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Save Yourself From Installation Hassles with the JBL GTO EZ Amplifier Series

Matching up the perfect amplifiers with your car audio system can be a difficult task. We’re always excited at Sonic Electronix to see a diverse line of amplifiers in a series, especially when they’re designed to fit a large variety of car audio systems. These amplifiers in question are the JBL GTO EZ Series of amplifiers. Offering different amplifiers for practically every configuration, the JBL GTO EZ Amplifiers are offered in five channel, four channel, three channel, and monoblock configurations. Adding to their diversity, there are two separate four channel amplifiers, and three monoblock amplifiers to choose from, depending on the amount of wattage you’re looking for.

The four-channel configurations of the JBL GTO EZ series amplifiers are the GTO-504EZ and the GTO-804EZ. Both amplifiers are designed with quality crossovers and adjustments for gain control and bass boost. The smaller GTO-504EZ offers 50W to 4 channels at 4 ohms, and 75W to 4 channels at 2 ohms. The GTO-804EZ boasts a higher rating of 80W to 4 channels at 4 ohms, and 100W to 4 channels at 2 ohms. You can also use both amplifiers in two channel configuration, eliminating the need for a 2 channel amplifier.

The monoblock amplifiers in this series are offered in three different configurations. From a minimum of 350W, all the way up to a whopping 1000W of RMS power, these amplifiers can take care of any subwoofer application. The GTO-501EZ is rated at 350W RMS at 4 ohms, and 500W RMS at 2 ohms. The next step up is the GTO-751EZ with a power rating of 500W RMS at 4 ohms, and 750W RMS at 2 ohms. Finally is the big daddy, the GTO-1001EZwith a rating of 650W of RMS power at 4 ohms, and 1000W of RMS power at 2 ohms. All three of the amplifiers also have easily accessible tuning to make sure your system is always sounding at its best.


The 5-Channel JBL GTO-5EZ is designed to power a full audio system, including dedicated output for a subwoofer

Finally offered in this lineup is the 5 channel GTO-5EZ as well as the unique 3 channel GTO-3EZ. Similar in configuration, both of these amplifiers offer front channels for speakers, and a dedicated high powered channel for a subwoofer. The 5 channel GTO-5EZ allows you to power four total door speakers, as well as the subwoofer. The 3-channel allows only two speakers and a subwoofer. Both of these configurations are designed to eliminate the need of a separate monoblock amplifier, saving space, time and installation cost, without sacrificing audio quality. The JBL GTO EZ Series of amplifiers is perfect for any amplifier requirement, no matter the specific configuration you require. Check them out today!


MTX Audio TC600.4 Car Amplifier

MTX Audio TC6004

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Amplifiers are the difference in an average car audio system and an excellent car audio system.  With the installation of a car amplifier, the overall audio system inside the vehicle will sound cleaner and will play louder.  Of course, matching the amplifier to the speakers plays an important role in achieving the best sound possible.  A well-built amplifier can accurately improve the sound quality of your audio system and enable you to hear your music like never before.  Since it’s founding in 1979, MTX Audio has been manufacturing high quality amplifiers.  Each one is made with the sole purpose of playing loud and with excellent sound quality.

The MTX Audio Thunder series of car amplifiers has proved itself time and time again as a respectable amplifier that is able to give your system the power that it needs.  All are CEA-2006 compliant and will exceed the advertised ratings on the box, resulting in higher power and better sound.  The MTX TC6004 is a 4-channel car amplifier that is effectively rated at 75 watts over 4 channels at 4 ohms.  Lower the impedance down to 2 ohms and this amp will handle 150 watts through 4 channels.  With power ratings like that, high-end speakers can be connected to the amp for crisp, clean sound.  For systems that do not have an aftermarket headunit, this amplifier has 4 channels of speaker level inputs that will allow you to connect your factory stereo directly to the amplifier.  The full range tuning with the crossovers and filters allow both subwoofers and speakers to be connected to the amp and still retain all the advanced features.  An efficient heat sink will ensure that the system runs cool and doesn’t overheat.  With the amplifier being such an important part of the car’s audio system, there is no reason not to choose an MTX amplifier.