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Dear Cody – 2 Way Pager Car Alarms, What’s the Point?

2-way paging
2-way paging

And no, this isn't the real Caeser's palace.

Dear Cody,

I noticed that you sell these so-called “2-Way Paging Car Alarms” and I have to say, pagers? Really? What is this, the 90’s? I mean come on, what is this car alarm going to do, let me know that someone was trying to call me and give me a number to call them back at? This is stupid! Why do you guys sell this outdated technology? Are you trying to be retro? Are you trying to be hipsters? I heard that car phones have made a comeback because hipsters use them to be cool. Is that the next product you’re going to start selling? Get with the times Sonic and stop ripping people off with lame, outdated technology.


Future Man

Cant imagine why these never caught on...


Here’s an idea for something you can sell… Laserdiscs! Yeah, why don’t you sell Laserdiscs and Laserdisc players since you’re apparently in the business of selling old outdated 2-way pager technology.

Dear Future Man,

Uhhh… I really think you’re confused on the whole 2-way pager thing. We aren’t talking about the belt clip things that spawned the classic form of communicating by using letters to spell things when you turn the pager upside down. Examples include “07734” which means “hello” when turned upside down. Other examples include using 8’s and 0’s but I wont go into that.


2 way pager

THIS is the pager we're talking about

2-way paging with car alarms means that the remote communicates with the alarm brain (1 direction) and the brain can communicate back to the remote (2nd direction) hence 2-way paging. The brain sends signals to the remote to alert you of different things like your alarm going off, your car starting if you use a remote start, and to verify if a command was actually received. Like if you press the “lock” button from far away, you might not actually know if your doors locked. The 2-way pager will let you know.

Additionally, 2-way paging also means that the alarm could possibly communicate with your Smartphone. Same concept, only instead of using a key fob, it uses your phone. If you ask me, that’s pretty 21st century.

So yeah, I guess the name “2-way paging” can be a little confusing but it’s not the same thing you’re thinking about. Although maybe we could bring back pagers, HD DVDs, Walkman’s and Laserdiscs. We did sell a lot of lava lamps when we carried them.. Hmm… I’ll get with the purchasing department, thanks for the idea!

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Car Thieves Hate Him! – One Weird Trick To Warn Thieves Away Forever!

One Weird Trick
One Weird Trick

Seriously! Find out what it is!

(Keep in mind that we do have a sense of humor around here)

Renegade car audio company content writer reveals one weird trick to keep away car thieves forever!

Hi there, my name is Cody. And I’m here to tell you about 1 weird trick to keep would-be car thieves away forever. That’s right, forever.

Now I have to warn you…

I don’t know how long this will be available online, at least for free. This may turn into a pay-pay-view blog article since we’re giving away extremely valuable information for free. 

That’s right, this information is available for a limited time, completely free. 

Make sure you read through this article carefully and all the way to the end in order to find out the one weird trick to keep away car thieves for good.

You’ll be shocked.

We don’t want you, or someone you know and love, to have your cars broken into. It’s a terrible thing to happen: Your stuff is stolen but more importantly, your sense of personal security is gone.

Wiped out.

The emotional damage may last for years.

But now, we’ll reveal to you this crazy new secret that car thieves hate! And we’ll also reveal to you the 3 things that you absolutely MUST avoid!

And we won’t stop there, we’ll also reveal the top 10 most targeted cars by thieves! If you drive one of these 10 vehicles, you NEED to read this carefully!

As most of us know, car alarms can help prevent a theft if someone breaks into your car..

But do you know how to prevent car thieves from even thinking about breaking into your car?

one weird trick

Well... It worked didn't it?

Like we said, this information is so valuable, we don’t know how long it’ll be available for free online. This article may get shut down by the The Honorary Institute Encouraging Vehicular Entry Sneakily (T.H.I.E.V.E.S.) at any time!

Keep reading to find out the one weird secret that’ll warn car thieves away for good!

If you drive one of the top 10 most targeted cars, you need to do this!

Now first off, you need a car alarm. Click here to find out why you should never trust your factory alarm!

Car alarms are a must for ALL vehicles nowadays because you will be shocked to find out… That it isn’t fancy sports cars that thieves target the most!

The Top 10 most commonly targeted vehicles, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau are…

1. Honda Accord
2. Honda Civic
3. Ford Pickup (full size)
4. Chevrolet Pickup (full size)
5. Toyota Camry
6. Dodge Caravan
7. Dodge Pickup (full size)
8. Acura Integra
9. Nissan Altima
10. Nissan Maxima

one weird trick

Ok Ok here it is....

If you drive one of these vehicles, you need to do this!

