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Sonic Electronix’s Recommendations For Car Subwoofers

Here at Sonic Electronix we are a diverse group of individuals with a decent range of age, who all have a love, be it small or big, for car audio. In the Descriptions Department we all come from different walks of life and listen to different types of music. Some of us prefer SPL while others prefer SQ. In this industry you either know what you want or someone gives their advice or opinion on a certain brand or model and you end up going with that. Below are some of our favorite car subwoofers within the Descriptions Department here at Sonic Electronix.

RE Audio SEX12D4


Seth, “the boss”, has an eye for RE Audio’s SEX12D4 12” SE-X series subwoofer. This woofer is able to handle 600 watts of RMS and is perfect for either a sealed or ported enclosure, giving you either some serious bass output or a more accurate and responsive bass. The woofer has a dual composite 2-piece cone and rubatek foam surround for rigidity and optimum performance. Seth has a wide taste in music so the SEX12D4 suits his needs for elongated bass when needed or short precise bass when listening to some alternative rock music. This really is the all around subwoofer for its ability to perform on both ends of the spectrum.

Alpine SWR-1243D


David, “ the veteran”, is not much for car audio but even he gets goose bumps and inner child comes out when he hears the Alpine SWR-1243D 12” Type-R series subwoofer. David’s playlist will showcase many genres of music but you can’t miss the fact that he loves rap and music that really has a beat. Nothing could be better than the Type-R for this genre of music, with an RMS handling of 600 watts; this subwoofer is known for being power hungry which means a ridiculous amount of bass. With an Xmax of 20mm this woofer will sound booming in a ported enclosure but will also perform beautifully in a sealed enclosure. The many technologies and high-end materials used on the SWR-1243D subwoofer make it one of the top subwoofers in its class.

Kicker Solo-Baric 11S10L74


Harry, “the new guy”, is your staple Generation Y kid and all he wants is bass. For him Kicker’s 11S10L74 10” L7 series subwoofer is the way to go. With a square design woofer this subwoofer is able to output 18% more bass that will make it sound more like a 12” subwoofer than a 10”. Even with his desire for bass Harry still likes quality and Kicker is very well known in the car audio world for making products that last and perform for long periods of time without diminishing in quality. Improvements to the woofer cone and structure of this woofer, allow for better heat dissipation and more surface area for harder hitting longer lasting bass. As always Kicker has made installation a piece of cake by using spring loaded terminals for secure and quick installs. Harry might be the young buck in group but he definitely knows what a good subwoofer should sound like.

Boston Acoustics G312-44


For me it’s all about quality, quick and responsive bass. For this reason one of my favorite subwoofer is the Boston Acoustics G312-44 G3 series subwoofer. Unlike some of my co-workers I am not really into hard shaking bass thus the generous 375 watts of RMS power handling, and my music genre, indie rock, really doesn’t require deep bass. What it does require is crisp, precise, and accurate bass which is exactly what I get from the G312-44. The woofer is equipped with RadialVent® technology for enhanced heat dissipation and increased power handling. This allows me to play my sub longer without having to worry about it clipping. The Soft Par System (SPS™) technology allows for cone assembly removal making it easy to replace any parts that wear out from use or even change my voice coils to simplify installation when adding more subs.


JL Audio W7 Car Subwoofer, 10 Years of a Masterpiece

JL Audio 10W7-3AE-3

JL Audio is one of the most recognized car audio companies in the world. There is a certain elegance, beauty and just plain sexiness to JL Audio that is not easily matched by other car audio companies. JL Audio is a company that sets the standard for excellence and performance and has been doing so for 10 years with their W7 subwoofer series. 2011 will mark the tenth anniversary of one of the most successful subwoofer drivers in this industry and JL Audio has pulled out the red carpet for what they call “their flagship automotive subwoofer driver”.

