonic Electronix Black Friday Sale, we’ve got some tremendously great deals on some fantastic products such as the Kenwood DNX6180: a head unit that leaves you wondering what else you could possibly ask for. Go ahead and check out the unit’s page on our site, and then take a look at your current head unit and ask yourself what you’re waiting for!

For those of us shopping for the holidays, the GoGo Jr keychain guitar tuner makes a great stocking stuffer for any guitarist. Especially because of the ultra-deep discount we offer of just under 90%. Heck, I don’t even play guitar and I want one. Or, for those of us who love hardcore bumpin’ in our trunks, be sure to check out our Sonic Exclusive combo bundle that includes a 600W Rockford Fosgate Loaded Enclosure and Amplifier. How’s that for an incredible Black Friday sale?! We’ve got many more great deals available to view through the clickable banner on our site. Anyway, stay safe and happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I’ve always had a passion for quality sound. Growing up, my sound editor father taught me the importance of good sound and good audio equipment. In my teens I was installing audio systems and frequenting concerts. Today, I’m marketing audio products a company that is as passionate about audio as I am. All along the way i’ve collected and built a nice collection of quality audio gear that lets me listen the way I want.

The point is, I love audio… and pizza.

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