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Top 3 Gadgets for Truckers

Being a trucker is a lot of hard work so we decided to recommend a few items to make your lives easier while on the road. Here are The 3 Gadgets For Truckers!

bluetooth hands free headset#1 Bluetooth Handsfree Kits

Nothing says convenience like a Bluetooth handsfree kit. Not only is it extremely dangerous to talk on the phone while driving, it’s also illegal in many states including here in California. That’s why we’ve got plenty of Bluetooth headsets to choose from from brands like Motorola, Jaybird, Parrot, Samsung and more. Just them all out here. And we know it’s tempting to answer that text message right after you get it, even if you’re driving, but that’s even worse than than talking on the phone. That’s why we’ve got Bluetooth headsets with the Text-to-Speech function. This handy feature will read your text message aloud to you and allow you to send a message back just by using your voice. This even works for emails as well! So be safe and be responsible, stop talking on the phone while you’re driving and get yourself a Bluetooth headset! Check out the VXI Xpressway, one of our top sellers!

Radar Detector#2 Radar Detectors

Radar Detectors are an absolute must for anyone that spends long hours on the road. It’s always a relief to know where the cops are but that’s not all a radar detector does; the CR85 from Whistler features a Safety Warning System that can decode signals sent from emergency vehicles or hazard crews to warn you of approaching emergency vehicles, obstructions on the road, or road crews. In addition, the Whistler CR series have the exclusive Stay Alert feature to keep you awake. Every 4 hours the radar detector will emit a tone to make sure you’re alert and awake.

GMRS Radio#3 CB and GMRS Radios

The technology might be old but the value is definitely still there. Check out my other article, Why the Technology of the 50’s Is Still Relevant Today, if you don’t believe me. As a trucker, you probably drive through stretches of road that still have never even heard of a cell phone tower—Hence, GMRS and CB Radios. In addition, these radios allow you to contact emergency services and receive weather alerts instantly. With a Smartphone you’d have to dial the number, wait until someone picks up, wait to be directed to the right person blah blah BLAH! CB and GMRS radios get you that information instantly. Boom. Not to mention, YOU SHOULDN’T BE ON THE PHONE WHILE YOU’RE DRIVING ANYWAYS!!! That’s why Bluetooth headsets are #1 on this list! So anyways, yes CB and GMRS radios are still very much useful, even 60 years later.


Sony Integrates TomTom and TeleAtlas into a GPS Navigation Unit

Sony Uses TomTom GPS Navigation for XNV-660BT

Sony has been one of the leaders in car audio for a number of years now. Each year they release new units, technology, software, and hardware that lead the 12-volt industry to the next level. Last year they introduced the Sony XAV-60, which was the first unit to use the SensMe feature. They also released the Sony DSX-S100, which led the industry in internal iPod docking and housing. Continuing with this tradition, Sony has introduced the XNV-660BT and the XNV-770BT for 2011.

What many readers will find interesting is that this is a Sony unit and it has GPS navigation. For the past several years, it has been noted that Sony has been one of the few car stereo manufacturers that do not have a navigation option. Even the entry-level brands that have only a few years of manufacturing experience have units that come standard with built-in GPS navigation. Sony has listened to the customers and heard the requests for a navi unit. New for 2011, the Sony XNV-660BT and the Sony XNV-770BT are released. The timing couldn’t be better either. With the exit of Eclipse in the car audio industry, a TomTom presence was removed from the industry. However, Sony worked with TomTom to incorporate the advanced TomTom navigation system into these new units. Using the TeleAtlas map database, TomTom remains a leader in the GPS navigation industry.

These two powerful companies are planning to take 2011 by storm by offering top-notch features for a price that is competitive with compatible models. Sony is focusing a lot of there advertisements on the unique features that TomTom has to offer, such as IQ routes, my TomTom, advanced lane guidance, and the Quick GPSFix. Look for more review, article, and blogs about these two units and the TomTom service, as we grow more familiar with them.


