ION Profile LP Vinyl Turntable

ION PROFILE LP Conversion Turntable

Have a bunch of old vinyl records laying around that you just couldn’t seem to throw away? Well it’s a good thing you still have them, because now you can convert all of those old dusty vinyl records into MP3 form with the Ion Profile LP Turntable Conversion System.

The Ion Audio Profile LP USB Turntable is constructed with a familiar low profile look and with a sleek piano black paint finish. This turntable is designed to convert your old school vinyl records into an MP3, allowing your music to be conveniently transported from venue to venue or for listening at home. The great thing about this product is that when you’re not converting your vinyl records, you can use this turntable as a standard record player. There is also a protective hinged dust cover to keep all your valuable vinyl’s in good shape.

Ion’sProfile LP features a belt driven design with 33 1/3 and 45 RPM settings, just like the turntables all you old school or experienced DJs are used too. It also comes equipped with a high-quality tonearm and cartridge for continuous play with minimal skips, ensuring the high quality performance you’re used to from Ion products. The standard RCA output provide use with normal stereo setups and the integrated USB output provides connection to a computer, which you will need when using the included DJ software. The USB output enables you to capture music from records onto your computer, simply plug it in to your Mac or PC and the audio will be sent via the USB port.

This turntable system includes the very popular Audacity software, this will reduce pops, cracks, and hiss on worn records. EZ vinyl converter software for PC and EZ audio converter software for MAC is also included in this package. These software’s are the simplest way to record and convert vinyl directly to iTunes, a free download version of EZ Vinyl Converter with Gracenote MusicID is included for automatic track naming. These software’s will allow you to listen to songs on vinyl you haven’t heard in years in iTunes or on your iPod.

So break out those Vinyl Records and start converting, this package will provide you everything you need to do so.

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