Sennheiser: Sonic History


In 1945 Berlin shortly after the end of WWII DR. Fritz Sennheiser founded a small electronics company he called Laboratorium Wennebostal, often affectionately referred to as “Labor W,” the small half timbered house not far from “Checkpoint Charlie” Dr. Fritz Sennheiser
would grow from a meager manufacturer of testing equipment and measuring devices to one of the largest producers of professional and high end consumer audio products in the world.
In 1946 Per the request of the electronics company Siemens, Sennheiser designed their first microphone and supplied Siemens with the DM1. The following year Sennheiser released the much more sophisticated and commercially successful DM2. In 1949 the first noise compensating microphone the DM4 was developed as well as the DM3 where the sound port and transducer were separated coining the nickname the “Invisible Microphone”
Sennheiser HD650Sennheisers designs continued to innovate branching out into the manufacturing of amplifiers and more sophisticated microphones and in 1968 developed the worlds first open headphones the HD 414 which proved to be a smashing commercial success as the HD 414s prompting an adapted version by NASA and a license from a small Japanese company called Sony who would use the headphones for release with a revolutionary new device The Walkman.
In 1991 Sennheiser began distributing also family owned German company Neumann microphones bringing arguably the finest microphone manufacturer in the world into the Sennhieser family.
In the Years that follow Sennheiser has continued to innovate with the development of more and more sophisticated headphones and microphones and has now grown be the Juggernaut we know it today.
Now Sennheiser continues to innovate and produce some of the finest headphones on the market including the HD 650, the HD 25-1, and the HD 280s.
Sennheiser MKH 416
Today Sennhieser microphones are considered world class and are industry standard in all facets of professional audio production. The ENG100 series as well as the MKH 416 are considered industry standard for electronic news gathering, field audio production, location sound for professional video and film production, as well as post production and voice over work.
Few companies have impacted the technology of personal electronics or professional audio like Sennheiser and as they continue to innovate we here at Sonicelectronix are proud to bring these products to you.

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