Many car alarms come with a small, blue or red, LED light but most people don’t know what this is for! 

It isn’t a packaging mistake. That light is designed to be installed in your dash, or on your door panel to let thieves know you have an alarm installed in your vehicle. Thieves won’t even think about breaking in! 

If your alarm doesn’t come with one, don’t worry. We sell extras.

And you absolutely must avoid these 3 things!

1. Don’t trust your factory alarm! Just because you have a factory alarm doesn’t mean it’ll protect your vehicle!

2. Don’t lock your door but leave your window rolled down!

3. And don’t, under any circumstances, ever buy just the warning light and think that’ll work! There’s always the chance that the thief is incredibly daring, or blind and will still try to break in!

Get an alarm now!

buy car alarm

Yes, this is a work of satire, we’re people too and have a sense of humor.

But, seriously guys, hook those lights up when you install your alarm. Statistically, thieves are less likely to break into a car or house that advertises that they have a security system installed. That’s why home security companies stick those stickers on the windows. But there always is the chance that a thief will try anyways so make sure you’ve got a quality alarm system. Oh yeah, and T.H.I.E.V.E.S. isn’t a real organization, but the National Insurance Crime Bureau definitely is.


STOP!!! Don’t Trust Your Factory Alarm!!!

Aftermarket Car Alarms

This is what happens when you have a factory alarm.

It all seemed so simple: Get out of the car at the grocery store, lock and arm your vehicle with a factory keyless entry alarm, do your shopping and go home.

Until you find out that your car isn’t in the parking lot when you get back. You got straight up car jacked! How did that happen?

Car manufacturers and alarm manufacturers have added more sophisticated technology so thieves have become more and more clever. Thieves now use handheld devices called Code Grabbers that capture the code sent out from your transmitter so they can use it on your car. Some thieves even have other devices called Code Blockers that simply prevent your signal from reaching the car in the first place, leaving your car unlocked so thieves can do with your vehicle as they please.

And it’s not just fancy new cars that are targeted anymore – Thieves have wisened up and now avoid high end cars because they know there will be extensive security to get past. Instead, the latest reports show that Ford pickup trucks are targeted most frequently.

So what’s the point of all this frightening info?

Aftermarket alarms have managed to stay a step ahead of thieves by using various technology that is far more effective than factory car alarms.

Viper 5902V

Why dont you get yourself something nice? You deserve it.

First off, is Code Hopping.

Just about all of the big names in car alarms—Viper, Python, Autopage, Clifford, Omega etc.—use Code Hopping technology to prevent Code Grabbers from intercepting and retransmitting a code. It works by changing the encryption code that is transmitted from your key fob every time you press a button. The receiver, or “brain,” of your alarm will reject and ignore any code that was previously received. So if a Code Grabber intercepts your signal and that signal is transmitted to your vehicle, your alarm will reject that code since you already used it and it will not unlock your vehicle.

And with 18 QUINTILLION different code combinations, you can pretty much press the buttons on your remote nonstop for the rest of your life and you’ll still have plenty of codes left to go through.

The more difficult device to deal with is the Code Blocker which prevents the code from even reaching your vehicle in the first place and makes Code Hopping ineffective.

Police still don’t know too much about this new device but it’s safe to assume that it somehow blocks the certain radio band frequencies that car alarm transmitters use. Until car alarm manufacturers develop transmitters that operate on a frequency that Code Blockers cannot intercept, there are still some technologies that aftermarket car alarms use to prevent thieves from stealing your vehicle.

Starter Kill is a simple switch that comes with most alarms that gets connected between the battery and starter. When arming your car this switch is activated, so if a thief gets into your vehicle they will still be unable to start it.

A Failsafe Starter Kill is a digital keypad that completely prevents the starter from cranking when the system is armed. This way, even if a thief has your own key they will be unable to start the car if the alarm is armed.

Directed 513T Piezo SirenPiezo Sirens can be added to just about aftermarket car alarm system and, boy does it pack a wallop. Your normal siren is mounted under the hood so that can heard from the outside. A piezo siren, on the other hand, is mounted inside the vehicle. A fun place to install them is right behind the stereo so when the thief gets into your car, they’ll be blasted with an ear-shattering 118dB high pitched tone straight to the dome. I have one in my own car and trust me, it’s truly painful to sit in the car for more than a second with that thing going (and this is coming from someone who blasts heavy metal through his headphones everyday).

Now for the icing on the cake…

One of the most simple things listed here, the backup battery. An entire alarm system can be rendered useless if the thief cuts the power to the vehicle. A backup battery is usually installed inside the vehicle behind the stereo like the piezo siren and will keep your alarm system juiced even if your power is cut.



