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What Car Amplifier Do I Need for My Alpine Type-R Subwoofer?

Here at Sonic Electronix we give our customer the option and opportunity to ask us questions regarding car audio. One of the most common questions that we receive is What Amplifier Do I Need? For the next couple of weeks we will be looking into some of our top rated woofers and we will be pairing them with the perfect amplifier to make your car audio system run efficiently and smoothly. This week we will be taking a look at Alpine Type-R Series Subwoofers.

Kicker 10ZX500.1


Kicker’s ZX500.1 monoblock amplifier is the perfect choice when looking to amplify a single SWR-1043D or a single SWR-1243D Alpine subwoofer. The ZX500.1 has a power rating of 500W RMS at 2 ohms which is enough power to properly run any of those two subwoofers when wired in parallel to a final impedance of 2 ohms. The Kicker amp will actually exceed the rated power meaning you get more bang for your buck. The ZX500.1 features a tuned bass EQ, variable low-pass filter, and a subsonic filter for complete control of the sound reproduction. The amplifier is CEA-2006 compliant meaning you get the power you paid for and also features a high-density convection heat sink for extreme heat dissipation, allowing you to run the Type-R for long periods of time without losing efficiency.

Massive D 1200

D 1200

Massive Audio’s D 1200 monoblock amplifier is the amplifier to go with when wanting to amplifier a single SWR-1023D or a single SWR-1223D Alpine subwoofer. These subwoofers can be wired individually to either a final impedance of 1 ohm when wired in parallel or 4 ohms when wired in series. The D 1200 will require you wire which ever subwoofer you go with to a final impedance of 1 ohm. The amplifier offers a small chassis for convenient installation and a 6-way protection circuitry for complete protection of the car audio system. It also features an N-channel circuitry for high-efficiency eliminating clipping and cutting that usually occurs on less efficient amplifiers.

Polk Audio PA D1000.1

PA D1000.1

The Polk Audio PA D1000.1 will allow you to run the SWR-1023D or the SWR1223D to a final impedance of 4 ohms. This is the best way to go, the amplifier will run at the up most efficiency and so will the woofers. The PA D1000.1 can also be used if wanting to amplify two of these subs instead of just one; this will have to be done to a final impedance of 1 ohm on the amplifier. The amplifier features a variable bass boost, low-pass filter and subsonic filter for a custom sound reproduction. While the included wired remote bass level control adds convenience.


Alpine Type-R SWR-1242D Subwoofer

Alpine Type-R SWR-1242D

With spring here and Summer time approaching fast, now is the time to deck out your car with the hottest car audio equipment. In order to get exceptional sound from your vehicle, you first have to start with an amazing subwoofer that will deliver high-impact bass. Alpine Type-R subwoofers have proven themselves to be one of the top subwoofers in the world of car audio. They deliver enough bass that you can hear and feel. The Type-R subwoofers have been designed and engineered for big bass but are durable enough to last for years.

The SWR-1242D is one of Alpine’s best subwoofers to play loud and clean music all day long. This particular sub is a 12” dual 4 ohm woofer capable of pushing 1500W Max. You will not believe that amount of power is coming out of a 12” subwoofer, and your friends will not believe it either when you tell them. The Kevlar reinforced pulp cone is a durable and rigid structure that will not break, crack, bend, flex, or distort when your loud music is playing. The strong Santoprene surround is designed for excellent bass response while maximizing cone movement and excursion. The exclusive cooling technologies and thermal management system contribute to the huge power handling capabilities. Now you can have a great sounding woofer without having to worry about it getting hot on those extended music playing days.

Not only does the woofer and surround contribute to better sound, but the tinsel leads and aluminum frame do as well. The tinsels leads are hidden and woven into the Nomex spiders for a strong, unbreakable connection. And aluminum die-cast frame provides a secure housing for your new subwoofer. You don’t have to break the bank when looking for your new subwoofer! The Alpine Type-R subwoofer is your solution to tight, accurate bass with cool, long-lasting operation.