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BOSS Audio: Your Budget Build Option


Need a centerpiece for your system, But want the features not the price? BOSS Audio has got you covered. Pump up your system with a new stereo without breaking the bank by checking out BOSS Audio’s extensive catalog of in-dash receivers. From the time of this post, only taking into account that which is “in stock”, SonicElectronix has over five dozen options to choose from, ensuring that there is an option for any application.


1Easily Connect Your Phone for Under $50.00


Its doesn’t get more universal than a 3.5mm Auxiliary Input. Often times, that’s all a system needs, a means to connect your phone. In this new age of car audio systems Phones and MP3 players have replaced CDs as the source of all our music. All it takes is one inexpensive cable, and you’ve got all your favorite tunes at your finger tips.


Boss Audio Headunits w/ Auxiliary Input

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Under $50.00


2Kick It Up A Notch and Go Bluetooth for Less Than $100.00


What is more convenient than One cable to connect your device? How about NO CABLE! BOSS Audio makes it affordable to go wireless. Bluetooth has never been easier to use than it is today. Once paired, you can leave your device in your pocket and never have to worry about leaving it in your car when you step out.

Boss Audio Headunits w/ Bluetooth

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Under $100.00


2Go Multi-Media, Add Touchscreen and a DVD Player for under $150.00


Why stop at Music? Get a little fancy and add video to your setup! BOSS Audio has a great selection of In-Dash Car DVD Players that will suit anyone’s needs, preference, and style. So instead of simply listening to music, why not watch a Music Video instead? Going on a long trip? Pop in a movie! Get extra creative, and send that video signal to 50 monitors!

Boss Audio DVD Headunits

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Under $150.00


Free Extended Warranty!

Don’t forget, When you purchase a qualifying Boss Audio Systems product from SonicElectronix, an “Authorized Platinum Online Dealer”, you instantly qualify for a free extended warranty on the Boss Audio Systems product you purchased! That mean you get a total of 3 Years with the purchase of a headunit.

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4 Reasons Why You Need To Buy Boss Audio…


…Ok, maybe NOT “You”, but there is a time and place to consider Boss Audio. No, really, there is. Before you put your internet-police badge on and go on an epic interweb tirade, hear us out. It is no secret that Boss Audio products aren’t intended to win competitions with or meant to be used to build a high fidelity system. Admittedly boss products have historically been perceived to be entry level. However, we noticed on a recent factory tour in their Oxnard, CA location, they are constantly using r&d and testing to produce better products with low defective rates. Because of this, Boss Audio is always bathed in a sea of negativity, and those associated with them get a nice dose of hate themselves – for the record, we’re prepared. Still, there is a huge misunderstanding out there as to why retailers carry them, people buy them, and why they are still around. The obvious answer is that there is a market for that product. But who exactly is “that” market? Well, here are 4 Reasons When Why You Need To Buy Boss Audio.

A quick note from the editor: If at all possible, always save up to get into higher end product. In car audio, the mantra of “you get what you pay for” has held strong, so always take that to heart when shopping around. If you need some help working within your budget, give our Sales Team a call!

1Elephant In The Room


Let’s get this out of the way first: The obvious reason to consider Boss Audio products is that they are very Inexpensive. Everyone wants the “best possible system” but doesn’t want to pay “best-possible-system-money”, so we often end up going for a “Budget Build” instead. For just under $300 we can put together a respectable Single 12″ Subwoofer setup. By NO means are we going to be getting the “4000W” that it says on the box, but we will be getting around 25% of that figure, which still gives us an “above-modest” system. This setup would cost us – potentially – anywhere from 25% to 50% more if we change the logo to a “familiar” brand. As long as we understand what we’re getting, that means the same power for less money. Where most people go wrong, however, is when thinking that they are getting “4000W” from their inexpensive $179.99 amplifier. They just don’t know that to get a Real 4Kw amplifier, it’s going to cost north of $1,000. There is an argument to be made against ‘why do they put that on the box’, but we aren’t going to get into that because until there is a governing body to hold All manufacturers accountable, we are going to continue seeing A Lot of manufactures do this. The best we can do as consumers/retailers/enthusiasts is put the knowledge of what the product can really do out there. That knowledge is plentiful; one needs only to look at the reviews on our website, we don’t filter anything. Moving on. The reality is, we all don’t have the luxury of putting together a competition-grade system together. Most of us want to simply enjoy music in our vehicles without breaking the bank. That is the main market that goes for Boss Audio equipment.

