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New 2011 Line of Audiobahn Amplifiers

New 2011 Line of Audiobahn Amplifiers

Since 1997, when Audiobahn was first introduced to the mobile entertainment industry, they have been known for producing cutting edge car audio products. Not only does Audiobahn produce products with quality of sound and performance in mind, but they also focus on the appearance of their products. All of Audiobahn’s car audio products are designed with eye catching chrome-plated accents that add style to any sound system. This holds true for their new line of 2011 Amplifiers, not only do the amps look awesome, but they were built with precision and quality. Audiobahn’s new 2011 line of car amplifiers features 3 different series with numerous wattage and channel configurations.

Class D Series

Audiobahn’s Class D Series are single channel (monoblock) amplifiers that feature 2 different models. The A18001DJ is the bigger one of the two and has a power rating of 2500 watts when wired at 1 ohm, 1300 watts wired at 2 ohm, and 700 watts wired at 4 ohm. Its little brother, the A12001DJ features a power rating of 1500 watts when wired at 1 ohm, 800 watts wired at 2 ohm, and 450 watts wired at 4 ohm. These two monoblock amps share features which include dual cooling fans with chrome flame fan grilles, double-sided glass epoxy circuit board, cobalt blue illumination, nickel-plated block terminals, 4-way protection circuitry, large display volt meter, and many more. Check out our Audiobahn Monoblock Amplifier product page to see these amps for yourself.

High Current Series

The High Current Series Audiobahn amplifiers are powered by a class AB PWM MOSFET power supply. There are three different models which include two 2-channel amps that operate in a single channel configuration, and one monoblock version. The A2300HCJ will put out 2400 watts when wired at 1 ohm in the single channel configuration, or 1000 watts wired at 1 ohm in the 2-channel configuration. The A2200HCJ puts out 2000 watts when wired at 1 ohm in the single channel configuration, or 850 watts wired at 1 ohm in the 2-channel configuration. The single channel version has a power rating of 2200 watts wired at 1 ohm, 1100 watts wired at 2 ohm, and 600 watts wired at 4 ohm. The High Current Series amps also feature a remote mount bass boost control with clipping indicator, chrome plated flame design accents, dual cooling fans, nickel plated block terminals, 4-way protection circuitry, digital meter output response, cobalt blue illumination, and numerous other cool features. Not only do they look great, they are ideal for competition.

Intake Series

the Audiobahn Intake Series Amplifiers are produced in 5-channel, 4-channel, 2-channel, and monoblock configurations. The intake series amps are powered by a PWM MOSFET power supply and features an on-board cobalt blue digital volt meter which allows a quick assessment of your vehicle’s charging voltage to the amplifier. These amplifiers also come with a remote mount digital volt meter and a remote mount bass boos control. The intake series car amplifiers share features which include an air intake fan with chrome plated flame grilles, 3-way protection circuitry, high gloss chrome plated finish, RCA & high level inputs, cobalt blue illumination, and bass boost on/off option. One more cool feature that caught my eye are the nickel plated block terminals. These terminals provide a more efficient power transfer and are encased in black ABS plastic to prevent short circuits and wire entanglement.

Audiobahn’s new 2011 line of car amplifiers will definitely enhance the appearance and performance of any sound system, and SonicElectronix has them all.


Types of Car Amplifiers

Audiovox CMOS2 Rear View Back-Up Camera

By Ricky C. – Product Specialist

When searching for a car audio amplifier, it may seem intimidating when trying to narrow down which type would be correct for your application.  Out of our selections, we categorize amplifiers by the amount of channels and occasionally by their circuitry class.  You can choose from Amplifiers that are Monoblock, 2-Channel, 3-Channel,  4-Channel, 5-Channel, and even 6-Channel.  Now it’s apparent that some of these amplifiers have more channels than others, but what does this mean?

A 2-Channel Amplifier, like the Kenwood KAC-7205, is primarily used for outputting audio towards two door speakers, or to two subwoofers.  However, you can even bridge the two channels together for higher output towards one channel, like a subwoofer that requires more power.

4-Channel amplifiers like the MTX Audio TC6004 are more popular to be used primarily for amplifying four door speakers.  4-Channel Amplifiers are one of the most popular amplifier choices, purely because most cars have 4 locations for door speakers.

A Monoblock amplifier is also an extremely popular amplifier to chose.  These are single channel amplifiers which usually have more dedicated power built in.  Most of the time, Monoblocks are used to drive a subwoofer, or multiple subwoofers wired together.

So far, what we’ve learned is that if you want to amplify both of your door speakers and your subwoofer you are going to need multiple amplifiers.  The most common combination is a 4-Channel and a Monoblock setup.  This may be common, but you want to save more space.  You want to have less components to manage.  Enter the 5-Channel amplifier.  A 5-Channel Amplifier is basically two amps built into one, a great example is the Kicker ZX700.5.  It’s a 4-channel amplifier which will output a moderate amount of wattage to four door speakers.  But then, it has a little surprise found in its fifth channel.  The fifth channel has dedicated power to output made for higher powered applications, like a subwoofer.  One thing with 5-Channel amplifiers is that they have been designed to do the work of two amplifiers, so they may not have as much overall dedicated power as the previously mentioned 4-Channel and Monoblock combination.  A 3-Channel amplifier, like the Kicker ZX550.3 operates very similar to a 5-Channel, but it will be basically a 2-Channel amplifier and a Monoblock combined.

Finally, the 6-Channel Amplifier. This type of beast wasn’t designed like a 5-Channel with the large fifth channel.  The 6-Channel amplifier usually follows the 4-Channel amplifiers design, but is made for a few more speakers.  These are perfect for adding an extra few custom speakers, or perfecting that audiophile setup.   JL Audio’s XD600/6 is a great example of a hi-fi audio amplifier that pushes dedicated power to 6 separate channels!


Bazooka BA460: Low Price and CEA-2006 Compliant

Bazooka BA460

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Upgrading a car stereo can be an exciting project.  Loud powerful bass, in-dash DVD players, and breathtaking sound quality are just some of the benefits of installing aftermarket components in your car.  With all these being said, it is sometime difficult to look at the final price tag of the system.  Quality components often are not cheap and can cost a lot of money.  Finding the best deal is always important for both saving money, as well as achieving the best sound possible.  Car amplifiers are often chosen last in a system, but they can also be the most expensive.  Although finding a quality amplifier with a low price can be hard to do, it is not impossible.

The Bazooka BA460 is a 4-channel amplifier with excellent output and a value price.  Southern Audio Services is most commonly known for the Bazooka bass tubes that they manufacturer, but they also have many other products that are reliable.  The Bazooka BA460 is a CEA-2006 compliant amplifier rated at 60 watts through 4 channels at 4 ohms.  That is a perfect companion for many of the aftermarket speakers that are available on the market today.  If the connected speakers are rated at 2 ohms, then the BA460 will effectively send 85 watts to each speaker.  It also features high-level inputs that enable the amplifier to be connected to a factory (OEM) stereo.  Whether the installed stereo is factory direct or aftermarket, this amplifier is fully compatible.  To make the installation even nicer, Bazooka has included chrome end caps that conceal the wire connections and adjustment knobs.  Simply connect the amp, cover the ends, and you wont have to worry about something accidently disconnecting a wire or changing a setting.  Unlike its expensive comparable amps, the Bazooka BA460 is a value amplifier with a low price.