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2011 Tax Refund Deals

Tax Refund Deals

Get more from your tax return this year and treat yourself right with some new audio equipment! This tax season you can get more out of your tax return by heading over to the Sonic Electronix Tax Savings Promotion. They are offering a huge selection of electronics at limited time, discounted prices. From the car to the boat and from the house to the stage, you will find everything you need to enhance your audio/video equipment.

Improve your Car’s Audio

Those that have been shopping at Sonic Electronix for a long time know that Sonic has a passion for car audio. The experts live and breathe car audio. Ever since they became a company, they have been offering the best deals on equipment to enhance the audio in your car. From car subwoofers and amplifiers to speakers and head units, the tax return sale has just what you are looking for!

Improve your Boat’s Audio

Summer is just around the corner and that means now is the time to start getting the boat ready for the lake. This sale features a nice selection of marine speakers, subwoofers, headunits, and more. Get the best deals now and you will thank yourself later when you’re on the lake.

Improve your Studio’s Audio

New to the product catalog at Sonic Electronix is pro audio and music production equipment. Whether you have a small home studio or a full size professional studio, you will be sure to find some great deals on some new gear. Check out the selection of microphones, studio monitors, mixers, lighting, and more. You will be impressed with the excellent selection of professional equipment.

Just like your tax returns, these sales only come once a year. Hurry over to Sonic Electronix and get these great deals before they are gone!


Amplifier and Subwoofer Combos at Sonic Electronix

Subwoofer Amplifier Combos at Sonic Electronix

In order to keep more money in your pockets, Sonic Electronix offers a huge variety of combo packages. Each of these combos are designed to help the customer get more for their money by purchasing everything they need at a discounted price. There are some great benefits that come from buying combos from Sonic Electronix.

  1. Combos can include everything that you need in one simple purchase.
  2. Combos are less expensive than buying everything separate.
  3. Combos are created by Sonic Electronix experts. This means that you can trust the components to become fully compatible with each other.

Each of these reasons alone justifies the purchase of the combo items. When you combine all three of the reasons above, it becomes a no-brainer to shop in combos. One of the more popular combo categories is the Amp + Sub Combos page. Here you will see amplifiers paired up with subwoofers. Each part of the combo is fully compatible with the other parts. Below are some popular combos that sound great and deliver deep bass response.

600W Renegade + Audiobahn Bass Bundle

This value subwoofer package includes everything you need for solid entry-level bass and more. It includes a solid Renegade subwoofer, Audiobahn amplifier, 1-farad capacitor, and installation accessories. When wired to 4 ohms, the system is perfectly matched at 300W RMS and will sound great in any vehicle.

1000W Audiobahn + Kicker Bass Bundle

This moderately priced bass bundle is the perfect combination of quality and performance. Kickers IX 500.1 amplifier is part of Kicker’s high-end amplifier line and matches perfectly with the Audiobahn AW1204J 12” subwoofer. Both at matched perfectly at a 500-watt RMS power handling rating and will bring powerful bass to your car.

2800W Kicker + Massive Audio Bass Package

One of the more powerful bass packages includes two Kicker Solo-Baric L7 subwoofers and a Massive Audio N3 amplifier. After wiring to a final impedance of 1 ohm, these two subwoofers will make some incredible bass. Get your earplugs because this combo will get loud!


Black Friday Rewind Sale Brings Low Prices… Again

Black Friday Rewind Sale at Sonic Electronix

Did you miss the 2010 Black Friday sale at Sonic Electronix? If you answered yes, then you are not alone. While individuals from around the world took advantage of the low low prices that Sonic offered the day after American Thanksgiving, there were many that were too busy to find time to research what they wanted and place their orders. That is why Sonic is looking to the past and bringing back the 2010 Black Friday sale!

Sonic has even gone the extra mile to bring better deals to this sale. While some of the items on the Black Friday sale are now sold out, they have been replaced with new items and newly reduced prices. Saving money is the key here and that’s what Sonic helps their loyal customers do best. Head on over to the Black Friday Rewind Sale and find out what you have been missing.

Some of the new deals on this retro deal include the Vibe Audio Black Air 10 subwoofer. If you have been reading this blog consistently, you will know that Sonic are big fans of the new Vibe audio equipment. These Black Air subwoofers feature a yellow polyglass cone and a custom Vibe dust cap. Handling 450 RMS, it is a great solution to a basic audio system while still delivering excellent sound quality. Another standout deal is the Jensen HD5313IR car stereo. When looking at the features of this name brand radio, one would think that the price tag would be twice as high. Built-in HD Radio and complete iPod integration are standard on this unit. The CEA-2006 compliant amplifier ensures that the output to the speakers remains accurate and constant. Features like all of this can be found on similar units, but for a much higher price. Sonic and Jensen is offering all of this for under $100 for this exclusive Black Friday rewind sale.


Get 5% Store Credit for your purchase at Sonic Electronix!

Early Black Friday Deals at Sonic Electronix

If saving money is the name of the game, then Sonic Electronix is going all in!  This holiday season is proving to be a great time for the consumer to save a lot of money. If Sonic Electronix’s low prices (and low price guarantee) aren’t enough to interest you, they are confident that this season will break new sale barriers.

In addition to releasing the Black Friday deals a few days early, Sonic Electronix just released the latest news on saving money this holiday season. Call in on Thanksgiving day and you will get more than the best deals and excellent service, but you will also receive an additional 5% store credit from the order that is placed. Not sure exactly what that means? Allow me to use an example to illustrate this further. Lets say you spend $100 at Sonic Electronix on November 25, 2010. That means that you will have $5 Sonic store credit added to your account. Why $5? Because $5 is five percent of $100. It is as simple as that! Just remember that you must call in to take advantage of this limited time promotion. Check out their Black Friday page for complete details.

Take advantage of these incredible Black Friday deals a day early and get more than what you pay for!  If Thanksgiving day comes and goes without you placing your order, it isn’t too late. These deals run the entire weekend through November 29, 2010.  Now is the perfect time to upgrade your car audio system, grab a new pair of headphones, prepare your boat for next year, or get a head start on your holiday shopping. With the low prices and special holiday promotions, Sonic Electronix constantly proves to be your electronic one stop shop for your car!


Black Friday is coming a Day Early!

Early Black Friday Deals at Sonic Electronix

Sonic Electronix is breaking boundaries and doing things never before done. Have you ever heard of a Black Thursday deal? Nope. That’s because they are traditionally called Thanksgiving deals. However, this year Sonic is covering both of their bases. To start things off, they are going to have their call center open on Thanksgiving. If that’s not enough, they are releasing their Black Friday deals a day early!

Having the call center open on Thanksgiving provides a great opportunity that we can be grateful and thankful for. While the majority of businesses are closed and people home enjoying time with their immediate family, Sonic Electronix sales reps will be with their work family. Not only does that consist of the fellow co-workers, but also those loyal customers that choose Sonic as their number one stop for their mobile electronics. So after that large turkey dinner when you head outside to install your new car stereo, Sonic will be on call and ready. Or maybe you need to place that last minute order while the oil for the turkey fryer is heating up, Sonic techs will be on the phones to help you make your order fast. Because on thanksgiving, less time on the phone means more time with the family.

Why stop there? Sonic Electronix is known for being a price leader and offering their customers the best deals possible. So why not release the Black Friday deals a day early and call them Black Thursday deals? That is exactly what Sonic is doing this year. However, there is one catch. These offers will be available by phone only. That means you are going to have to call in to place the order and find out the prices on these items.  So take a day off this Thanksgiving, call Sonic Electronix, and start your holiday shopping a day early.