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The Axxess TRIGGER Does It All

The universal Axxess TRIGGER module is one of a kind. It has more uses than any other trigger module on the market today. With over 15 pre-programmed functions and many more customized functions, this is the do-it-all module that every installer has been waiting for. If you have a grasp of how 12 volt electronics work, then installing and putting this product to use is as easy as following a few instructions.

The Best Universal Trigger Around

The most basic and arguably useful function of the TRIGGER is the e-brake emulator. It will provide a delayed signal that replicates your hand break being pulled, which will unlock prohibited settings and other functions from many DVD car stereo receivers. This amazing module even supports theft detection. You can customize this device to chime an optional siren once your head-unit or amplifier loses a ground signal. This setting can be used with any 12 volt electronic that has been installed into your vehicle. Do your speakers pop when you turn your car on? Use a 2 second delay setting to eliminate that unwanted nuisance. Want your dome light to automatically come on when you hop in the car? The TRIGGER has a solution. You can even use two of them together for an endless amount of functions.

Hundreds of Different Uses

When you purchase your TRIGGER, you may go online to download the custom programming software. This software will allow you to setup your device before you install it, and choose from a variety of different combination of functions. For all of the functionality you get, and at the price it is at, there is no reason to pass this deal up. If you find yourself frustrated with relays and other various triggers, make the switch to Axxxess and be confident that your vehicle will be up and running in no time.


Gearing up for SEMA 2010

2010 SEMA Show with Sonic Electronix

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

It is already that time of the year to pack our bags and drive to Las Vegas for the 2010 SEMA show. Every year, industry professionals from around the world meet in Las Vegas, Nevada to show off the latest in aftermarket automotive equipment.  The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) hosts the event each year in the Las Vegas Convention Center and becomes the destination for hundreds of thousands of people.  Each person that is walking around the convention center from November 2 to November 5 shares a common love, that is, the love for cars. Whether they are an audio guy, a performance guy, a paint guy, a hot rod guy, a Chevy guy, or a Ford guy, they will all be coming together to experience this once a year event.

The Sonic Electronix Press Team will be there in Vegas again this year to bring new coverage to their facebook fans, twitter followers, forum members, and more! Remember to check back on these social media channels (specifically the SEMA 2010 forum) to get up-to-date information, pictures, and videos from the 2010 SEMA show. Sonic Electronix is looking forward to meeting with manufacturers such as Kicker (Stillwater Designs), Metra Electronics, Scosche Industries, Myron and Davis, Kinetik, Rosen Entertainment, Escort, Beltronics, Laser Interceptor, Kleinn Air Horns, Absolute USA, Dual Electronic, Monster and more! But the show isn’t all about the manufacturers. The majority of the SEMA show takes place outside of the booths where the show cars are. Car clubs, private owners, custom shops, performance shops, and others design cars specifically to showcase for the SEMA show.  From racing and performance to mobile electronics and technology, the cars at SEMA have it all. Any mention of SEMA wouldn’t be complete without the girls! The hottest models and the most beautiful women flock to SEMA to complete the show. Get ready for 2010 SEMA coverage next week on SonicElectronix.com.