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New Unreleased Monster Headphones, The Next Generation

With the introduction of the artist-branded headphone, Monster (the company formerly known as Monster Cable) made a tremendous splash in the music and fashion worlds. The enormous success of the Dre Beats and other models can be taken as preamble to the next movement of the Monster brand that promises to take the design aspect  of Monster headphones to new heights. Whatever your stance on the performance of the Monster brand, even some of the most ardent audiophiles must admit that the new line-up of Monster headphones are aesthetically original. Three of the more distinctive models are the the Infinity, the Diesel, and the Tranquility designs.

First among this innovative list are the Inspiration headphones. The Monster Inspiration headphones are the brands first over ear headphones to feature active noise cancellation and a distinctly streamlined construction. Aside from being the first of Monster headphones to feature active noise cancellation, the Inspiration will also be equipped with an in-line microphone capable of answering and ending calls. Stylistically, the Inspiration will offer a range of headband modifications that are anticipated to feature a broad range of styles and concepts. Moreover, the Inspiration will be available in a sharp Titanium finish, Pearl White, and Silver limited edition.

An even more adventurous design, the Vektr headphones feature an intricately jagged geometric patterning that resembles modern architecture.

Designed with Diesel, the Italian clothing brand, Monster’s Vektr headphones boast of titanium-coated drivers. The Vektr also features a collapsible design that allows them to be compactly and safely stored. Like the Infinity, the Vektr also feature an in-line microphone that allow users to use the Vektr for phone conversation.


Lastly, the Tranquility series aims to do exactly what its name implies: calm you down. The Tranquility series has so far been lauded as an audiophile grade set of headphones with a folding design. The remarkably sleek and thin construction is paired with sound isolating ear cushions and features active noise cancellation powered by a rechargeable battery. Furthermore, the Tranquility features dual 1/8″ (3.5mm) input and output plugs to easily connect the Tranquility.

With the impending separation of the Dre Beats from Monster, the relatively newly formed headphone company is seeking to further define itself in the world of headphones by creating completely distinct and original designs. These three anticipated models are a good projection of the direction Monster intends to take as a growing and developing manufacturer.


The Vision of Bob Marley’s Music Lives Through House of Marley Headphones

On February 5, 2012 during the Super Bowl half-time show, electro-pop duo LMFAO appeared with Madonna sporting a pair of diamond-encrusted Beats headphones by Dr. Dre valued at $1,000,000 (yes, you read correctly: 1 million dollars). Although Dr. Dre has not been the only one to capitalize on his fame to promote his headphones, his Beats have certainly achieved the most widespread publicity and have become a sort of status symbol. Yet slashing through the glimmering opulence and excess that celebrity headphones have come to represent, the House of Marley product line in collaboration with Bob Marley’s 1Love Foundation dares listeners to challenge the status-quo and join a global fight for education, sustainability, and peace.

From production to the packaging process, the House of Marley focuses on supplying headphones that achieve superior sound quality and equally admirable humanitarian goals. Every House of Marley product is packaged with recyclable material, constructed of recyclable aluminum, and organically harvested cotton–all this while delivering a powerful and soulful sound.

The Exodus series, composed of recyclable materials and sustainably harvested woods, exemplifies the production ethics of the House of Marley

Moreover, all House of Marley products directly contribute to the  mission of the 1Love Foundation. Through a series of partnerships with global charities, the 1Love Foundation actively contributes to causes such as providing potable drinking water to people in developing countries and promoting maternal and child health worldwide.

Instead of using celebrity as a mere marketing tool to increase profit, the House of Marley in collaboration with the 1Love Foundation employ the vision of Bob Marley and the large Marley family to empower individuals and throughout the world and actualize social equality through education.

In his song “Exodus,” Bob Marley shouts  the lyrics, “Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?” For Marley, satisfaction could only be found by struggling for harmony among all people. If your calling is the same, the House of Marley product line is a great place to begin your journey or nourish it.


How to Listen for Good Sound

How to Listen for Good Sound

We all hear sound and we all listen to music. Whether we are in the car driving to work or shopping at the mall, we are constantly listening to music. The more we listen to music, watch movies, and participate in other activities that require us to listen intently; our ears start to recognize quality audio. We can help train our ears to hear quality sound and distinguish the good from the bad as we start to understand the attributes of good sound. As we listen to different headphones, we can hear the differences between them. For example, the Monster Beats by Dre will sound a lot different than the Grado RS2i. This blog is a basic introduction to some thoughts behind good sound quality. The intent is to change the way you listen to your music the next time you put on a pair of headphones. For this introduction to good audio, I will break the concept into three different questions that you can ask yourself as you listen to the music.

