SHURiKEN High Performance Car Batteries


By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

SHURiKEN batteries are designed to supply power for modern car audio systems. These high performance batteries are designed with the innovative Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) technology. AGM technology consists of fiberglass plates tightly packed between the battery’s lead plates. This design prevents vibration and enables the batteries to be mounted in variable positions without spilling. What separates SHURiKEN rechargeable batteries from the completion? The special advanced heat and vibration resistant materials used in its construction make these batteries perfect for high performance systems.

SHURiKEN batteries can provide power to the biggest and “baddest” of car audio systems. Their internal Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) is extremely low, which enables the juice to flow freely and easily. SHURiKEN engineered their batteries to withstand the demands of high end car audio systems. In terms of durability, you can expect these batteries to last anywhere from 2 to 4.5 years.

SHURiKEN batteries are available in various sizes, ranging from the entry 20 amp hour rating to as large as a 120 amp hour rating. The SHURiKEN SK-BT120 is an incredibly powerful battery rated with a 120 amp hour rating and 2600 cranking amps. This 79 pound battery is recommended for use with car stereo systems of up to 2400 watts. Coming in at about 40 pounds, the SHURiKEN SK-BT60 battery is rated at 60 amp hours and 1500 crank amps. This battery is recommended for car stereo systems of up to 1400 watts. Finally, weighing in at 25 pounds, the SHURiKEN SK-BT35 car battery is rated at 35 amp hours and 950 cranking amps. This battery is recommended for use with systems of up to 800 watts.

SHURiKEN is a Japanese word that refers to a hidden ninja star/sword. With these batteries tucked away in your trunk, you will sneak up on other car audio competitors! These batteries are a step ahead, as SHURiKEN batteries feature a unique spill free design with closely packed pure lead plates and AGM technology.

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