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Bazooka BT Series Bass Tubes

Bazooka BTA10100

By David D. – Product Specialist

Bazooka has been one of the top manufacturers of Bass Tubes for many years now. Bass Tubes are perfect for people who want to upgrade their audio system with some bass, but don’t want to have a big bulky subwoofer box taking up space. Bazooka Bass Tubes fit in any vehicle from a Mini Cooper to a Full Size Truck and can be mounted virtually anywhere.

Bazooka produces Amplified Bass Tubes which come equipped with a built-in Class D amplifier that includes an adjustable low-pass filter. The amplified bass tubes are available from 100 watts to 250 watts and produce clean, monstrous bass. Bazooka also makes Passive bass tubes available in 4 or 8 ohm impedances. These are non-amplified so you can hook your own amplifier up to them.  Each bass tube (Amplified and Passive) are supplied with a poly subwoofer made specifically for Bazooka bass tube enclosures, plastic woofer grille that is decorative and protective, a light-weight high excursion foam edge roll to maximize bass output, acoustic damping fiber, nickel-plated thumb screw terminals, all of which is enclosed in a ported tube.

Both the amplified and passive bass tubes above are part of the BT Series from Bazooka. While being the most popular, the BT series features a sleek design with a scratch resistant jet-black paint finish and are available in amplified and non-amplified (Passive). Each BT series bass tube is ported to allow adequate transfer of the bass.

I have had the pleasure of owning the Bazooka BTA10100 amplified bass tube. This tube enclosure really surprised me, I was used to most bass tubes sounding cheap with a lot of distortion, but this tube couldn’t be further from that. The BTA10100 is equipped with a 10” dual voice coil subwoofer and is powered by a 100 watt 2-channel class D amplifier. It produced a clean sound and thumped pretty hard for only being 100 watts. This bass tube enclosure features an RCA input, Hi level input, auto turn on, and a built-in crossover that eliminates the high frequencies the woofer cannot play.

If you are looking to add bass with very little space, Bazooka has just what you are looking for!


MTX Audio Terminator TNP212D 12″ Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure


By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

The MTX Audio TNP212D is an amplified bass system sure to make your heart pound. With this package, there is no need to worry about which amp goes with which sub because it has already been done for you. How awesome is that! This package includes 2 Terminator subwoofers that are enclosed in a sealed box and a MTX Audio TN250/1 monoblock amplifier. This enclosure package was created with one thing in mind: to terminate the competition who make cheap loaded subwoofer systems.

The Terminator series subwoofers push 200 watts each for a max of 400 watts per pair. This power handling is more than enough to make your presence known when driving down the street. The rubber surround makes this subwoofer capable of withstanding all of this power. It provides strength and durability while you are bumpin’ through the street. The subwoofer enclosure is a dual 12” sealed box with MDF solid construction allowing the bass to be heard loud and clear.

Last but not least, the monoblock amplifier features a class D design that will push 200 watts at 2 ohms. It has LED Indicators and built-in adaptive cooling fans so your amp doesn’t get to hot. This amplifier is a perfect addition to this subwoofer and enclosure.

MTX built this enclosure to the perfect specifications for the subs and the amp to perform at their best. Leave your fear of a bad system at the door and enjoy hours of clean, loud bass.