Numark MixDeck Universal DJ System

Numark MixDeck Universal DJ System

By David D. – Product Specialist

If you’re a DJ looking for a complete system that mixes various kinds of music sources, look no further, the Numark MixDeck DJ System is what you need. This versatile universal DJ system is compatible and allows you to mix and perform with CDs, MP3, iPod, USB flash drives, your computer, and other analog players. Numark has kept the traditional layout most DJs are used to with the two-deck and mixer design, making it easy to jump right in and get down to business. To keep this valuable DJ system protected during transportation from venue to venue, Numark has created a hard case designed specifically for MixDeck DJ System.

Numarks MixDeck is equipped with two large, touch sensitive platter and controls that illuminate when cueing and scratching your music. The two slot loading drives, located at the bottom of the system, operate smooth and fast and work with both CDs and MP3 CDs. Don’t worry about having to lug your computer around to gigs anymore, the MixDeck allows USB flash drive connection to each deck providing you with access to thousands of your MP3’s. These built-in decks do more than just play CD’s and MP3’s; they also work as software controllers, just connect the system to your Mac or PC using a USB cable. This allows you to control the music you have stored on your computer using the included Traktor Numark Edition software. Each one of these advanced decks also allows you to put your own touch on your performances with the integrated beat-synced DSP effects. These effects include chop, echo, filter, flanger, pan, and phaser options.

The MixDeck DJ system also features a built-in universal iPod dock; this allows you to play songs from your iPod and lets you record your set into the iPod as well. Once the iPod is docked, you won’t have to touch it to control it thanks to the iPod fader, menu controls, and click knob integrated onto the MixDeck.

The MixDeck Universal DJ system includes a built-in mixer with each channel featuring EQ/rotary kills, replaceable crossfader, and complete controls for iPod. Some other cool features are the two large, backlit displays for BPM, CD/MP3 text tags, and folder navigation, 1/4″ microphone input with own gain and independent 15dB Bass and treble equalizers, tap tempo button for manual BPM entry, seamless looping, easily accessible hot cues and a studio-quality computer interface.

This Universal all-in-one MixDeck DJ system give you the freedom and flexibility to mix, remix, and record music using almost any popular music media while putting your own flavor on it.

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