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Halloween Party Pack!

Are you expecting herds of candy hungry kiddies, or plan on throwing a midnight monster bash this Halloween? Or maybe you would like to freakout your neighbors all year-long? The Halloween Party Pack is perfect for spooking up your porch or party. The Halloween Party Pack includes three key lighting effects that will instantly liven up the living dead and keep Dracula dancing.

The American DJ Fog Array
is two 400 watt fog machines built into one unit. The Fog Array shells out 3000 cubic feet of fog per minute in two different direction which is plenty for any house party or small venue, it also sports a 500ml fog juice tank so plenty of fog effect can be achieved without having to constantly refill the unit. The Fog Array only takes minutes to warm up so you can have a dazzling fog effect quicker than it takes to put out more dip. The Fog Array also comes with a wired remote control so the fog machine can remain hidden to ensure the maximum spooky effect.

The American DJ 48″ Blacklight
fixture is a 40 watt florescent light that will bring a fun spooky feel to the party. Blacklights react to phosphorescent paint or chalk so you can ge the kids involved with the decorations. Virtually any costume with in line of site of this serious blacklight will take on a new life.

The Mr. Dj st100 ministrobe is a variable speed strobe light that is the perfect accent to flash behind the fog for a lightning in the clouds effect. The strobe is lightweight and easily mounted all sorts of surfaces. The variable speed can be set to flash up to 12 times a second and the included bulb has a 10 million flash live. In combination with the blacklights eerie glow, this package is the perfect Halloween party pack.


Lighting and Today’s Mobile DJ

Today’s mobile DJ has a plethora of equipment to sort through in order to put together the best show possible. It is imperative to know your media players, software, and sound systems inside and out for the best sounding show.  Not to be overlooked is the visual impact you can have on the crowd when using the best possible lighting and visual effects equipment.

Floods Fills and FunSlimpar 64

Commonly referred to as stage lighting or up lighting, depending on the orientation of the lights themselves, these lights are used to illuminate the room, stage, the crowd, and any points of focus you would like to direct a crowd to. These lights consist of washes and fill lights that are broad in spectrum and cover a large area. Typically these lights are used with color gels and other filters to evoke moods intermittently or maintain a consistent motif of the show.

Freakin’ LasersChauvet Cirrus

Referred to as effect lighting or aerials these led lights and lasers are used to make dazzling designs both on surfaces and in the air. New laser designs now enable anyone to safely perform amazing laser shows that once were deemed too dangerous to operate without a proper license. With the help of a good fog or haze machine each particle in the fog or haze’s  fine mist will catch light and illuminate in the air enabling the focused and defined beams of light we associate with a laser light show.

Take Control DMXAmerican DJ Affressor Tri LED

DMX512 (digital multiplexing with 512 bits of information) is the standard protocol for digital communication networks used to control stage lighting and effects. Simply meaning DMX is a way to control all of your DMX enabled lighting equipment using a manual controller such as the Chauvet Obey 40 or a software program and a DMX interface with a laptop.  Another way to automate and control a light is to use the programed patterns built into the light, or many lights today are equipped with sound sensitive triggers. This is particularly handy with strobe lights as a strategically placed sound sensitive strobe light can be really impressive in combination with proper stage lighting and other effects.


Exclusive American DJ LED Party Pak 2

Here at Sonic Electronix, we love putting together exclusive combo packages of compatible products we think go well together. Whether it be for Car Audio or Stage Lighting Effects, we have a perfectly matched combo to suit your needs. Below I will introduce you to one of the newest stage lighting packages we have available.

This Party Pak contains 3 products manufactured by the very popular American DJ, the products include the Tri Gem LED Moonflower Lighting Effect, the Vertigo Multibeam Multi-Color 32 Beam Lighting Effect, and the B6B LED Blue Police Beacon Light.

Tri Gem LED

American DJs Tri Gem LED is a high output tri color moonflower lighting effect that is equipped with 3-watt 3-in-1 RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LEDs that will produce a wide arrange of color effects including red, green, blue, purple, yellow, cyan & white. This stage effect light will provide 23 sound activated beams that will strobe and move to the music. The Tri gem LED features 3 modes of operation that includes Static, Sound Active, and Continuous Rotation, the modes are controlled by the integrated 3-position FX switch.

Vertigo Tri LED

The Vertigo Tri LED is a multibeam multi-color 32 beam lighting effect with two 9-watt 3-in-1 RGB TRI Color LEDs. These LEDs have a long life span rating of 100,000 hours and will produce an assortment of colors which include red, green, blue, purple, yellow, cyan & white. This light is equipped with In/Out IEC power connections that allow you to daisy chain power. The Vertigo Tri LED is sound active with 32 dancing and strobing beams and includes a hanging yoke for your convenience.


The American DJ B6B LED is blue police beacon light with 56 blue LEDs that have a long life rating of 50,000 hours. The integrated dip switches allow you to control the built-in 6 operational modes & 7 rotation speeds. This beacon light Includes 3 built-in mounting plates to mount and will improve any party scene.

The American DJ Tri LED Party Pak 2 will provide you with a club type environment and will definitely get the party pumping.


Sonic Electronix Now Carries American DJ Lighting & Effects

American DJ Stage Effects & Lighting


American DJ started in 1985 as a manufacturer of lighting products to mobile entertainers, since then they have been a well known name internationally in the DJ Stage Effects & Lighting industry and have grown into 5 successful companies, American DJ, Elation Professional Lighting, Acclaim Lighting, American Audio and Global Truss. These companies as a whole have provided lighting and stage effects for nightclubs, discos, mobile entertainers, bands, concert tours, theater productions, TV shows, cruise ships, churches, trade shows, architectural applications and more. American DJ was the first company to introduce sound active lighting to clubs and discos, now present day; they are making advances in the field of LED lighting and have become one of the leaders in stage effects. Clubs and Discos are not the only place you will find American DJ products, they have ties to the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas, Disneyland, television shows including WWE Wrestling, and many major concert tours. Lighting & Stage Effects aren’t their only products, ADJ also sells mixers, turntables, digital CD/MP3 players, speakers, amplifiers MIDI controllers and microphones, but I’m going to focus on some of their awesome stage effects.

64B LED PRO Par Can Effect Light

The 64B LED PRO features 181 10mm LEDs (36 Red, 85 Green, & 60 Blue LEDs), the mixture of these colors provides a very smooth field with rich palettes of color. The LED sync feature allows you to automatically sync operation modes with other American DJ products that have LED Sync. This par can DJ light is very performer friendly with its low heat output and the dual bracket system, this system allows the performer or DJ to hang the light or set it on the ground based on their preference.

ACCU UFO LED Saucer Effect

The UFO LED has the ability to twist, turn, strobe, and pulse, when you combine those functions with 32 8mm red, green, blue and white LED colored beams, you get an awesome show. This DJ Light features a rotating moving head with 32 sharp beams projecting from 12 lenses, 40-degree beam angle, 7 internal programmed light shows, 4-Button LED Control panel, and much more. The Accu UFO requires very little power to operate, requires very little maintenance, and has a 50,000 hour LED life. This is definitely one of those lights that might steal the show.

DUAL GEM PULSE Moonflower & Beam

This dual lens moonflower light is equipped with sharp red, green & blue high output colored beams, and a white 45 LED strobe in one light. It produces LED patterns that can be projected on a dance floor or wall while the wide beam spread covers a very large area. The sharp colored beams have the option of sound activation from the built-in programs. The Dual Gem Pulse features no moving parts ensuring very little to no maintenance and has a 100,000 hour LED lifespan.