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Back to School Sale at Sonic Electronix

Back to School Sale at Sonic Electronix

School is almost back in session and that means it is time for Sonic Electronix’s Back to School Sale. Right now at Sonic you can save up to 20% on select items for your car, boat, studio, and home. It is easy to take advantage of these great deals because all you need is the coupon code “B2School20”. So why are you still reading this? Go check out these deals!

Back to School Coupon: B2School20

Deals Audio Enthusiast Deals

Enhance your car audio and save money while you are doing it! Sonic is currently offering deals on car stereos, car amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, and more. Looking for some hard-hitting bass? Check out the Kicker Solo-Baric L7. Need a new car stereo? Consider the Sony XAV-70BT or the JVC KD-R520.

Deals for Boat Owners

With summer coming to a close, now can be the best time to get some deals on the marine gear you want. The Cerwin-Vega WAVE 104 is the perfect marine subwoofer that has been tasted and quality controlled for optimal marine performance. The sale at Sonic is also offering great prices on marine speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and more! If you own a boat, do yourself a favor and check out these great marine deals!

Pro Audio & DJ Deals

Whether it is at home or in the studio, Sonic Electronix has what you need to enhance your musical experience. They have a great deal on the Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones. These headphones have become a standard for sound quality and comfort. You can also find great deals on PA speakers, mixers, power amplifiers, turntables, and more.

Back to school is a great time to get deals on all the electronics you need for this next school year. Don’t see what you are looking for here? Let us know type of products we carry that you use during the school year. The more feedback you give us, the better the sale next year.


Great Deals on Car Audio Installation Accessories

Car Audio Installation Accessories

One of the most important ways to get a great sounding audio system in your car is to have a proper installation. This means that all the correct wire is used, connections are made properly, the right accessory is used for the right purpose, and so on. When all of the little steps are done properly, the final result is huge. The music sounds cleaner, the system will last longer, and the listener will be happier.

Car Amplifier Installation Accessories

If you have an amplifier in your car audio system, installing it properly is one of the most important things you can do. Since it is the middleman between the car stereo and the speakers, ensuring proper installation is critical. Use true to gauge wire that is thick enough for the amount of power your system requires. For systems ranging from 400 watts to 1000 watts, consider the Kicker ZCK44 Amplifier Kit. This complete kit has everything that you need to get your amp up and running. For more information about what wire gauge to use, Sonic Electronix explains this clearly in their article “What Gauge Wire do i Need to Install My Amplifier“.

Car Speaker Installation Accessories

Sound dampening door panels, trunks, and other places within a car can significantly improve the sound quality. Sonic Electronix is offering many different brands of sound dampener on their Car Audio Installation Accessories Sale. For a simple speaker kit, the Ballistic SSSK or the Dynamat Xtreme speaker kit has just enough material. For two sets of doors, the Stinger RKXDK is a great cost-effective dampening kit.

Car Stereo Installation Accessories

Using the right accessories for your car stereo can ensure that the unit functions the way it should. Getting the correct steering wheel control, such as the universal Axxess ASWC will make sure that you have a quality interface and your steering wheel controls continue to work year after year. Other devices, such as the Got2bWireless The Voice add Bluetooth to the car for hands-free calling, texting, emailing, and more.

Be sure to get the best deals on car audio installation accessories over at Sonic Electronix. For a complete list of all the great deals, visit the Car Audio Installation Deals.


4th of July Sale at Sonic Electronix

4th of July Sale at Sonic Electronix

The forth of July is an anticipated holiday each and every year. It is a time to celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in the United States by lighting up the barbecue, watching fireworks light up the night sky, and take advantage of all the great sales. Make sure to visit the Sonic Electronix 4th of July Sale to get some of the greatest deals on car audio, marine audio, and professional audio equipment.

Car Audio Deals

Get better sound in your car for a lower price when you take advantage of this 4th of July deals. Consider picking up a new car amplifier, such as the powerful RE Audio XTX5000.1. With 2500W of RMS power, this car amp is perfect for high-powered bass systems. For those looking to upgrade subwoofers, RE Audio SXX12D4 is a perfect choice for adding some high-end bass to your ride.

