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Audiobahn New 2011 Subwoofer Line-Up

Audiobahn New 2011 Subwoofer Line-Up

Audiobahn subwoofers have been popular for years, not only because of their performance, but for their attractive appearance as well. This holds true for their new 2011 line-up of subwoofers. There are 5 different series of subwoofers in the 2011 line which include the Immortal Series, Sound Q Series, High Excursion Series, Low Profile Series, and Natural Sound Series. Each of these series feature its own unique chrome plated designs that will catch anyone’s eye and will definitely add a stunning presence to any car audio sound system.

Immortal Series

Audiobahns Immortal Series subwoofers are designed specifically for the competitive environment. There are 2 different models in this series; the AWIS15J is a 15” woofer that puts out 2250 watts of RMS power. The smaller version is the AWIS12J, this 12” immortal subwoofer has an RMS power rating of 2000 watts. Both these woofers are equipped with a 200 oz triple stacked magnet structure, 3” quad 2 ohm voice coil wound on a black anodized aluminum former, and a chrome plated 3-dimensional flame design aluminum basket. The Immortal Series subwoofers are constructed with an ultra light 2-layer carbon fiber Kevlar cone and a proprietary tall excursion foam surround. Both subs can operate at 0.5, 2, or 8 ohm impedance’s and feature a 25mm top plate for enhance efficiency.

Sound Q Series

The Sound Q Series is constructed with a spun aluminum cone and a PHAT 1.75” EPMD rubber surround. There’s a 12” and a 10” model in this series that both come equipped with a 3” quad 6 ohm voice coil, 120 oz magnet structure, 3D chrome plated flame design basket, and can operate in 3 or 12 ohm impedance’s. The 12” ALUM12J has an RMS power rating of 1000 watts while the 10” ALUM10J has 800 watts of RMS power. The 6 ohm configuration allows three Sound Q subwoofers to be wired in a 1 or 4-ohm operation making these woofers compatible with a wide range of amplifiers.

High Excursion Series

The Audiobahn High Excursion Subwoofers are the most widely applicable performance subwoofer of all the 2011 line-up. This series features a 10”, 12”, and a 15” version that are all constructed a high-gloss high strength carbon composite cone and a tall narrow foam surround. The cone allows for a very aggressive operation while the foam surround provides a high amount of air displacement which leads to a greater efficiency. The 15” AW1500J has 800 watts RMS and features a 3” 4 ohm voice coil. The AW1200J is a 12” woofer with 700 watts of RMS power and comes equipped with a 120 oz magnet structure. Last but not least is the AW1000J, this is a 10” high excursion subwoofer that has 600 watts RMS, 2-1/2” dual 4 ohm voice coil, 120 oz magnet structure, and can operate at 2 or 8 ohm impedance’s.

Low Profile

If you don’t have much room in your ride, but want some bass, the Low Profile series subwoofer are for you. These subs are designed to fit in the smaller areas of a vehicle while offering exceptional performance. There are 2 models in this series which include the 12” AW1204J and the 10” AW1004J. The 12” version has an RMS power rating of 500 watts and the 10” puts out 400 watts RMS. Both of these Low Profile subwoofers share features that include a spun aluminum cone, PHAT 1.75” EPDM rubber surround, dual 4 ohm voice coil, multi-connect 8-gauge lug lock terminals, 50 oz magnet structure, and both can operate on 2 or 8 ohm impedance’s.

Natural Sound Series

The Natural Sound Series subwoofers feature a 15”, 12”, and 10” version that all include a 3-dimensional chrome plated flame design stamp steel basket. The flames have been computer-modeled to better prevent resonance and vibration during operation. The 15” AW1571J comes equipped with a 60 oz magnet structure, 500 watts RMS, and has a mounting depth of 6-7/8”. The Natural Sound AW1251J 12” woofer has an RMS power rating of 400 watts and features a 2” dual 4 ohm voice coil. The 10” AW1051J shares the 2” dual 4 ohm voice coil and can operate in a 2 or 8 ohm impedance. The 10” also puts out 300 watts of RMS power with a mounting depth of 4-5/8”. Each of these subs share features such as multi-connect lug lock terminals, KM3 coated non-pressed paper cone, and a J-type narrow foam surround.

Audiobahn’s new 2011 line of subwoofers have a wide array of sizes, power outputs, and appearances to suit any car audio sound system, and Sonic Electronix carries them all.