2n00b Friendly


No matter how much information and knowledge there is out there – and , trust me, there is A LOT: Link , Link , Link , Link – there are endless amount of n00bie enthusiasts that just don’t get the concept of putting together a system. Luckily, being fairly “entry level”, Boss Audio products tend to be simple. Seldom is there a Boss Audio amplifier with a bunch of switches, knobs, sliders, flux capacitors, etc… that are difficult to understand or adjust. Instead, they often feature a very basic bank of settings. Their subwoofers & speakers are all built in the most traditional fashion, with easy Terminals and ….well, that’s as far as the user experience goes. If you’re shopping for a beginner or are a beginner yourself, embrace the n00bieness and start off with a simple inexpensive setup. Learn the basics, start small, and get to know the differences in the wide range of products available. Of course you want the high end awesome stuff!!, but do you know how to use it?? If the answer is “yes” then have it, but if it’s a “no” then start small and learn some stuff.

3Selling Your Car?


It is a tough feeling when you have to sell your car that has a “slappin’ system” in it. It’s even tougher to sell a car that has No stereo or Speakers equipped. (ask me how I know) . The “you get to enjoy the sounds of the road” angle doesn’t go very far. So, why not replace your system with some inexpensive alternatives? Even the most inexpensive options available in the Boss Audio line up will surely be a step up – if not the equivalent – to the OEM system. A small investment and you get to keep Your awesome system, while keeping your buyer content with an “all new sound system”. Truth is, that buyer may very well have done the same thing anyway, and picked up a few Boss Audio products. We don’t suggest going with the *ahem* awesome skull speakers with the light up eyes, but a little something is better than nothing. Hey, who’s to say Skulls with Light Up Eyes don’t give you a few extra unicornwatts?

4FREE Extended Warranty


Who doesn’t like free stuff?! When you purchase a qualifying Boss Audio product from an “Authorized Platinum Online Dealer”, you instantly get a free extended warranty on the product you purchased. Lets continue the honesty here; Car Audio is built to be abused. We might even say that it is built to fail. When you put the key in the ignition, what is usually the first thing to turn on? The Radio + Speakers! So, isn’t it safe to say that the #1 most used thing inside your vehicle – aside from the ignition…um doors, seats, mirrors….ok, maybe not the #1 – is the Radio & Speakers? So from the second you begin enjoying your music, you are already diminishing the life of the component. Well, with Boss Audio products, you can rest assured that you will , at least , have a way to replace said component with a new one should it finally decide to make its way to Car Audio heaven, or the other place depending on your view of Boss Audio. The point is, you pay absolutely Nothing for extra coverage on your product. That, in of itself, is enough reason to consider picking up one of their products.


Favorite Boss Effects Pedals

Few other musical instruments have the allure and mystique of the electric guitar. Since its electrification and early use in the late 40’s by innovators like T-Bone Walker and Les Paul, the electric guitar, with its broad range of tonal and stylistic possibilities, has defined the careers of hundreds of musicians and the distinct sound of generations. For modern guitarists, the legendary sounds of the past are made available at the stomp of a box. Among my personal favorite Boss effects pedals are the Boss 63 Fender Reverb, the Blues Driver, and the RC-3 Loop Station. Whether used in combination, individually, or with other effects pedals, these three are sure to allow your creativity to explore new territories.

’63 Fender Reverb

My foremost favorite of these pedals is the ’63 Fender Reverbwhich accurately and convincingly captures the legendary tone of a vintage Fender spring reverb amp. Whether you are trying to go for a vintage country twang, classic surf-style riffs, or a warm and nuanced tone, the ’63 Fender Reverb offers an authentically reproduced tube amp sound.

