From CES 2014… The New Pioneer NEX Headunits!

Sonic Electronix is back from CES 2014! Otherwise known as the Consumer Electronics Show, we were able to attend this famous convention and bring back information on all sorts of products that some of our favorite brands will be releasing. One of these brands is of course Pioneer. And this year for CES, they previewed an impressive new product line of head units called NEX, or Networked Entertainment eXperience. This series contains five different head units and they all have brand new technologies, expanding options, and features! Since this series of high-tech head units are set to be released in February or March of this year, we want to take this time to tell you what Pioneer has in store for ya’ll!

With NEX, Pioneer has changed the game for how you think of a head unit.  Everything from the powerful new user interface to the extensive amount of features they include, is sure to vastly improve how you listen to music on the go. All of the receivers were designed for today’s smartphone-driven lifestyle and will make your life a whole lot easier!

 The flagship, top of the line model of the NEX series is the AVIC-8000NEX. Not only was it designed with a sleek, easy to use interface, but it has every feature you could possibly imagine in an in-dash receiver. This unit was designed to fully integrate with both Android and iPhone, so you can listen to music and use your apps right from the 7″ WVGA touchscreen display. It has a built-in traffic tuner, dual USB inputs, HDMI AV input, and all of the high-tech, key technologies you see here: 

The rest of the NEX units in this series off all the same great features with a couple exceptions: a couple of the NEX series head units have smaller touchscreens (6.1″), one of the head units does not come with built-in navigation, and a couple of the others do not have the traffic tuner. Be sure to check out the full line up down below.

The NEX series of in-dash receivers bridge the gap between smartphone tethered products and traditional multimedia receivers. They are the perfect product for anyone who wants to experience the ultimate car audio receivers. Until next time, we’ll see ya’ll later.

NEX Full Product Line:


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