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Sonic Electronix at Slamology

Over three weeks of coordinating, two days of travel between 3 states and the promise of virtually no sleep did not keep our team at Sonic Electronix from participating in the 11th annual Slamology Automotive and Music Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana over the weekend of June 14th. From what we heard from so many other vendors and attendees, this was a premier event where we could really connect with the core car audio community. It did not disappoint.

The annual 2-day event at Lucas Oil Raceway featured a number of competitions, vendors like XS Power and Mechman Alternators, bands and even a bikini contest. Attendees, vendors and competitors arrived from all over the country, albeit none as far as Los Angeles. Despite the competitive nature of the crowd, it really felt like a tight knit group of enthusiasts. There was a true sense of community. It did not matter if you were a bass head, into SQL or just a spectator everyone there was there to have a great time.

Slamology 2014

While we were there, we captured insanely loud demos leaving in their wake, windows cracked, doors busted and ears damaged. We even piloted a quadcopter drone to get some awesome aerial coverage of the day. Unfortunately that crashed too. When we weren’t busy demoing or rather watching sound waves break things, we were out there talking to people about their love for all things car audio. Being able to hear these stories was priceless.

At our booth, we had the great fortunate to be able to showcase the late Alma Gates’ Bronco, The Beast, the final vehicle she built. “Alma Gates was a mother figure in the bass head community. She was friends with everyone and loved everybody,” said Warnick. “After she passed away last year we were fortunate enough to be able to purchase her Bronco so that we could maintain it and bring it around to shows and events. It’s a great honor.”

Sonic Electronix hopes to make the trip out to Slamology in 2015. We met so many great people at Slamology and their genuine love of car audio was amazing. Hopefully next time our drone doesn’t break.


XS Power Training At Sonic Electronix!

XS Power Battery

XS Power|Real Power, Unreal Performance The staff at always strives to be as knowledgeable as possible in what we do, especially when it comes to car audio! We’re always striving to increase our knowledge on everything audio – so we can pass that knowledge onto you guys. It is always a joy when we get a visit from a trusted brand so we can learn more about their company and products. This week, XS Power visited the Sonic Electronix and taught us about their high quality car batteries and accessories.

We learned a lot about this fantastic brand and are excited to pass along that information to ya’ll! XS Power’s batteries are perfect for any mobile audio purpose- whether its a car, truck, boat, or RV. Their D Series batteries are an excellent choice for a primary, under-the-hood power cell or even as a secondary battery to supply the power needed for your specific system. And their XS Series power cells are another great line of secondary batteries for a wide variety of car audio systems. In addition, XS Power offers power cells which contain some excellent construction and technologies. Rugged, reinforced ABS plastic housings and extreme vibration resistant internal connections make XS Power batteries almost impossible to break. Their batteries feature a heavy duty pure lead grid design and are non-spillable as well as leak proof. XS Power’s product line-up also includes an impressive amount of accessories to ensure you have everything you need to power your system- such as power cable, ground cable and battery terminal posts. Their new XP and XS series of ground and power cable also feature some awesome technologies, such as oversized strand counts for extreme durability and soft touch cable jackets for superior flexibility and ease of use in any installation. These cables are all True AWG and come in a variety of colors and gauges. Overall, we had an amazing time learning all about XS Power’s products. And, at the end of the day- Nathan, the friendly trainer from XS Power,raffled off a gift card for one of the staff members at for participating in the the training! Congrats to Wes for winning the drawing! Until next time!


Sonic Electronix at the Shepherd Church Car Show!


This past weekend, Sonic Electronix went out to the car show at the Shepherd of the Hills Church in Porter Ranch, California. We gave away some awesome prizes, set up a booth at the show, and displayed the Tesla as well as the RE Audio show car. Here are the highlights of the event!

Sonic Electronix strives to be the experts in everything we do. Especially in car audio. Therefore, we were happy to be able to share our car audio knowledge with everyone from kids to adults at this car show. Brendan, one of our expert install technicians was there along with our CEO Nathaniel Victor answering questions on anything and everything car audio related!!

There were some amazing cars at this show. Everything from classics to high end sports cars were on display, and we were proud to add to the collection of impressive vehicles. Sonic Electronix had the RE Audio show car as well as the Tesla Model S with a custom NVX sound system for everyone to see and hear. The Tesla with its custom subwoofer enclosure impressed all those who saw it.

In addition, we gave away some amazing NVX, Belva and Limitless Creations prizes. Among the prizes were car audio coaxial speakers, headphones, a subwoofer, and a variety of home audio speakers. We are always happy to be able to give back to the community! Overall, the car show was definitely a good time. Thank you to those who came out to support Sonic Electronix and we hope to see you at the next event! We were glad to be able to attend this event and be apart of the car show. Until next time, we’ll cya later!


Save Time with PayPal Express!

