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PreSonus Audio Box Studio Comes With A Lot For A Little

PreSonus Audio Box Studio

If you’ve ever wanted to get into audio recording, but were intimidated by the vast variety (not to mention the often high cost) of gear and software, your solution has arrived! With the Audio Box Studio by PreSonus, you get a high-quality selection of gear and software from a brand that’s trusted by audio professionals around the globe that doesn’t weigh too heavily on your wallet.

The Interface:

AudioBox USB

First up is the AudioBox USB interface. This impressive little guy has two XLR/TRS combo jack inputs for both microphones and guitars and MIDI I/O for, well, any instrument that utilizes MIDI. MIDI‘s not just for keyboards, you know! Anyway, its Main and Headphone outputs are 1/4″ TRS, and it hooks up to your computer via USB. Honestly, with this interface, you’re pretty well set in just about any recording situation.

The Microphone:

M7 High Definition Condenser Microphone

It also has +48V phantom power for use with condenser microphones, which is certainly good news considering that the included M7 high-definition, large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone requires it! This package includes a 9 foot cable, and a protective cloth carry bag for the microphone, making it nicely portable and perfect for recording on the road. To read more on condenser microphones and the cardioid polar pattern, check out these two previous blogs of ours: Demystifying Microphones & Polar Patterns (Demystifying Microphones, Part 2).

The Headphones:

HD 7 Headphones

Plus, it’s hard to go wrong with a quality set of headphones like these. With high-resolution neodymium drivers, precision-tuned acoustic chambers and an extended bass response, you’ll hear everything you need to hear with the clarity that professionals require. These babies are lightweight, comfortable and have a single-sided 8 foot cable, giving you plenty of room to move around if necessary.

The Software:

HD 7 Headphones

Finally, we come to the software; which, in my opinion, is the highlight of this package. Many other DAWs have finite amounts of tracks you can make, but not Studio One Artist! You can have unlimited audio, MIDI, virtual instruments, buses and FX channel tracks. Studio One Artist boasts the “most intuitive MIDI-mapping system available,” real-time audio timestretching and resampling, not to mention automatic delay compensation which is fantastic for sessions that have a lot of effects in them. If all that wasn’t enough, the Studio One Artist DVD-ROM comes with 4+ GB of third-party software, loops and virtual instruments. How’s that for value, hmm?! So, what are you waiting for? A top secret jambalaya recipe or something?!

The Jambalaya:


Well, hilariously enough, PreSonus actually does include a jambalaya recipe on page 81 (all the way at the bottom) of their quickstart guide for the AudioBox Studio. I think they’ve become my new favorite manufacturer. Frankly, I’ll be picking one of these AudioBox Studio packages up myself soon, because bundles as great and affordable as this one don’t come around very often. Hurry before they’re all gone! What are you doing wasting time still reading these last sentences?! Go! Go! Go! And make jambalaya!


Alessis iO Dock

Alesis iO Dock

Alessis has hit the nail on the head with a great new product designed to turn your iPad into a portable recording studio. This is a revolutionary new device for interfacing your musical instruments and microphones with the ultra-handy and portable iPad. Now anywhere you can take an iPad, which is virtually everywhere, you can have a full on production studio that fits conveniently in a backpack.

Alesis iO Dock

The Alessis iO Dock features two XLR ¼” combo inputs for microphones and instruments. The mic pres feature phantom power for condenser microphones and a high Z instrument level switch for use with guitars and basses. There are two main outputs perfect for a nice set of active near field monitors or take a line level out of your iPad into another device. There is also an RCA video output for external video monitors and projectors. There is a headphone output with a level control as well as a footswitch jack on the back which is particularly handy for triggering a recording while you have both hands on a guitar or keyboard.

iO Dock Side
There are a set of 5 din MIDI ins and outs on the side of this unit as well as a USB MIDI port for multiple MIDI interfacing options. With the addition of a MIDI controller and an app like Garage Band the possibilities are limitless for sequencing a plethora of samples.

iO Dock Side
The Alessis iO Dock is the perfect device for the on the go music producer. The device is just as lightweight as the iPad itself so anywhere the iPad can go so can the iO Dock. This is the perfect solution for producing a podcast or recording an interview for ENG applications. The iO Dock Is great for songwriters looking for a really high quality solution for constructing demos while on the road.