Marketing Yourself as a Mobile DJ

Ok so you have your turntables or decks, your mixer, a thumpin’ system and all the lights and equipment to put on an amazing show, now what?    You need the gigs and this is how to get them.

Branding: Whats in a Name? Would a Sub called by any other name not be as thumpin’?

Just like any other business offering a product or service you need to brand yourself as a professional mobile DJ.   The first thing you need is a name.   Something catchy that reflects the image you want convey to the world that also evokes professionalism and style.  DJ Scribbles, Dr. Q, or even Hawk-Eye Spirithorse sounds more like a pro DJ than “That guy named Ted.”  So gives some thought as to what your mobile DJ business should be known as, as well as what you as a DJ should be called.

Design a logo

With a growing DJ market it is important to stand out amounsgst your compeditors.   To take advantage of the marketing tools out there your going to need a logo.  American DJ Gobo Projector LED Logos are as easy to come by as designing one yourself, although if you feel your artistic talents lie elsewhere and your artists friends cant be bought off with a twelve pack it may be worth the investment to have your logo designed by a professional artist. Graphic artists may vary in prices but it is an investment that pays off if you really want to get yourself out there.  There are a number of creative ways to gain exposure even during your show by using your logo.  A DJ gobo projector like the American DJ GOBO Projector LED can project your logo on a backdrop or stage.

Make it Pretty, Get noticed

You need to have something to show your potential clientele.  Pictures, videos, and samples of you spinning need to be in a convenient place for clients to lay eyes and ears on.    For this a Website is crucial.  A website gives you the ability to stage your entire marketing campaign over the web while legitimizing your business.  There are a many number of ways to go about setting up your web page but keep in mind that an investment in the time to develop your page or the money invested to hire a professional web designer will ultimately pay off.

Social Media, Get Connected

Get connected and stay connected with social networking.  As you can imagine the DJs with 900,000 people following them are twitter aren’t having problems getting gigs.  Aside from being established global entertainers it doesn’t hurt to have a mobile fan base with ready and able access to every gig you have.   Obviously most of us aren’t there yet, but the a DJ with web presence on Facebook and Twitter has significantly more exposure than a DJ who doesn’t.

Know the People That Should Know You!

It is important to be in contact with the people who hire DJs.   Building relationships with event planners, show promoters, wedding planners, any event professional who hires DJs, and all their cousins sisters and brothers.  Networking is the key to living and dying by the gig.


Once you have an established website, facebook page, twitter presence, youtube channel, and even a myspace page seamlessly linking you to the rest of the world it is important not to forget good ol’ fashioned grass roots marketing.  Press packs and business cards with your logo and letterhead are still very important for potential clients you meet in person.  Its hard to maintain an er of professionism with your number and email written on a post it note so be sure and have a stack of cards with your logo.  It is also important to flyer your shows and keep your status posted on the web of all your upcoming events.   A newsletter should be made available from your webpage for blasts on upcoming shows.

DJ’s are continuously hired on word of mouth based on your performance so the most important aspect of keeping the gigs coming is to hone your craft.  In order to set up the web presence stated above you need an incredible amount of content to show the world.  To amass this you should be participating in events, battles, or anywhere you can showcase your talent as well as practice your skills.

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