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50 Cent SMS Audio Street Headphones

After working my first official month here at Sonic Electronix I have been able to have the awesome opportunity of testing out many different types of products, particularly headphones. A pair of headphones that I have really become familiar with are the SMS Audio Headphones by 50 Cent. I have definitely heard plenty of different opinions on these headphones (mostly negative), and thought maybe I should go ahead and write a review on what I truly think about them.

50 Cent with SMS Audio Headphones

50 Cent with SMS Audio Headphones

So, they are definitely not the best headphones I have ever used, but they are definitely not the worst either. There are two main features that I find quite effect with these headphones, one being that they are super durable and two being that they also have a set with wireless capabilities.

I honestly was shocked to see how durable these headphones were. When first introduced to them my co-worker grabbed each end of the headphones and started to twist them in a spiral motion without causing them any damage. I had never seen any headphones do this before (without breaking them), and I definitely find it to be a very useful feature not only towards durability but also to give you a piece of mind.

50 Cent SMS Wireless Headphones

50 Cent SMS Wireless Headphones

The wireless capability on one set of these series of headphones is really awesome. They come in both black and white colors and I personally would prefer not to have a cord hanging around my body, tangling up, and even at times getting pulled on. The wireless feature on these headphones reaches up to 50 feet of range from your source of music, and I don’t think that has anything to do with 50 Cent’s stage name. The headphones also allows syncing for up to 4 users from one source which is also great when sharing music.

Now when it comes to sound quality I would not be able to confidently say that these are the best one’s in the market, but they also aren’t the worst. Of course sound quality is one of the most important features people look at when purchasing a pair of headphones, but with the other cool unique features provided I would say that these headphones are definitely worth a try.

Make sure you check them out here at Sonic Electronix and pick out a pair that best fits your preferences.


Sync & Street Headphones by 50 Cent

SMS Audio

Bulletproof like 50

The Street King himself couldn’t resist.  50 Cent has unleashed his SYNC and STREET high quality headphones on the world.  These headphones are available in the Bluetooth enabled SYNC for wireless listening and the wired STREET version for a more daily listener.  If you thought the headphone game couldn’t get any better, then its time to check yourself.


The Streets can be an unforgiving place.  However, you can make them a little more forgiving with some unparalleled sound quality and durability.  The STREET by 50 Cent features professional studio sound for those looking for a true sound reproduction.  The large 40mm drivers and enhanced bass give you a complete frequency spectrum ideal for listening to all genres of music.  The soft memory foam cushions will ensure that there is lasting comfort for long listening sessions.   These headphones are very sleek and will turn countless heads.  If you’re looking for all purpose headphones that will turn haters into motivators, then count on the STREET to do just that.

  • High-end styling
  • Ultra comfortable, Soft foam memory cushions for enhanced enjoyment
  • Professionally tuned drivers for excellent bass response and reproduction
  • Available in Blue and Black


SMS Audio SYNC by 50 CentIf wires aren’t your thing, then the SYNC just might be.  The SYNC by 50 Cent includes a 3.5mm wireless transmitter for the connection of up to 4 pairs of headphones on a single audio source.  The range for the equipped Bluetooth is 50 feet so there is no worry of lost connection.  The included Micro USB charging cable means that these headphones are truly portable.  Also included are on-board controls for bass boost, volume control, and mute for further convenience.  Whether you’re in the studio or flying in your G6, you can feel safe in knowing that you have one of the most luxurious headphones on the grid.

  • 3.5mm Wireless Transmitter included for connection of up to 4 pairs of headphones on one audio source
  • Hard-shell carry case for easy storage
  • 16-bit lossless digital sound quality
  • Available in Black and White

If you can’t take our word for it, then maybe 50 Cent can persuade you with a tough demonstration: