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Add More Functions to Your ASWC-1!

Keep Your Steering Wheel Controls with the ASWC-1 Adapter!

It’s becoming more and more common these days for cars to come with factory steering wheel controls. The problem is, if you want to upgrade your headunit, chances are you’ll lose those controls unless you purchase an additional adapter because aftermarket headunits are so rarely compatible with steering wheel controls. Luckily, there are steering wheel control adapters available like the Axxess ASWC-1 that allow you to retain your controls.

The Axxess ASWC-1, the best steering wheel control adapter on the market, just got even better. With the latest update to the ASWC-1, you will be able to program your steering wheel controls with dual functions. Currently, each button on your steering wheel with the ASWC-1 will only perform a single action when clicked. This additional feature lets you program the buttons on your steering wheel for a secondary function when you hold the button down for an extended period of time.

Before setting any ‘long press’ action for your steering wheel controls, your ASWC-1 will need to have been successfully detected by and functional with your stereo. You will also need to update your ASWC-1 to its most recent software revision. When a button has been successfully programmed with a long-press action, a quick tap of the button will work as it always has while a longer press (at least a quarter of a second), the new button action will be sent to your stereo. You can program every button on your steering wheel to work with the long-press function except for your volume up and down controls.

Updating Your ASWC-1

Adding the long-press functionality to your steering wheel controls is no more difficult than installing it was.

1Your first step in adding secondary button press functions to your steering wheel controls is to update your ASWC1 to the latest software revision.  To do this you will need to download the WbXXpress Updater program and connect your Axxess interface box to your computer via the Micro-USB connection (the 4-pin serial port is located directly on the circuit board). Your computer will recognize the interface box and prompt you to begin the update.

2Once you’ve updated the software on your ASWC-1 and have the interface wired back up in your system, press and hold down the button you want to add a long-press action to for roughly 10 seconds. The green LED will blink quickly to acknowledge the action while you have the button pressed down. Release the button and the blinking LED light will turn solid.

3Determine the new steering wheel button number in the chart below. Press and release the volume up button the number of time corresponding to the new button. The green LED will blink rapidly when you have the volume up button engaged and then return to solid when the volume up button is released. If you take more than 10 seconds between a volume up button press, the procedure will self abort and you will have to start over.

4To store the long-press button in memory, press the same steering wheel button you held down in step 2. The LED will turn off, indicating completion.

To clear/reset a button to its original use (remove the long-press action), repeat step 2 while pressing the volume down button in place of the volume up button. The LED will go off and the long press mapping will be removed.

Mapping Your New Controls
Button Number
New Button Action
Not Allowed
Not Allowed
Seek Up/Next
Seek Down/Previous
Preset Up
Preset Down
On Hook
Off Hook

Axxess ASWC-1

Universal Steering Wheel Control Interface


Pioneer Announces Apple CarPlay Integration and New AppRadio 4


All right Apple and Pioneer fans, listen up!  Pioneer Electronics just announced that they are offering Apple’s highly anticipated CarPlay feature that makes it easy for you to use an iPhone or iPad with their car radios.

Pioneer said it just began shipping a new CarPlay-capable AppRadio 4 car stereo deck to dealers around the country, according to an article on CE Outlook. They also launched a firmware update for their five current NEX model radios so that they are also compatible with CarPlay.

CarPlay brings Apple’s familiar interface to the car for accessing messages, music, maps and iTunes Radio.  It also features apps like Beats Music, iHeartRadio, At Bat (MLB baseball), Spotify, Stitcher, CBS Radio and Podcasts. With CarPlay, the radio recognizes an iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 when its plugged in. Users can then access most features by voice including the ability to respond to texts and have texts read aloud. It also features large icons for simple menu navigation.  Check out the Video below from Pioneer.

The firmware update is available at:, and may be downloaded to a USB device and then uploaded to the radio. The radios that are available for the firmware update include the Pioneer AVIC-8000NEX, AVIC-7000NEX, AVIC-6000NEX, AVIC-5000NEX, and AVH-4000NEX.