Marine Audio Deals

With summer time here, it is time to get that boat ready for the water. The Bazooka MT6502CHW is a great pair of compression horn tubbies that will play music loud and clear for wake boarders. If you need some extra power in your boat, check out the 4-channel MB Quart NAU460 amplifier and the monoblock Alpine PDX-1.600M amplifier.

Pro Audio Deals

Getting better sound in the studio is made easy with a nice pair of studio monitors. Consider the Alesis M1 Active 520 USB Speakers. Simply plug this nearfield monitors in and you are on your way to professional sound. For those that have a home studio, pick up some extra Audio Technica PRO 31 microphones and never have to worry about not having enough microphones again.

No matter what audio devices you are looking for, Sonic Electronix has you covered and this 4th of July sale is your ticket to the best audio deals out there.


Get Even Bigger Saving with Sonic Electronix Combos

Car Amp and sub combos at Sonic Electronix

Sonic Electronix is continually adding new items to their website and bringing in new brands. As with all of the items available from the electronics specialists, you can be confident that you are getting the best price and service for that item. To make those car audio deals even better, Sonic Electronix creates combos and packages that are professionally matched, guaranteed to perform to Sonic standards, and available at incredibly low prices.

For the latest combos created on Sonic Electronix, check out the Car Amplifier + Subwoofer Combos. Each of the combos listed here are matched for the best performance possible and priced to keep more money in your pockets. If you are looking to add some extra bass in your car and don’t have a huge budget, these combos should be the first place you check out. Below are some of the more popular combos right now at Sonic Electronix.

Entry Level Bass

One of the most popular entry-level bass systems is currently the 1600W Kenwood + Visonik Complete Bass Package. This system includes a pair of Kenwood 200 watt RMS subwoofers that wire together for a final impedance of 4 ohms. The two subs are powered by a Visonik amplifier that provides just enough output for these subs. The combo also includes a sealed subwoofer enclosure and an amplifier installation kit.

Mid-Level Bass

For those that love to listen to music in their cars, Sonic has put together the 1000W Massive Audio + Crossfire Complete Bass Package. This package includes a pair of Massive Audio V Series subwoofers and a Crossfire C3 amplifier. At 500 watts RMS, these components are a match made in heaven. This combo also includes a sealed subwoofer box and an amplifier installation kit.

Extreme Bass

If you are looking to make a statement with your car audio system, the 1600W Rockford Fosgate + RE Audio Bass Bundle is perfect for you. Once you wire the pair of Rockford Fosgate T1 subwoofers to 1 ohm, the RE Audio XTX3000.1 amplifier will pound these subs for your entire block to hear. By choosing this combo instead of buying these items separately, you save over $600!

No matter what subwoofers you want or how much power you are looking for, Sonic Electronix has the perfect combo for you.


Save 20% on Infinity BassLink at Sonic Electronix

Infinity BassLink Subwoofers at Sonic Electronix

If you are interested in saving money and getting some extra bass in your car, the Infinity BassLink is a perfect choice. Right now at Sonic Electronix, you can save 20% on both the Infinity BassLink and the Infinity BassLink II. This deal is only available from Jun 19, 2011 to July 9, 2011, so act fast and head over to SonicElectronix.com.

The Infinity BassLink and BassLink II is the perfect solution for those that want to quickly add some bass to their car. They are all-in-one solutions that contain an Infinity subwoofer, amplifier, and enclosure. Both feature a 10” subwoofer and a 10” passive radiator to optimize the bass response. The main difference between both of the subwoofers is the shape of the subwoofer and the power output of the amplifier. The original BassLink features the traditional round subwoofer and radiator and the newer Infinity BassLink II contains a square subwoofer and radiator. Traditionally, the round subwoofers have better response and square subs have louder output. Built-in to the BassLink is a Class-D 200 watt amplifier dedicated to the subwoofer. Inside the BassLink II is a Class-D 250 watt amplifier.

The enclosure on both of the Infinity BassLinks has been computer optimized and custom designed for optimal performance. The all-inclusive design is easy to install and can be installed in any position. Heat sinks are integrated into the design of the enclosure and the grilles effectively protect the subwoofers and radiators. Both include a variety of amplifier adjustments and a wired remote bass level control for even greater control of the subwoofer. No matter how small of a car you drive or how big of a SUV you drive, the Infinity BassLink subwoofer solutions are the perfect way to add some low-end to your audio system.