Installing an Apple iPad in a Toyota Tacoma

The 12-volt industry is constantly evolving and looking for new ways to enhance the drivers experience in the car.  One of the popular styles of car audio installations included integration and OEM integration.  This means that the installer is taking aftermarket components and making them look as though the car came that way.  OEM integration will typically leave the stock car stereo and use other components to enhance the audio in the car.  Other types of integration include adjusting aftermarket items to look as though the manufacturer meant for them to be there.  Recently, a video on YouTube showed SoundMan Car Audio install and integrate an Apple iPad into a Toyota Tacoma.  At their shop in Santa Clarita, California, the installers at SoundMan used an Audison Bit One processor to play the audio from the iPad.  A special dock is used to convert the audio signal from the iPad to a digital optical signal, which is needed to connect to the Bit One.  After a lot of custom work and integration of aftermarket components, the iPad was successfully installed into the Tacoma.  The Bit One controller was installed to the left of the steering wheel and seamlessly integrated into the vehicles interior.  The controller allowed the audio of the iPad to be controlled, as well as the switching of audio sources.  Bluetooth was also connected so that the driver can talk hands free with a push of a button.  The final installation featured a custom dash kit with a suede back panel, which the iPad rests on to keep the back scratch-free and protected.

The video became an instant YouTube hit once people found out that an iPad could be installed in a car.   Both of the videos below show the installation process and some of the troubles that they encountered throughout the procedure.  Projects like this are what car audio installers dream of.  It encourages us all to think outside the box and do something that the world has never seen before.


Direct OEM Integration

Lexus OEM Integration

By Chelsey P. – Product Specialist

Purchasing a new vehicle can be exciting, until you take a look at the stock stereo that comes with it. Many of today’s new cars have advanced integrated stereos that make it a hassle to replace.  Upgrading to an aftermarket car stereo can end up taking a lot of time, effort, and frustration to install. And with most aftermarket receivers, the factory style that most people love, ends up being lost with a new and sometimes hard to use interface. Direct OEM replacement receivers will become more and more popular because they provide you with everything you need in a stereo, including a factory feel. Most of the time, these receivers will come with even more features than a stock head unit such as built-in Bluetooth, GPS navigation, and iPod integration. So I ask you, Why not replace your receiver with a feature-packed headunit while keeping your vehicle looking clean and new?

A company that has done all of the above is Fly Audio. They have created a head unit that looks stock, but comes with more options and features than you may know what to do with. The Double DIN Receivers have a 6.5”, 7” or 8” TFT-LCD Screen with CD, DVD, VCD, DivX and MP3 Playback. Fly Audio has integrated Bluetooth for hands-free calling as well as iPod direct connectivity. The USB Input allows you to charge, control and playback your iPod straight through the receiver. The Fly Audio E8039NAVI-2 is great example of a head unit for a vehicle that you would want to maintain the stock look in. It is a 7” Receiver with a touchscreen display made for the 2009 Lexus IS250/350. It has all of the features mentioned above along with built-in navigation. This may be one feature that your stock stereo did not have before. The navigation has voice prompts, traffic lane guidance and destination searches so you always know where to go. Fly Audio makes these head units for just about every car out there, not just the Lexus. These OEM integrated receivers will become increasingly popular over the years with the addition of new cars.


EGO Bluetooth Hands-free Kits


By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Everyone has an ego, but not everyone has an EGO Bluetooth device. EGOCorp USA is an American partner and affiliate of Funkwerk Dabendorf, which belongs to major German public corporation Funkwerk AG, one of the top manufacturers of communications systems. The EGO product line features innovative designs and cutting-edge technology.

The EGO CUP design has revolutionized the field of plug-and-play units. The latest in Bluetooth hands-free design, the EGO CUP fits right into your cup holder. There has never been an easier way to install a Bluetooth device. The EGO TALK is a Bluetooth audio streaming device that allows you to play MP3 songs from your mobile phone or Bluetooth enabled MP3 player through your car stereo system. When you receive a call, the music will pause while you talk and resume playing where it left off when you end the call. The EGO TALK has a sleek design ready for dashboard mounting.

The EGO LOOK is the ultimate Bluetooth device, including a high definition 2.2 inch color display monitor and wireless remote control. Like the TALK, the EGO LOOK plays music via Bluetooth, and pauses music during phone calls and resumes playback when you hang up. The high quality display screen gives a clear readout of text messages and call logs for easy reading.

All EGO Bluetooth products feature industry-leading DSP technology, which has been proven to provide superior noise and echo cancellation. In light of legislation banning cell phone use while driving a vehicle, adding a Bluetooth device is a good investment. With Bluetooth you can make and receive calls without having to worry about being ticketed by the police. If safety and convenience are important to you when on the road, you should invest in a top notch Bluetooth product such as the EGO LOOK, TALK or CUP.