Headphone Amplifiers

If you are one of the many lovers of music who understand the importance of investing in a premium set of headphones,  you may also consider investing in the missing piece of the puzzle to make your great headphones sound amazing.

Headphone amps aren’t just an expensive toy for eccentric audiophiles.   Since the advent of the iPod and iPhone, the past decade has undergone a revolution in the way we experience music.   We compile our own personal playlists and shuffle through life to our own soundtrack, and we make a very personalized statement with the way we experience our music.

A headphone amplifier is typically a class A transistor circuit amp, although they are sometimes vacuum tube driven amplifiers, that will enable you to get the absolute most out of your headphones.   Your high-end headphones are designed to work in a very specific way,  and unlike the white ear buds that came with your phone, the drivers in your high-end headphones are much larger and require much more power to  reproduce all frequencies and perform to their max potential.

A high-end headphone amplifier like the Grado RA-1 uses a 32Ohm output impedance allowing you to make a great set of  high-end headphones sound amazing all in one stylish and sexy package.   This amp is also available in a portable version powered from two nine volt batteries.

Another use for a headphone amplifier is to allow multiple users to experience the same audio source all at once.   Some times refered to as distribution amps, these devices are designed for music production but can be employed by any group of music lovers who all want to get the best possible sonic experience.   The Presonus HP4 is the perfect way to pass the sound around, with four independent level controls the Hp4 gives you a ton of control.

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