Classic Fender Tube Amp Reverb

For those daring to push the boundaries, the ’63 Fender Reverb is open to experimentation and works well with other pedals for a completely personalized sound. My favorite way to use this pedal is by adding a little overdrive, rolling the tone about 75% and then kicking the Mixer and Dwell settings back to less than 50%. With your guitar at its neck pickup with the volume all the way up, this setting gives the guitar a bright and ringing character with a plenty of bite and attitude. Overall, this pedal delivers a great blend of vintage tones with the versatility to be used with other effects and styles for broad experimentation. For a pedal offering overdrive with the a similar tube amp sound signature, the solution may be none other than the famous Boss Blues Driver

A Boss Classic: The Blues Driver

You don’t have to have the blues to enjoy the range and tube-like overdrive of this reliable and tested pedal.  While the Blues Driverwill certainly deliver the traditional blues tones reminiscent of players like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Muddy Waters, and Buddy Guy, this effects pedal can also deliver rich and refined warm tones. Perhaps most notably, the Blues Driver can deliver a tone that is full of mellow warmth with enough gain to remain punchy and full of attitude. Like the ’63 Fender Reverb, the Blues Driver is versatile enough for experimentation and will fit well with just about any genre or musical vision. My personal favorite way to use this pedal is in trying to emulate the mellow and over-driven style of B.B. King that can go from sounding clean to biting in seconds.

RC-3 Loop Station

Lastly, the RC-3 Loop Station offers perhaps the most versatility and the best use as a device for experimentation. With 99 separate on-board memory banks, the Loop Station has enough capacity to store tons of riffs and jam tracks. Moreover, the Loop Station affords users up to 3 hours of recording time for even the most intense and epic jam or recording sessions. Aside from its immense capacity, the Loop Station can be used to layer different recorded tracks allowing you to build harmonically rich tracks. While I use the RC-3 for practice and for layer tracks as mentioned earlier, the RC-3 can be used for just about any musical idea you may have. Plenty of artists use the RC-3 to create thick and complex atmospheres using various other effects.

Whatever Gets You Through the Night

Each of these pedals offer you a little piece of music history and allows you to mix and combine them into something totally new and personal: the ’63 Fender Reverb can take you back to the early days of rock-n-roll, or drive you to new and hypnotic sounds; the Blues Drivers will let you tap into raw energy or smooth things out, while the Loop Station can take you just about anywhere. Whatever your musical tastes or ideals, these stomp boxes can do it all.


Roland Pro Audio Gear – Coming Soon to Sonic Electronix!


Roland is about to celebrate its 40th anniversary and Sonic Electronix couldn’t be happier for them! To help celebrate, we will soon be carrying a comprehensive line of Roland, Boss and Cakewalk pro audio gear. Roland was founded by Mr. Ikutaro Kakehashi in Osaka, Japan in April of 1972. Today, Roland has factories in the U.S., Italy, Japan and Taiwan. For any out there who might have just recently emerged from under a rock, Roland is one of the most ubiquitous and reputable names in professional audio equipment. From instruments like synthesizers, electronic drum sets and dance/DJ gear to amplifiers, guitar pedals and recording products, Roland will no doubt continue to expand its catalog throughout the professional audio world.

Where It All Began

Roland’s first product was the Roland Rhythm 77 (TR-77), a drum machine housed in a flat wooden case that had a stand for holding scorebooks. It was designed for rhythm accompaniment to organs, pianos, synths and such. It was one of a trio of drum machines (TR-33 & TR-55) with slightly different features between them. In 2011, Roland has unveiled products such as the BC-2 Combo Drive guitar pedal, a complete DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) known as Sonar X1, and the globally unique SPD-SX sampling pad among several others. Truly, each of these products could warrant a blog of their own, and maybe we’ll see one or some of those here someday as Sonic Electronix continues to grow.

Where It’s Going

We at Sonic Electronix are clearly taking our expansion into the professional audio realm very seriously with the addition of the Roland product line. We’re tirelessly working to get these products up and available on our site so that you can take advantage of Sonic’s great deals and integrate the Roland name into your life. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Life is what you make it.” With nary a shred of doubt, I think just about anyone reading this would agree that music can make life pretty spectacular. Between your enthusiasm for music and the legendary quality of the Roland name, the possibilities are infinite. Keep your eyes and ears open for more news on this topic, as we will soon be shouting it from the rooftops… and blogging about it from our cubicles, of course.