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My Favorite Subwoofer Under $100

Here in the Sonic Electronix copywriting department we have a lot of subwoofers coming through. My main job is to describe and write content about these woofers – so it’s common that you’ll find a stack of subwoofers near my desk. I get a bit of time with each of these woofers, and in this series I’ll help tell you some of my favorite subwoofer choices in different price ranges. This entry level series is going to include three different price ranges, and I’ll tell you which one is my overall favorite. I decided to only look at 12” subwoofers, because they’re the most popular subwoofer size.

Pioneer TS-W309D2

First and foremost I elected the Pioneer TS-W309D2 Champion Series subwoofer. This subwoofer is one of our more popular sellers, due to its lower price point and relatively high RMS power ratings. This isn’t the only place where this subwoofer shines, however. The reason I elected this subwoofer into the running is because of the build quality at its price point. Spring loaded push terminals weren’t sacrificed for budget reasons, and that’s a huge plus. The basket on this subwoofer is also constructed very well, and also has double stacked magnets. The Pioneer Champions subwoofers have a polypropylene composite cone, and a polymer surround. In my opinion these woofers are an excellent value for their overall build quality.

NVX N-Series Subwoofer


Second up is the NVX N-Series Subwoofers. The NSW124 is a perfect example of these value driven woofers. These subwoofers are a great option for those looking for more of a sound quality geared setup, but don’t want to sacrifice any overall output. These N-Series woofers feature a 2” KSV Voice coil, an impressively high roll rubber surround, and a polypropylene cone. These woofers are all housed in a stamped steel basket with push pin terminals, and have a very solid overall build. The NVX NSW124 is a great subwoofer contestant under $100, and I’d highly recommend them.

Sony GS 12" Subwoofer

Sony XS-GS120L

Finally up is the Sony XS-GS120L. This subwoofer almost exceeds our limit here, but stays under the bar. Although it’s the priciest woofer in this contest, it holds its own without a problem. The Sony XS-GS120L subwoofer is designed with very high components generally not found on entry level subwoofers in this price range. A very high quality mica reinforced cellular glass fiber cone is featured on these woofers with a rubber surround. A cast aluminum basket is used on these particular woofers, and it’s vented to allow for voice coil cooling; the basket also includes push pin spring loaded terminals as well. Sony went above and beyond getting these woofers a CEA-2031 RMS power rating of 500 watts. It’s very tough to find woofers that are honestly rated – and these Sony woofers took an extra hit on R&D to make sure that the consumer was getting the most accurate ratings, which is highly appreciated.

NVX Specs

A breakdown of the features found on the NVX N-Series

It’s hard to pick just one to top the competition. The Pioneer Champion woofer is an excellent woofer with impressive features such as the double stacked magnet. The NVX N-Series woofer has an extremely high roll surround, which is incredibly appealing to me. The Sony’s honest ratings and high quality cone make it a hard to deviate from as a candidate. If I had to choose one, regardless of price, to install into my personal vehicle – I would personally choose the NVX NSW124. I’m a sucker for that menacing surround and classic cone style. Also the 2” KSV voice coil and unique venting system gives me more flexibility with my amplifier.

Thanks for joining me with this segment of Best Subwoofer under $100. Next week I’ll be coming with a new segment featuring subwoofers in a higher price range. Let us know in the comments what YOUR favorite subwoofer at Sonic Electronix under $100 is!


Kenwood KFC-W3012 12” Subwoofer

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Since 1946, the Kenwood brand has been a leader in car audio and electronics. Their success is traced to their excellent product reliability. Throughout six decades they have consistently found ways to improve their designs and technology. This continued progress has enabled Kenwood to retain a top spot in the car audio industry.

Introducing the Kenwood KFC W3012 12” Subwoofer. If you want bass, BOOM, the KFC series subwoofer delivers 400 watts of RMS power. These subwoofers are designed with polypropylene cones to ensure tight bass. The sound definition is amazing on this Kenwood sub. Kenwood doesn’t sacrifice sound clarity for power, as many start-up brands seem to do. The KFC-W3012 subwoofer produces great audio clarity with plenty of power to back it up.

How does Kenwood do it? The answer lies in the KFC-W3012 design. The double-stacked magnet enhances excursion, enhancing peak excursion. The urethane foam surround and linear spider design also allow for increased peak excursion. This is why these subs produce an especially deep bass sound. The extended excursion capability allows this sub to handle low bass frequencies without damaging the cone. Less sophisticated subwoofer designs simply cannot compete with the KFC-W3012.

When it comes time to install the KFC-W3012, the silver gauge spring post terminals make it easy to wire and configure your subwoofer to an amplifier. Make sure you find an amplifier that can provide enough power for this booming subwoofer, especially because it is a single voice coil model that runs at a 4 ohm load. As long as you supply enough power, this subwoofer will thump loud and clear.

To get full performance from this Kenwood sub, you should install the sub in a sealed or ported enclosure. For sealed enclosures, use a box ranging from 0.75 cubic feet to 1.75 cubic feet. For ported enclosures, use a box ranging from 1-2 cubic feet. Using a box is a must if you want your subwoofer to produce optimal performance. You can choose from professionally constructed sub boxes or build your own. Also of note: the Kenwood KFC-W3012 has been designed with a shallow mounting depth for easier installation.