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Top 3 Components for an Audiophile Headphone Setup

Your Sound Isn’t Good Enough

A fair amount of people are usually content with the standard white earbuds that come with their iPods.  However, there are those who have a higher calling for their ears.   There are those who will not be oppressed by the tyranny of sub-par sound. Ladies and gentleman, I am talking about the audiophile, of course.  I speak from experience when I say it is both a gift and a curse being an audiophile.  My friends will tell me to listen to a sweet song only to be disappointed when my ears start to bleed from utterly disappointing sound. So, if you’re looking to break the audiophile sound barrier and become one of the audio elite, then you better take the advice that i’m about to give you!

There are a few things you’re going to need to complete your audiophile transformation:

  • Good Headphones
  • Headphone Amplifier
  • High Quality Source
Custom One Pro

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

Obviously, you’re going to need some good headphones to start.  Based on your preference you might choose to go with ether in-ear headphones or over/on ear headphones.   If you’re looking to go the in-ear route, then I would suggest something like the Westone UM series which is top-notch when it comes to in-ear monitors.  If you want some over-ear headphones, then I would suggest something like the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro.   There are many factors to consider with headphones and many aspects of them are heavily opinion based. Audiophiles will generally steer toward an open-back design as it offers more detailed analytic sound, and a wider soundstage.  Furthermore, they usually prefer a headphone with an even, flat response to give the best representation of the sound without adding unwanted color.  There is a headphone for everyone and my main advice is to listen to as many as possible in order to see what you’re into.


FiiO E17

Headphone amplifiers are a commonly overlooked aspect of an audiophile set up. If you have some good headphones, then you’re going to need some good power to compliment that.  Not only does a headphones amplifier drastically increase the sound quality of your headphones, but some of them have equalization settings so you can fine tune your sound.  FiiO makes some awesome amplifiers that won’t break the bank.

Having a good audio source is the final piece to the puzzle.  For example,  even if you have awesome headphones and an amplifier, you will not get the full potential if you have crappy audio files.  Most people are going to be listening to MP3 or internet radio from their iPhone or iPod.  However, the key is to find files with low compression such as a FLAC or other lossless-type files.  Even high quality MP3 files will suffice in most cases.

Remember that there is no perfect formula these are just some basic guidelines. To give you guys an example, I’ve been using the Beyerdaynamic Custom One Pros with a FiiO E17 amplifier and it has been by far my favorite set-up.  Some of you not might agree but that’s the beauty of headphones! There is something for everyone!  Remember:  Life is too short to listen to crappy sound!


German Maestro Professional Headphones

German Maestro GMP 450 Pro

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Over the past several years, headphones have become increasingly popular.  The white little earbuds are not able to produce the high quality sound that many of today’s consumers want.  Because of this, they are turning to higher-end headphones that will give them the sound they want to hear.  Typically, the three things that people looks for in a pair of new headphones are sound quality, comfort, and style. When a pair of headphones has these three attributes, they become a popular and sought after item.   Although they have been around for many years, German Maestro is a brand that is fairly new to the United States and they offer all of the aforementioned headphone qualities.

With hundreds of years of audiophile engineering under their belt, the German Maestro brand is setting the stage for many of the loudspeaker and headphone manufacturers in today’s industry.  They are still manufactured and handcrafted in their renowned Obrigheim factory in Germany.   Each headphone and speaker is made with the utmost care and precision because the employees of German Maestro are audiophiles.  Sound is what German Maestro is all about and passion is what drives them.  Their line of professional headphones are ideal for use as a DJ, in the studio, or any other situation where only the finest and highest quality of audio is accepted.  The precise audio tuning helps spreads across the full range of frequencies resulting in deep bass, accurate mids, and clear highs.  Headphones such as the German Maestro GMP 450 Pro are specifically designed for studio use, as well as music production.  Other headphones like the GMP 8.35 D Monitor are designed for more industrial long-term use.  For those that what to take the German Maestro sound with them, the GMP 160 offers an excellent portable and lightweight solution.  A quality pair of headphones can be a heavy investment, but with a company like German Maestro, you can be sure that you are getting quality handcrafted audio engineering that the Germans are famous for.