At Sonic Electronix, we’re always looking for ways to improve your checkout experience. PayPal Express provides another step towards achieving our goal of providing you, our customers, with hassle free shopping. “PayPal Express is fantastic. It helps us provide a better overall customer experience and makes it easier for our customer to check out on all devices, including desktop, mobile and tablets,” said Director of Product Seth Wilde.

The key advantage of shopping with a PayPal account is simple convenience. All of your credit card and billing information is stored in your PayPal account to eliminate the need for you to remember your card number and fill out your billing address.

Simplify Your Checkout Experience with Paypal Express!

PayPal Express takes this system and simplifies it even further. It requires only for you to log in to your PayPal account to automatically load your billing and card information into the system. PayPal Express also speeds up the ordering process and greatly reduces any order issues by incorporating PayPal directly into the checkout process. PayPal Standard on the other hand, takes you completely away from the checkout page to enter your PayPal information and doesn’t return you to a confirmation page.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to PayPal Express comes from mobile orders. Placing an order on your cell phone can be a pain, typing in card numbers and addresses on a screen that is too small and a keyboard usable only by toddlers. While PayPal Express doesn’t completely eliminate text fields to fill out, it does reduce them dramatically. The average website requires over 30 individual text fields to be filled out to place an order; with PayPal Express you only need to type in your username and password saving you from frustration, carpel tunnel and most importantly, time.

As a result of the inefficiencies of PayPal Standard, nearly 1 in 10 orders were left uncompleted for desktop users and on the mobile side nearly 1 in 5 orders were left uncompleted. With PayPal Express, uncompleted orders have been cut by more than half. “Since we’ve enhanced our PayPal experience, we’ve found that our customers are less confused by the checkout process and more likely to complete their orders,” said Wilde.

Shop with PayPal on Your Next Visit!

So next time you shop at Sonic Electronix, be sure to look for the ‘Checkout with PayPal’ button. Save yourself some time and enjoy your new sound gear sooner!

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Marine Audio! The Top 5 New Products At!

Like always, the team at Sonic Electronix is dedicated to bringing y’all the latest products and information on everything audio related — including marine audio! And with summer right around the corner, we want to make sure you guys are equipped with the latest and best marine audio equipment for your boat! So, without further adieu — the top 5 new marine products from!

Every boat needs a great head unit. The headunit that we were really impressed with is Infinity’s PRV250. This marine digital stereo features a marine-rated watertight interface with white-illuminated controls that will stand up to sun, salt, and moisture that marine vehicles are constantly exposed to. In addition, it features an AM/FM radio, built-in Bluetooth technology for audio streaming, along with USB and 3.5mm AUX inputs to connect all of your audio devices. And when it comes to expanding your sound system, the PRV250 also features two sets of 2V preamp outputs for the connection of power speakers, an amplifier, or even a subwoofer!

Speakers on your boat are critical for that high quality sound y’all are looking for! The new Kicker 8″ KM84LCW and 6.5″ KM654LCW light up speakers are some amazing speakers that we highly recommend. These 2-way marine speakers are water resistant with a sealed motor structure, locking terminal covers, and UV treated woofer cones. In addition, they can put out 130 watts of RMS power per pair and come with a 1″ titanium dome tweeter for higher frequencies. However, their most impressive feature are the multi-color LED lights which light up right behind the protective grills and are adjustable by remote.


Kicker also released the KM Series subwoofers to really give you the high quality sound you desire this summer.  These 10″ marine subwoofers feature the same great LED technology as the KM Series speakers! They also feature an injection molded cone, tough Santoprene surround, and come in a Single 2-Ohm model and Single 4-Ohm model with a rated RMS power of 150 watts. Along with the subwoofer, you also get a matching basket with a protective, bolt-through grille which includes a smart, integrated moisture-draining system, making them perfect for marine weather conditions! In addition, this subwoofer’s UV treated, weather-proof qualities exceed industry standards.


When it comes to tower speakers for your marine vehicle, the MT81LKB (Black) and MT81LKW (White) are high quality tower speakers that Sonic Electronix highly suggests checking out! These fully water resistant, single-ended tubbies are 2-way marine speakers which feature 150 watts of RMS power, new lighted LED light clusters for lighting up your entire boat, and a new slim line aerodynamic design . They feature platinum 5-way binding posts, waterproof mid ranges and tweeters and an automotive-grade paint finish. These tower speakers are perfect for any summer activity out on the water being that they are also salt, fog, and UV certified!

MTX’s Wet Series Marine Amplifiers are some amazing amplifiers to really power the sound system on your boat! They were compactly designed in a small chassis, making them easily installed on any marine vehicle. In addition, they feature stainless steel harware, surface mount technology, plastic splash guard over control-adjustments, and a conformal coated circuit board – which makes these amps ideal for powering your sound system while protecting it at the same time! The WET series amplifiers come in a 500 Watt RMS Monoblock model, a 400 Watt RMS 4-Channel model, and a 200 Watt RMS 2-Channel model.

And that concludes Sonic Electronix’ list for our top new marine audio products! Be sure to check out all the great audio equipment we have for your boat this season at! Until next time, we’ll see y’all later!