Dear Cody – I Hate Aftermarket Car Alarm Security Systems

Welcome to “Dear Cody” where I answer some questions from concerned and confused customers!

Today I’ll be answering a thought provoking letter I received from someone who does not understand why anyone would ever want to buy an aftermarket car alarm. Let’s help him out!

Dear Cody,

I hate aftermarket car alarm systems. What’s the point? I already have a factory alarm and most car manufacturers already include alarms on cars nowadays. So why would anyone buy an aftermarket one? It’s not like aftermarket ones are better. The car manufacturer is THE CAR MANUFACTURER. The manufacturer is going to know what’s best for the cars they make. Aftermarket products are just asking for trouble. All it takes is someone cutting or splicing the wrong wire, and the entire electrical system is gone! Poof! As a concerned consumer, I strongly urge you to stop selling aftermarket car alarm systems. I HATE THEM!!!!


The Rollin’ Troller

Dear Rollin’ Troller, 

You bring up some great points. A lot of cars DO come with factory alarms so let me lay out some of the benefits:

Viper 5902v

2-Way Paging

2-Way Paging– Many aftermarket systems use 2-Way paging to alert you if your vehicle has been tampered with. This feedback can be audio, visual, a vibration or a combination of all 3. Some even allow you to sync up your system with your Smartphone and you can receive SMS or email alerts.

Extra range– Most aftermarket systems have a range between 1000 feet to 1 mile. The range isn’t a benefit for its lock and unlock abilities; it’s for the 2-way paging system I just mentioned (although if you want to unlock your car from that far away go for it, but it can be useful if you forget to lock your car). The longer the range, the more aware you’ll be of your vehicle’s status.

GPS Tracking– Oh yes, aftermarket alarm makers now offer GPS capabilities on their alarms. This feature allows you to track your vehicle’s location in real time – great for parents with teenage drivers. Not only that, you can set curfew and perimeter alerts. If your teen is out too late or goes outside the perimeter you’ll be notified straight away. And, if your vehicle is ever stolen, you can track its location so the authorities can find it faster.

Directed 513T


Expandability Options– Aftermarket alarms usually come with ports to connect additional sensors like tilt sensors or proximity sensors, backup batteries to keep your alarm going even if your battery is disabled, or even additional sirens like the piezo siren which emits an ear shattered 125dB tone. And that bad boy siren gets mounted inside the vehicle too, so it’ll absolutely destroy any would-be thief’s ears.

And as far as messing up your install, alarms nowadays come with detailed instructions and wiring diagrams. If you’re not the DIY person, just take it to your local installer, or if you’re in the area, bring it to our Valencia location and   our skilled installers can hook it up for you.

Buying an aftermarket alarm and the cost of an install is still going to be less than you pay from the car manufacturer AND it’s going to be better. So to answer your question: Why would anyone ever buy an aftermarket car alarm…

Because it makes sense! That’s why!



Don’t let your stuff and your car get stolen, invest in a car alarm security system today!


Alarm and Security Vehicle Bypass Modules


Woo! You just got your brand new car alarm security system with remote start installed to protect your sweet sound system that you bought from Sonic Electronix, and to warm up or cool down your car ahead of time. Awesome… All you gotta do is push that remote start button on your remote and your car should come to life and… Nothing! Your car isn’t starting! Why not? You forgot your bypass module dude, that’s why!

What the heck is a bypass module?! Most newer vehicles use a chip in your key that lets your car know that someone with the right key is trying to start the engine. This way, if someone breaks in and tries to hotwire your car, your engine wont start. Well, if you’re trying toOmega Blade start your car remotely your key isn’t going to be in the ignition so your car isn’t going to start!

So how do you get around that? With bypass modules of course! A bypass module can work in several different ways. Some of the older modules require you to leave a spare key inside to program them which can be a little inconvenient. Fortunately the technology has evolved pretty substantially with auto learning modules that are very simple to program. If you want to step up to some of the nicer modules you can check out the Omega OL-MDB-ALL, the idataLink or the Omega Blade. All of these modules require a simple programming which we actually take care of you for free because we’re that cool. Just leave your vehicle information on the order and we’ll take care of it. If you have a compatible Omega alarm system you can save yourself even more time by installing the Blade bypass module. With its easy slot cartridge design, it literally is a plug and play system.

So, the moral of the story is: Don’t forget your bypass module! You’ll end up looking like a fool if you try to show off your new remote start alarm system to your friends if you don’t get your module. We offer a comprehensive guide on our site to help you determine if you need one, or you can always give our friendly and helpful tech support a call if you still aren’t sure and we’ll be glad to help you out. Get your module today!

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