Akai Pro’s New MPC Series

The Akai Pro Music Production Controller gets a new face, brains and teeth with the introduction of the MPC Renaissance, MPC Studio, and MPC Fly.  Three brand new and exciting  products coming in 2013!

 MPC  Renaissance

The Industry standard MPC layout and workflow is now combined with the power of your PC or Mac with the new MPC Renaissance.   The Renaissance is an unmatched instrument for music production, and is now the new flagship of a new line of fully integrated hardware/software MPC systems.   MPC Renaissance enables you to use the classic hardware controls, with the exclusive MPC Software empowering you with unbelievable, expandable production capabilities on your Mac or PC.

The MPC Software give you the ability to sequence up to 128 tracks as well as a massive 9GB sound library including all of the classic sounds of the MPC3000.  You can use the MPC Software as a standalone program or You can bring the MPC into tracks of your favorite DAW as a VST, RTAS, or AU plugin

In addition to the MPC Software the MPC Renaissance now ships with Avid® Pro Tools® Express, a lite edition of the industry standard professional audio production software.

 MPC  Studio


MPC Studio is a compact streamlined ultra-portable  MPC . The Studio is less than an inch thick enclosed in a beautiful sturdy brushed aluminum chassis.  MPC Studio features MPC pads, the same familiar MPC  workflow, and the exclusive MPC Software used by MPC Renaissance when combined with a laptop gives you a fully portable production center.

MPC  Fly

MPC Fly takes advantage of the power of your iPad, featuring real MPC pads that have made the MPC an industry standard as well as, MPC Note Repeat, and MPC Swing.  The double-hinged design gives you the ability to produce beats anywhere, while acting as a protective iPad.   The MPC Fly works with the iMPC app Retronyms which uses all the functionality of a classic Akai Pro MPC sampler like time correction, and note repeat to create new sequences.


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