AppRadio 4

pioneer_appradio_4Pioneer’s new AppRadio 4 is a powerhouse receiver, packing features not found in most premium stereos including Bluetooth and a 6.2″ capacitive touchscreen similar to your smartphone or tablet. You can take full advantage of the high-resolution WVGA screen with the onboard HDMI input, and it also has MirrorLink to mirror and control certain non-Apple smartphones. Android users will also rejoice in the seamless Android Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) for deeper access to files and folders, as well as the Google Voice integration. But worry not, iPhone users! You will love the intuitive iPhone/iPod interface and the ability to use Siri for voice commands.



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Harman International: The Pursuit of Great Sound

Sonic Electronix, one of the leaders in car audio, recently visited Harman, the premium global audio and infotainment group, at their research and development locations in Northridge, California and Detroit, Michigan. The purpose of these visits was to utilize and combine the powerful brand of Harman and the industry leading knowledge behind Sonic Electronix to begin working together on developing future car audio projects. “We are extremely excited to work closely with Harman on these upcoming projects. They truly are a premier audio company that creates a quality product and we are honored to collaborate with them”, said Sonic Electronix Director of Product Seth Wilde.

Harman, the parent company of many well-known consumer electronics brands including AKG, Harman Kardon, Infinity, JBL and Mark Levinson, is one of the leaders in the consumer electronics industry. “We are very blessed at Harman to have some of the brightest and best engineers available in the audio industry. Combined with our physical resources we’re able to bring new technologies to bear in our products that can’t be done by most manufacturers,” said Harman Director of Marketing and Product Management for Luxury Audio and Loudspeakers Jim Garrett.

The benefits of these visits between Sonic Electronix and Harman will be wide felt throughout the car audio industry and the future joint projects will lead to some incredibly exciting new products for consumers. “With all of the input that Sonic Electronix can provide us of what their customer needs are, we’re able to create new products that are fitting the customer’s needs today and into the future,” said Haman Western Region Director of Sales Kelly Wells.

Harman’s overall electronics knowledge and resources combined with the established knowledge and car audio experience at Sonic Electronix makes for an incredibly promising partnership moving forward and several promising, yet to be announced projects are already moving forward in development. “Our hope is that these new products will fill unmet demand in the market, carry the signature Harman sound and bring out the passion for audio in our customers lives”, said Wilde.


Sonic Electronix at Slamology

Over three weeks of coordinating, two days of travel between 3 states and the promise of virtually no sleep did not keep our team at Sonic Electronix from participating in the 11th annual Slamology Automotive and Music Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana over the weekend of June 14th. From what we heard from so many other vendors and attendees, this was a premier event where we could really connect with the core car audio community. It did not disappoint.

The annual 2-day event at Lucas Oil Raceway featured a number of competitions, vendors like XS Power and Mechman Alternators, bands and even a bikini contest. Attendees, vendors and competitors arrived from all over the country, albeit none as far as Los Angeles. Despite the competitive nature of the crowd, it really felt like a tight knit group of enthusiasts. There was a true sense of community. It did not matter if you were a bass head, into SQL or just a spectator everyone there was there to have a great time.

Slamology 2014

While we were there, we captured insanely loud demos leaving in their wake, windows cracked, doors busted and ears damaged. We even piloted a quadcopter drone to get some awesome aerial coverage of the day. Unfortunately that crashed too. When we weren’t busy demoing or rather watching sound waves break things, we were out there talking to people about their love for all things car audio. Being able to hear these stories was priceless.

At our booth, we had the great fortunate to be able to showcase the late Alma Gates’ Bronco, The Beast, the final vehicle she built. “Alma Gates was a mother figure in the bass head community. She was friends with everyone and loved everybody,” said Warnick. “After she passed away last year we were fortunate enough to be able to purchase her Bronco so that we could maintain it and bring it around to shows and events. It’s a great honor.”

Sonic Electronix hopes to make the trip out to Slamology in 2015. We met so many great people at Slamology and their genuine love of car audio was amazing. Hopefully next time our drone doesn’t break.