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Roland V-Drums Available Now!


The V-Drums® name has been carrying a LOT of weight in the electronic instrument industry for many years now, and now we at Sonic Electronix can help you see why. The Roland TD-4K2 electronic drum kit pictured above is great for beginners and experts alike; especially if you’re on a tighter budget and/or if you live in an apartment where an acoustic drum set is rather impractical due to potential noise violations (I certainly know about those, trust me!). This kit has a module that boasts a wonderful, built-in Rhythm Coach feature that’s packed with a broad variety of functions that will help you warm up, tighten up your timing and improve your technique.

“Sounds Great! Tell Me More!”

The TD-4K2 kit comes packed with 5 V-Drum pads, 3 V-Cymbals, 1 Hi-Hat Control Pedal, the MDS-4 Drum Stand and the TD-4 Drum Sound Module – pretty much everything you need to get rockin’ right away!

Let’s talk for a bit about the brains of this operation: TD-4 Module The TD-4 Module. With this, you get 125 instruments and 25 unique kits, you get the ability to tune and muffle the kick, snare and toms individually from the front panel and a convenient Quick Record function that (you guessed it!) quickly records your performance. If you’re not particularly into solo drum music, you can always plug in an external media player to the Mix In jack and record yourself playing along with your favorite songs. You know, see how well you can match up with Neil Peart, Joey Jordison, or whomever your favorite drummer(s) may be!

And Speaking Of Matching Up…

Roland has this awesome, new (and FREE!) social networking software for V-Drums owners called Friend Jam. V-Drums Friend Jam was made for drummers, by drummers, and it lets users connect with each other while beefing up their drumming skills with play-along MP3s and performance evaluation features. The software is available here for free and is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. Once you have installed the software, Friend Jam automatically downloads a diverse collection of practice songs onto your computer including rock, pop, jazz, metal and more. They also have full-band arrangements without the drums, so you can throw in your unique style to the song. For more information, see this PDF. Need some lessons first? Check out the boatload of videos on V-Drums Lessons.


Maxxsonics Authorized Products at Sonic Electronix

Knowing that you are buying from an authorized source is a comforting feeling, but it can be more than just an emotional comfort. When buying a car audio product from an legitimate and authorized source you can be sure that you are going to get the best service, warranty, and product. Manufacturers today strive to make sure that the consumer is getting the best product possible and that their brand is being properly represented. Along with several other reasons, these are some of the driving forces behind a manufacturer authorized dealer. One of the more recent companies to become an authorized dealer campaign is Maxxsonics.

Maxxsonics is the parent company of some of the biggest names in car audio. These brands include Autotek, Crunch, Hifonics, and MB Quart. As Maxxsonics has grown to be a bigger company with many more products, they wanted to make sure that their customers know about the source that the products are coming from. Sonic Electronix is one of the few authorized Internet dealers for this brand and they are proud of it. When you purchase a new Maxxsonics product from Sonic Electronix, you can trust that they will have the best prices, warranty, service, and knowledge about those products.

In case you are unfamiliar with some of the Maxxsonics products, be aware that they manufacturer quality car audio products. Hifonics is one of the more popular brands that focus on the creation of powerful car amplifiers that are available in just about any configuration that you might need for your application. MB Quart also makes quality amplifiers, but they also have some excellent speakers for entry-level, high-end, and systems all in between. Crunch and Autotek are brands that have a lower price tag, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that quality is sacrificed. These two brands have large followings by those that recognize them as the best bang for the buck. Next time you are putting together a system, head on over to Sonic Electronix and check out some of these Maxxsonics products. Keep in mind that they are an authorized dealer and will be able to offer exceptional service, products, knowledge, and more!


Save on JBL Amplifiers and Speakers!

Monster Cable Beats by Dr. Dre SOLO HD Red Edition

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

It’s that time of year again!  Time to save on select JBL mobile electronics!  Each year, Harman Audio group runs a special promotion through their authorized dealers and drops the prices on a wide variety of products! Effective August 29, 2010 to September 11, 2010, prices are being dropped up to 20% for JBL car amplifiers and car speakers.  Head on over to Sonic Electronix to check out the full list of discounted JBL electronics.

Included in the sale is JBL GTO series car amplifiers.  These Grand Touring amplifiers are a reliable and efficient way to get your audio system the power that it needs to run properly. The JBL GTO1004 is a 4-channel amplifier that effectively is rated at 100 watts per channel at 4 ohms and 150 watts per channel at 2 ohms.  Since JBL has all of their amplifiers CEA-2006 certified, you can be sure that the rated power is real.  Also receiving a price cut in this sale is the JBL GTO5355.  This 5-channel Grand Touring amplifier is the perfect solution for those looking for a single amplifier to power their entire car’s audio system.

