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Upgrade the Audio in your 2010 Scion tC

Upgrade the Audio 2010 Scion tC

The Scion tC is one of the most popular cars for today’s youth. With an affordable price, a hip lifestyle, and a reliable track record, it is obvious why this car is the best selling vehicle for Generation Y. One of the best things about the Scion tC is the price. The low cost of the car leaves plenty of extra cash for aftermarket upgrades. In this blog, we discuss some of the more popular audio upgrades that can be installed in the 2010 Scion tC.

Upgrade the Stereo

The 2010 Scion tC comes with a factory Pioneer Double Din Radio. When compared to other factory stereos, this is a great OEM radio. However, it does leave much to be desired for those that are looking for high-end audio or audiophile sound. To replace your factory stereo with an aftermarket one, use one of the following dash kits and wiring harnesses.

Manufacturer Dash Kit Wiring Harness
Metra Electronics Metra 99-8209 Metra 70-1761
Scosche Scosche SCN2059B Scosche TA02B

Both of the dash kit listed above will allow for the installation of a single or double DIN stereo. With room to fit up to a double DIN headunit, Scion owners are free to choose just about any Car Stereo they like.

Upgrade your Speakers

While those stock Scion speakers might sound good, installing some aftermarket speakers will make your Scion tC sound great! The following speaker information from the Metra Online Vehicle Fitment Guide can be used to find the right pair of speakers for your Scion.

Location Size Depth
Front Speakers 6-1/2″ 4″
Front Tweeters 1″ 1″
Rear Speakers 6-1/2″ 4-1/4″
Subwoofer 6-1/2″ 3″

Speakers that fit the Scion tC:

Retain your Steering Wheel Controls

Upgrading the audio system does not mean losing any features. That means that the steering wheel controls will need to be retained and connected to the new stereo. Axxess has made it easy with an automatically programming interface. Use the Axxess ASWC to keep the convenience of these steering wheel controls and enable them to work with your new stereo.

Add an iPod to the Factory Stereo

For those that really like the stock Pioneer stereo that comes in the Scion tC, there is still a way to add an iPod to the OEM system. The Scosche AXIPTA is a iPod integration harness that will allow an iPod to be connected to the factory stereo and the user can control the ipod from the stock stereo. The T-harness installation makes installing the module fast and easy.

Note: The Metra VFG was used to determine the vehicle speaker sizes in this blog. Due to different trims on cars, i recommend calling a Sonic Electronix rep to confirm that the speakers sizes and DIN sizes are compatible with your trim.


Upgrade Factory Sound with a 3-Way Component System

As we have discussed in previous blog posts, upgrading car speakers to aftermarket speakers greatly enhance the overall quality of music in a car. Of the popular speakers, there are coaxial speakers and 2-way component systems. Typically the 2-way component systems sound better as they have a larger and more intricate crossover. But is there something that is better than a 2-way component speaker system? If you have been around the car audio industry for a while, then you know that there is. 3-Way component systems feature an even more complex crossover, which separates the source sound into 3 different sections of frequencies. Simply put, the result is a system that can effectively reproduce the musical frequencies with increased accuracy and efficiency.

With that said, the Eclipse SC8365 is a 3-way component system that will enhance the sound of your audio system many times over. It features two woofers, two mid-woofers, two tweeters, and two crossover networks. That means that there will be three speakers on each side of the vehicle. With the audio signal traveling through the crossover, each speaker will only produce a particular set of frequencies that is best for that particular driver. That means that the mid-woofer will produce only the frequencies that the mid-woofer is designed for. This is the same concept for the tweeter and the woofer. Not only does this protect the speakers from receiving frequencies that the woofer is not designed for, but also the sound is clearer and cleaner. If you don’t necessarily have the space in your car doors or dash to install 2 extra speakers, the Eclipse SC8365 comes with a mounting bracket that attaches the mid-woofer and the tweeter together for a convenient way to mount two speakers in a single location. With the Eclipse logo branded on these components, you can be sure that the speakers are of the highest audiophile quality that Eclipse is known for. Advanced crossover networks allow the separation of frequencies to be direct and accurate. They are available in both 5-1/4” systems and 6-1/2” systems. If you are looking to add new speakers in your current car or even getting the components ready for your next vehicle, be sure to check out these incredible 3-way component speaker systems from Eclipse!