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The AutoNet Mobile Keeps Your Digital Life with You on the Road

AutoNet Mobile CarFi Package

Staying connected is a growing necessity in today’s world. Staying online one way or another isn’t near as difficult as it once was. Our mobile phones interface with the internet to get a lot of their information and services. Most gaming systems today will have built in Wi-Fi capabilities to allow for easy ways to access content that is continually updating. Finding the right products to integrate your online life-style into every element of your life can be difficult.

AutoNet introduced a product that could assist with getting a fast online connection, directly from a moving vehicle! Perfect for business trips, busses, and even the family road trip, the AutoNet KT-ANMRTR integrates high-speed internet access into any vehicle. The wireless connection works within 150ft. of the vehicle it’s installed into, ensuring all users on board can use the Wi-Fi, or even while your vehicle is stopped and you’re around it. The technology can connect up to 10 users simultaneously onto fast connection. This can be perfect for gaming tournaments, business conferencing, and long trips with plenty of users who want to stay connected hassle-free.

Your standard AutoNet will include one mounting plate. This plate can easily allow the AutoNet to dock and undock for traveling purposes. A combo package with both of an AutoNet and an additional mounting plate are perfect to move an AutoNet system from one vehicle to another. This is perfect for those who have multiple vehicles and would like to conveniently move an AutoNet system from one personal vehicle to another. It also works great for companies that would like to deploy separate cars with the use of only one AutoNet system. The procedure required to move the system from one vehicle to another is simple! Just remove the AutoNet system from the mounting dock which is hardwired directly into the vehicles electrical system, and dock it into another vehicle where the dock has been installed. Integrated a digital life style along with one that is on the go has never been easier!


Autonet Mobile Routers – The First Internet Service Designed Exclusively for Vehicles


Now you can have all of the power of the internet in and around your car. Autonet Mobile, the in-car wireless internet connectivity service, delivers continuous internet connectivity to all vehicle passengers for entertainment and real-time information access on-the-go.

Autonet Mobile is industry-first technology – and that means you can be the first to enjoy the advantages of transforming your vehicle into a mobile “hot spot”.  Autonet Mobile delivers reliable, seamless, and easy to use internet connectivity for all passengers in and around their car. The “hot spot” connection radius is approximately 100 feet-making it convenient to access the internet anywhere… even at a local soccer field or family picnic.

Autonet Mobile is great for family members, real estate agents, contractors, field reps, law enforcement agents and more.  It’s also perfect for travelling retirees and vacations, Kids can do their e-mails, get directions, pay bills, make restaurant reservations, check movie times and shop online. The list is endless.

Autonet Mobile takes car entertainment to the next level. It enables all vehicle passengers to simultaneously connect their Wi-Fi devices like laptops, iPhones, Playstations, and PDA’s. It’s all automatic, no special software is required. Simply connect your Wi-Fi device, launch your browser… and surf.

Advantages of Autonet Wi-Fi Router:

1)    No special software needed – Simply connect your WiFi device and surf.
2)    You can connect from up to 100-150 feet away from your car.
3)    Will work with any Wi-Fi enabled devices such as laptops, PDAs, PSP’s, iPhone, iPod touch and more.
4)    Secure connection – You can secure your Wi-Fi connection with WEP encryption, MAC address restriction or WAN port restriction. Also supports VPN pass-through. Public hotspots do not offer security.
5)    High speed access ranges from 400kbps – 800kbps.

It’s a new world, and with Autonet Mobile router you have the opportunity to lead the way.

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