Looking to upgrade some car speakers?  JBL car speakers are an excellent way to enhance the sound quality in your car without putting you in debt.  At first glance, the JBL power series speakers will be reminiscent of Infinity car speakers.  This is because much of the advanced Infinity technology has bled into the JBL product lines.  JBL uses cutting edge speaker materials and precision engineering to create a speaker that sounds great and is built to last a long time.  Consider the JBL P662.  These 6.5” 2-way car speakers are made with a Plus One Honeycomb Laminate woofer, textile dome tweeters, and a computer-optimized passive crossover.  No other speaker manufacturer utilizes these materials in their speakers.  With JBL, you will experience sound like never before.  There is a reason why JBL is the professional’s choice and has been since the company’s beginnings.

Don’t miss your opportunity to save big on JBL mobile electronics! Act fast because this promotion will only be around for a limited time.


Authorized Vibe Audio Dealer

Vibe Audio Authorized Dealers

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Across the world there are car audio manufacturers that design, engineer, and create high-end audio products.  Many of these companies have industry-leading products that produce some of the most impressive audio ever heard by human ears.  Vibe Audio is one of these companies that come from the British car audio circuit.  As the leading manufacturer of consumer and competition car audio products, Vibe has traditionally only dealt with the European market.  However, as the Vibe name has grown and the reputation of their fine audio products has been solidified, the demand for these superior British products has also grown.  In part with the great relationship between Metra Electronics, Vibe Audio, and Sonic Electronix, Vibe has decided to break barriers and enter the US car audio market.  To make this possible, Vibe Audio chose Sonic Electronix to be the only authorized online seller of their premium products.

As the only authorized online seller of Vibe audio, Sonic Electronix is taking great care in the line of products.  Ensuring that they receive the level of respect and appreciation that they deserve, the Sonic Electronix car audio specialist work hard to accurately recommend the products for what they are comparable with.  Since the brand is so new to the United States consumer car audio industry, it is important that those shopping understand the level of quality that each vibe product is made with.  Using the most advanced production techniques and experienced engineering, the Vibe Audio specialists are able to offer incredible sound quality for an affordable price.  Since Sonic Electronix is the only authorized online, those shopping for vibe on Sonic will experience the best prices and warranty available.  For more information on Vibe products, feel free to view their lines of Car Speakers, Car Amplifiers, Car Subwoofers, and more!  Shop with the confidence of owning a quality loudspeaker or amplifier by choosing Vibe audio for your next car.  Already proven in the European car audio circuit, Vibe is ready to prove to you that they truly are a leader in the car audio industry.


Kenwood Authorized Dealers

Kenwood and Kenwook eXcelon Authorized Dealers

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Since the company’s founding, Kenwood has been a leader in many of the electronics industries.  Anyone who has purchased one of their car stereos, amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, car portals, or other mobile electronic has come to realize why Kenwood is among the best.  Purchasing from an authorized Kenwood dealer is just as important as the unit itself.  Authorized Kenwood dealers receive up-to-date information about all the products.  They can be trusted to have accurate information and all the latest product manuals.  Full manufacturer warranties are available only through authorized dealers.  Kenwood makes sure that they take care of their authorized dealers.  Sonic Electronix is proud to be one of those authorized internet dealers that proudly offers the full line of Kenwood electronics.

For those that are not familiar with the line of Kenwood products, they offer an extensive collection of mobile electronics that are designed for use in the car.  Most famous for their advanced and sophisticated in-dash car stereos and GPS Navigation units, Kenwood is a leader in the car multimedia unit industry.  Partnered with Garmin, they are able to provide the most accurate and up-to-date maps and guidance routes.  The displays are also bright, clear, and detailed.  Only the finest can be expected from a company with the legacy that Kenwood has.  Recently, Kenwood has release a new line of digital Class-D amplifiers that feature an incredibly small chassis. This XR Reference series include the impressive Kenwood eXcelon XR-5S 5-channel amplifier that will power the entire car audio system.  For those that need to have it all, be sure to check out the Kenwood eXcelon DNX9960 if you haven’t already.  The GPS navigation unit features Garmin navigation, voice control, built-in Bluetooth, and much more.  With Kenwood, you will always be able to find the features you want and need in a car audio system.  Just remember to look for the Authorized Kenwood Dealer logo and you can be confident in your purchase.