Question 1: Is the music loud enough?

The loudness of the music should be at a level that is comfortable to listen to. When the source volume is set at an average level, the speakers or headphones should not be to loud that you have to turn the volume down or too soft that your ears strain to hear the music.

Question 2: Is the music clear enough?

The clarity of the music is very important. This is what allows you to understand the music. When listening to music with vocals, the clarity is what allows the listener to hear, understand, and comprehend the words that are said. For those that are listening to spoken word, the clarity of the music is what allows the listener to distinguish the difference between words that sound similar (such as “cat” and “bat”).

Question 3: Do you feel like you are there?

Hearing music is different than experiencing it. As you listen to the music, listen to see if you feel like you are at the original performance. Higher quality recordings will be able to do a better job of retaining the quality of the original recording, but the speakers play a vital role in delivering that sound to your ears. Can you hear the sound stage? Does the sound from each instrument independent and not become muddy with the others? Is the sound separation apparent? Many of these questions relate to the main question at hand. You want to be able to feel like you are listening to a live performance, not a recording. The greater the fidelity, the better the speakers are able to do this.


Monster Beats Pro Headphones are a must for DJs

Monster Cable Beats Pro By Dr. Dre Headphones

Having the right tools for the job is always one of the most important aspects of any job. If you have ever tried to install some new car speakers without the appropriate tools, the job seems almost impossible to complete. On the reverse end of that, when the installer has the appropriate tools the job becomes quick and easy. The correct tools will always make the task at hand easier and get done faster. Just like tools, the correct equipment can ensure that the work gets done properly and to the expectations. For DJs, this equipment comes in the form of mixers, turntables, loudspeakers, and headphones.

Headphones are one of the most over looked (and underestimated) pieces of equipment for a DJ. The headphones are the first stop as the music leaves the turntable. Before the crowd hears it, the DJ listens closely to the music to ensure it is exactly what he wants. That’s were the Monster Beats Pro by Dr. Dre headphones come into play. These headphones quickly become the DJs best friend. They have large oversized ear cushions that are not only comfortable, but also washable. That means that after several shows and getting sweaty behind the turntable you can still keep the headphones clean, sanitary, and looking new. The swivel ear cup serves a few different purposes. The swivel allows for the DJ to keep a secure headphone fit, while being able to hear what is going on around him. However, the swivel also has a secondary function. When one cup is removed from the ear, the other ear cup that remains on the ear switches to a mono speaker. That means that both the right and left channels of audio are going to one ear cup. Since the DJ only has the one ear listening to the music, this means that they will not miss any part of the music and can continue to mix accurately.

Overall the construction of the Monster Cable Beats Pro is very solid and durable. They will easily be able to take anything that the professional DJ has in store for it. While the standard headphone is black, Monster is offering two colors: Black and White Monster Beat Pro. Don’t miss out any longer. If you are a professional and headphones are important to you, these are not a pair you want to pass up.


Sonic Electronix Facebook Halloween Contest

PreSonus FireStudio Mobile (FS Mobile) Firewire Professional Recording System

By Ricky C. – Product Specialist

If you’re not a fan of our Facebook page yet, you may not have heard about our Sonic Electronix Halloween Contest.  This year we’re looking for all of you to dress up in the most creative ways and send us a picture!  We’ll need you to have the Sonic Electronix logo somewhere in the picture, which you can download here.

Don’t have a Halloween costume? It’s okay! Just take a Halloween themed picture with the SonicElectronix logo integrated in some type of creative way. The most important factors here are creativity, and that all of our contestants have fun!

Wondering how to enter? Just go to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/sonicelectronixinc and click the “Like Us” button. You must be a Facebook fan to enter this contest.  After adding our page, just upload one picture on or before 11/05/2010 to our official SonicElectronix Facebook page wall.  A submitted entry must have the contestant tagged in the photo.   For more details, check out our Facebook Contest Tab.

The Grand Prize for this Contest is a pair of Beats By Dr. Dre Studio Edition Headphones, a $349.99 value.  These amazing headphones are amplified by 2 AAA batteries in one of the earcups, providing the high powered bass response and cleanly staged mid and high frequencies.  The Beats By Dr. Dre headphones are categorized by some as Audiophile headphones, meant for only those who are serious about listening to good music.  For more information regarding these amazing studio headphones, check out our blog!

There’s plenty of unique ways you can join into our contest. Get in touch with your inner-most creativity and think up the best Facebook Fan picture imaginable!  A winning photo will consist of the contestant in their Halloween costume holding, standing near, or interacting with the Sonic Electronix Logo. The rest is up to you!