VocoPro DJ and Karaoke Equipment


By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Regardless of talent, almost everyone loves to sing. That’s why karaoke bars exist and it is one of the reasons why American Idol is so popular. Now you can create your own professional quality karaoke studio with VocoPro karaoke machines. You can use VocoPro DJ and karaoke equipment to host karaoke parties or to record your own jams. This karaoke line includes DJ amplifiers, loudspeakers, professional PA systems, all-in-one karaoke systems, wireless microphones and more. With VocoPro products, you can create an awesome and private karaoke setup. A home karaoke system will encourage even shy loved ones to take a shot at singing a song (depending on their ability, or lack thereof, this may not necessarily be a good thing).

Are you looking to build a karaoke setup but find yourself unsure of where to start? The VocoPro GIG-MASTER is a great cornerstone to build around. This digital sound system features a 180 watt speaker with a built-in CD, DVD, and MP3 player. There are inputs for guitar and keyboard expandability, making it easy to set up for musical collaborations. The easy to use 7 band equalizer allows you to tune your sound to perfection. The GIG-MASTER is built on wheels and has a luggage handle, making it the perfect piece for traveling musicians. Better yet, now you can get a wireless microphone system and a MP3 recorder along with the GIG-MASTER in a package deal called the GIG-MASTERPRO. The VHF-3005 wireless microphone system comes with two wireless, handheld mics with individual volume controls. The RECODE-1 MP3 recorder has 512 MB of internal memory and is expandable with SD memory cards for additional recording space. All of these goodies come together in a sweet package deal for the ultimate karaoke setup.

UHF-5805If you want to add additional microphones to your existing setup, the VocoPro UHF-5805 is a rechargeable, 4-channel wireless microphone system. Four handheld mics operate on independent channels for more vocal options with less frequency interference. Plus, you no longer have to worry about tangling wires with the wireless technology. Wireless mics bring out the best performances since the performers are unleashed and free to rock out on stage. To take your karaoke setup to the next level, you could add a VocoPro AVC-800 automatic sound enhancer. This will improve the quality and control over every song. The automatic volume and tone control will ensure a clear and detailed vocal performance every time.

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