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American Audio PPA-210 Portable PA System

American Audio PPA-210 Portable PA System

America Audio is one of the many sister companies of the well known American DJ, which is most popular for their incredible entertainment, lighting, and stage effects. The American Audio side of the company focuses more on the Pro Audio and Studio products such as mixers, DJ headphones, power amplifiers, DJ turntables, DJ cases, PA systems, and much more.

Being an employee of Sonic Electronix, I was lucky enough to sit in on a product training session that American Audio put on for our company earlier this week, they brought in a good number of products and provided us with some very helpful information to educate us. One of the items that American Audio focused on was the PPA-210 PA System.

The American Audio PPA-210 is a portable PA system that includes two 10” portable speakers, one 8-channel powered mixer, one dynamic microphone, and all the cables necessary to hook this system up. This entire PA system is latches together for maximum protection and convenient transport; it also features a built-in compartment that allows you to fit your microphone, the included two 20 foot power cables, and any other accessories you may use with this system. The two portable speakers may be mounted onto poles and have a 1” compression driver for the highs, and a 10” woofer for the lows.

The 8-channel mixer is equipped with a built-in 300 watt (150w + 150w) stereo power amplifier which has a dynamic distortion processor that ensures clean and crisp sound. Also, the mixer features effects send on every channel, internal digital delay effects processor with 16 selections, effects parameter adjustment, 7-band system equalizer, and two 5-segment LED meters. The features don’t stop there, with the integrated USB port, this portable PA system allows you to connect a flash disc or a MP3 player to play all your favorite jams. Four XLR microphone inputs give you the option of having up to four microphones connected that make it very useful for presentations.

The American Audio PPA-210 Portable PA System is perfect for presentations, sermons, audio for events and more, and unlike most PA systems, this one was built with sound quality in mind.


American Audio VMS4 MIDI Controller

American Audio VMS4 MIDI Controller

There are not too many old school DJs now-a-days, I mean, how often do you see a DJ at a club spinning vinyl records? With technology these days, there is no reason to lug around those bulky records in milk crates from venue to venue. The digital DJ has taken over the scene, most of them keep all of their mixes and music on laptops or iPods, so manufactures like American Audio create products that make a DJs job a bit easier. One of those products is the VMS4 MIDI Controller.

The VMS4 is a 4-channel table top MIDILOG controller and is American Audio’s top of the line controller. This controller fuses both MIDI software and analog audio control into one unit, hence the “MIDILOG” reference from above. A new feature that American Audio has incorporated into this controller is the built-in USB port, this provides plug-n-play right out of the box and allows the VMS4 to be used with any MIDI audio software titles. This controller is equipped with two velocity touch sensitive jog wheels, a full function mouse pad, two 10- bit resolution pitch sliders, 62 assignable MIDI buttons and switches (50 with LED illuminations, 18 with dual blue/red LEDs), 4 assignable rotary encoders, 34 assignable rotary controllers, and 5 assignable linear fader controllers. All audio control faders, knobs, switches, and buttons have been smoothed to eliminate popping, wiper noise, and zipper noise. One cool feature that really caught my eye was the built-in soundcard, now there’s no need for additional interfaces between the controller and a computer.

The VMS4 MIDI Controller includes the very popular and easy to use Virtual LE DJ Software so you can start playing right out of the box. However, this is only the special edition software, so if you plan to use this product professionally, you should consider upgrading to the full professional version. Virtual DJ has made it real easy to do so, there is a link to upgrade at the top of its page, so in just one click, you have yourself the full version. If you’re not a professional though, the special edition will be just fine for you.

This all in one DJ controller has everything you need to create your own personal mixes, so whether you’re a professional, or just doing it for fun, the VMS4 will suit your needs.


Sonic Now Carries American Audio Products

American Audio DJ Equipment


Here at Sonic Electronix, we are always adding new manufacturers and products to give you, the customer, numerous options when shopping with us. Lately, we have been focusing a lot on DJ, Pro Audio, and Stage Effect equipment such as mixers, microphones, speakers, stage lights and much more. One new manufacturer I will blogging about today is American Audio, a sister company of the newly added American DJ. American Audio focuses more on the DJ & Pro Audio side of the business as opposed to their big brother American DJ which specializes in Stage Effect Lighting. Below I will describe 3 products every aspiring DJ will need.

DP2 Midi Controller

American Audio’s DP2 is a 2-channel rack mountable MIDI controller that’s is made for more of the laptop software DJ. The DP2 Controller is equipped with 4 sample & 4 Hot Cue buttons on each side, a pitch adjustment knob, USB input, an easy to use large jog wheel, and much more. This controller keeps the familiar dual deck layout and has a built-in 2-channel DJ mixer. The mixer features volume fader, crossfader, track & deck selectors, low & high adjustments, microphone volume adjustment, and master volume adjustments. DP2 includes PCDJ DEX LE DJ software and is well suited for use with all softwares.

WM-16HH Microphone System

The WM-16HH is a Hand Held PLL Synthesized UHF Wireless Microphone System that includes a uni-directional electret condenser wireless microphone, a receiver, and a 12-volt DC power supply. The handheld microphone features super high sensitivity, low noise transmission, on & low battery LED indicators, AF indicators and has a wireless range up to 150 feet. Another cool feature are the A/B indicators, these indicate the antenna has received the RF signal. This system is perfect for DJs, bands, singers, emcees, presenters and entertainers of all kinds.

HP 700 DJ Headphones

The HP 700 is a sturdy high powered professional DJ headphone that includes a headphone bag, right angle ¼” adapter, and straight ¼” adapter. This DJ headphone is constructed with a flexible housing design that gives you the option for single or double ear monitoring and folds up for simple transport. These affordable headphones are equipped with comfortable ear cushions and a padded adjustable headband that make long listening sessions a breeze. Don’t let the affordable price fool you, these headphones like all other American Audio products are built with durability and quality.