New 2011 Line of Audiobahn Amplifiers

New 2011 Line of Audiobahn Amplifiers

Since 1997, when Audiobahn was first introduced to the mobile entertainment industry, they have been known for producing cutting edge car audio products. Not only does Audiobahn produce products with quality of sound and performance in mind, but they also focus on the appearance of their products. All of Audiobahn’s car audio products are designed with eye catching chrome-plated accents that add style to any sound system. This holds true for their new line of 2011 Amplifiers, not only do the amps look awesome, but they were built with precision and quality. Audiobahn’s new 2011 line of car amplifiers features 3 different series with numerous wattage and channel configurations.

Class D Series

Audiobahn’s Class D Series are single channel (monoblock) amplifiers that feature 2 different models. The A18001DJ is the bigger one of the two and has a power rating of 2500 watts when wired at 1 ohm, 1300 watts wired at 2 ohm, and 700 watts wired at 4 ohm. Its little brother, the A12001DJ features a power rating of 1500 watts when wired at 1 ohm, 800 watts wired at 2 ohm, and 450 watts wired at 4 ohm. These two monoblock amps share features which include dual cooling fans with chrome flame fan grilles, double-sided glass epoxy circuit board, cobalt blue illumination, nickel-plated block terminals, 4-way protection circuitry, large display volt meter, and many more. Check out our Audiobahn Monoblock Amplifier product page to see these amps for yourself.

High Current Series

The High Current Series Audiobahn amplifiers are powered by a class AB PWM MOSFET power supply. There are three different models which include two 2-channel amps that operate in a single channel configuration, and one monoblock version. The A2300HCJ will put out 2400 watts when wired at 1 ohm in the single channel configuration, or 1000 watts wired at 1 ohm in the 2-channel configuration. The A2200HCJ puts out 2000 watts when wired at 1 ohm in the single channel configuration, or 850 watts wired at 1 ohm in the 2-channel configuration. The single channel version has a power rating of 2200 watts wired at 1 ohm, 1100 watts wired at 2 ohm, and 600 watts wired at 4 ohm. The High Current Series amps also feature a remote mount bass boost control with clipping indicator, chrome plated flame design accents, dual cooling fans, nickel plated block terminals, 4-way protection circuitry, digital meter output response, cobalt blue illumination, and numerous other cool features. Not only do they look great, they are ideal for competition.

Intake Series

the Audiobahn Intake Series Amplifiers are produced in 5-channel, 4-channel, 2-channel, and monoblock configurations. The intake series amps are powered by a PWM MOSFET power supply and features an on-board cobalt blue digital volt meter which allows a quick assessment of your vehicle’s charging voltage to the amplifier. These amplifiers also come with a remote mount digital volt meter and a remote mount bass boos control. The intake series car amplifiers share features which include an air intake fan with chrome plated flame grilles, 3-way protection circuitry, high gloss chrome plated finish, RCA & high level inputs, cobalt blue illumination, and bass boost on/off option. One more cool feature that caught my eye are the nickel plated block terminals. These terminals provide a more efficient power transfer and are encased in black ABS plastic to prevent short circuits and wire entanglement.

Audiobahn’s new 2011 line of car amplifiers will definitely enhance the appearance and performance of any sound system, and SonicElectronix has them all.


Audiobahn Returns to the Car Audio Industry With New Lineup

Audiobahn has long been familiar with the car audio industry. Audiobahn became popular not only because of its performing audio gear but because of the years of support and allegiance from its customers, and other marketing partners. Established in 1997, a huge following was attributed to the Audiobahn name and it set something of a wild-fire among the car audio industry for anything and everything 12-volt. From magazine editors to car show fanatics, its reputation over the years has helped them come up in the car audio industry.

For well over a decade Audiobahn has worked to accomplish many tasks within the car audio industry. They manufactured a variety of high-performance, enhanced aftermarket vehicle stereo systems to a demanding world of car audio enthusiasts. Here in 2011, Audiobahn has decided to reemerge among the car audio industry with an entirely new product line-up. Some of the new products introduced to their new 2011 line-up is their new High Current Series of Car Amplifiers, and Natural Sound Subwoofers.

The High Current Series Amplifiers features the same attractive appearance found on previous Audiobahn products with the chrome plated flame design panel. The high current series also comes equipped with dual cooling fans that keep the amps temperature at a safe operating level, and a cobalt blue illumination to add to the eye catching appearance. There’s also a large display voltage meter and blue illuminating readout. The High Current Series has enhanced stability and a since it has the digital meter you’re sure to be kept with constant readouts from your system. The new Audiobahn Natural Sound Subwoofers like the AW1051T are excellent subwoofers with a non-pressed non-transfer paper cone for optimal sound quality and woofer response. A 1-1/2” treated foam surround allows for advanced excursion. These highly efficient products are just some of the exciting products we’ll be seeing from Audiobahn this year, so keep an eye out for more news on the Audiobahn 2011 product line-up.