When a single series has been on the top of the car audio industry and of every true car audio aficionado for 10 years there is really just one way to commemorate this amazing milestone. The new JL Audio 10W7AE-3 will be offered in a special “Anniversary Edition” trim, which includes a satin black frame finish, a bright-anodized trim ring and special badging to set it apart from any other 10” W7. With its patented technology and personalized component parts, the JL Audio 10W7AE-3 will produce amazing bass with tremendous consistency no matter how long or how loud you play your audio system. JL Audio has engineered individual component parts for each model of the W7 making the 10W7AE-3 that more unique and setting it even further apart than any other subwoofer on the market.

JL Audio’s 10W7AE-3 will feature 750 watts of RMS power with a single 3 Ohm voice coil and will perform beautifully in a sealed or ported enclosure. In addition the 10W7AE-3 will have Overoll Surround, which helps to control the excursion of the 10W7AE-3 without having to render any cone area. This technology will help the subwoofer create more excursions while still maintaining linear movement throughout long listening sessions. Another benefit is that the mounting holes will be concealed by the surround and thus giving a much more elegant and classy look to the subwoofer. The Elevated Frame Cooling technology will elevated the frame of the 10W7AE-3 which will deliver cool air directly to the voice coil thus giving the voice coil a much higher thermal power handling and a better performance through the life of the subwoofer. The 10W7AE-3 is equipped with a Huge Diameter, Progressive-Roll Spider, which creates a more centered and linear movement to reduce distortion. This is one the reason that the 10W7AE-3 is set apart from other subwoofers. With this technology the woofer is able to produce tight and precise bass while not compromising the sound quality that you usually get with subwoofers at this RMS power rating. JL Audio decided to go with a 3 Ohm voice coil because it was the best way for them to produce significant power and sound quality without burning out the voice coil due to extreme heat. The Ultra-Long Voice Coil technology enables the 10W7AE-3 to dissipate heat from the voice coil much more efficiently than other subwoofers, which gives you more control on efficiency and sound quality at the extreme excursion levels of the 10W7AE-3

JL Audio’s 10W7AE-3 is one the most desired car subwoofers on the market. With all of its patent technologies and revamped design, the “Anniversary Edition” is a great addition for those true car audio enthusiasts. JL Audio W7 Series is the way to go when looking for accurate bass and amazing sound quality.


Hifonics Brutus Subwoofers


By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Now you can add “Brute” force to your car audio system. The Hifonics Brutus line boasts some the hardest-hitting subwoofers in the industry. These efficiently tuned powerhouses will keep your seat vibrating and your ears ringing. The specially designed 100-oz. magnets are supported by nickel-plated ported back plates to reinforce the mainframe of the subwoofer as you “rock out” with your music bumping. This subwoofer can sustain peak performance even during the most intense musical breakdowns. The polypropylene cone enables this sub to endure the high temperatures found in the vehicle setting.

The Hifonics B10D4 is a 10” Brutus series dual 4 ohm subwoofer. This woofer can emit a chest pounding 500 watts of RMS power. Producing such intense bass puts a lot of stress on a subwoofer, but Brutus subwoofers are fashioned with a stitched Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber surround to prevent the woofer from tearing. The NBR material is a synthetic rubber that keeps the cone secure while the woofer reverberates to the rhythm. It is very strong and resistant to a wide range of temperatures, making it an ideal component in car subwoofers. The cone is reinforced with a special neck support to prevent the sub from falling apart throughout periods of heavy usage.

The Hifonics B15D2 is a 15” Brutus series dual 2 ohm subwoofer. You ears will be begging for mercy when you put this sub in your car, as it can handle up to 700 watts of continuous power! As with every Brutus subwoofer, the B15D2 has a polypropylene cone woofer that is stitched into place with a NBR surround. The anti-resonance magnet boot mitigates unwanted wave cancellation and is one of the reasons why this subwoofer is able to provide an amazingly accurate bass response.

Even though Brutus subwoofers absolutely pound, Hifonics designed them to provide amazingly clear playback as well. You can put your Brutus subwoofers in either a ported or sealed enclosure. Either way you, you will enjoy the best of both worlds: audio clarity with deep bass. Brutus subwoofers bang so loud, it’s brutal!