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Car Audio Installation Accessories to Complete your Install

Here at Sonic Electronix, we are mostly known for carrying head units, subwoofers, speakers, and amplifiers from some of the top of the line manufacturers like Kicker, JL Audio, Rockford Fosgate, MTX, Alpine, and many more. What many of you may not know is that we also carry all the installation accessories that are necessary to install and power the above mentioned car audio equipment.

Car Stereo Installation Accessories

Dash Kit

If you are installing a head unit, you will want to take a look at our Car Stereo Installation & Accessories category. This category contains everything you need to successfully install an aftermarket head unit into your vehicle. When installing a head unit, the 2 main accessories needed are dash kits and wiring harnesses. The dash kits are made for almost every make and model of vehicle and install seamlessly into your dash to fit any aftermarket head unit. The wiring harnesses are also made for most makes and models of vehicles and connect the aftermarket stereo harness to the vehicles factory harness to provide power.

Subwoofer Installation Accessories

Sub enclosure

Subwoofers are everyone’s favorite aftermarket add-on when it comes to car audio. When installing a subwoofer into your vehicle, there are a couple main installation accessories needed, a subwoofer enclosure and speaker wire. In our Car Subwoofer Installation & Accessories section, we have sub enclosures for every size, shape, and model subwoofer in today’s market. To provide power to the woofer, you will need some thick speaker wire which we carry in various gauge sizes and lengths. We also have other accessories like polyfil, subwoofer grilles, box terminals, recone kits and much more located in this category.

Car Speaker Installation Accessories

Speaker Wire

The Car Speaker Installation & Accessories category contains all of the necessary tools and accessories needed to make your speakers easier to install. There isn’t much that goes into installing car speakers, but you will need one important thing for sure, speaker wire. When installing aftermarket speakers, you may also need a speaker harness which connects aftermarket speakers to the factory speaker harness, most of these plug directly into the vehicles harness for a quick and easy installation. We carry these speaker harnesses for most makes and models of vehicles.

Amplifier Installation Accessories

Amp Kit

Last but not least is the foundation of any car audio sound system, the amplifier. The Car Amplifier Installation & Accessories section is loaded with products that will help you successfully install a car amplifier and get that system bumpin. When installing an amplifier, the first thing you need is an Amplifier Wiring Kit. We have these amp kits in various different gauge sizes and power ratings and they come with everything you need to power the amplifier. This section also contains capacitors, A/V cables, bass remotes, cooling fans, distribution blocks, fuses & fuse holders, battery terminals and much more.

So if you’re installing a new car audio sound system in your vehicle, make sure you take a gander through our Car Audio/Video Installation & Accessories category and get everything you need for a successful and easy install.


Circuit Breakers, A Great Alternative to Fuses

Circuit Breakers, A Great Alternative to Fuses

A circuit breaker is an electrical switch that works automatically to provide in-line protection from damage caused by excessive current or short circuit. It will immediately terminate electrical flow when it detects a faulty electrical condition. Circuit breakers are made in a wide array of sizes, from small configurations for car audio or household appliances, to large configurations designed to protect high voltage circuits that provide power to entire cities.

Circuit breakers are a great alternative to fuses at the battery, mainly because unlike a fuse that operates once and then has to be replaced, a breaker can be reset to keep your power pumping. Using a circuit breaker will save you the trouble of buying fuses every time one blows, which happens often if you have a high performance sound system in your vehicle. Located on the top of most circuit breakers is a moveable lever and a reset button, when the breaker experiences excessive power, the lever will snap and stop all current flow. When this occurs, all you have to do is move the lever back to its normal location and hit the reset button, and in a matter of seconds, your power will be reinstated.

Here at Sonic, we carry circuit breakers from some of the best manufacturers like Tsunami and Xscorpion. The Tsunami CBF Series Circuit Breakers are available in 100 amp, 140 amp, 180 amp, and 200 amp configurations. The CBF series feature setscrew connections, 24K gold-plated connections, protective plastic cover, and integrated end caps for total short circuit protection. Xscorpion has manufactured their newest breakers with a LED status indicator, push button reset (that can also be used as a kill switch), water resistant housing, protective rubber bolt caps, and integrated holes for easy mounting.

Fuses are less expensive than circuit breakers; however, a blown fuse must be replaced for you to be able to enjoy your music again. So ditch those fuses, save money and enjoy the convenience of a circuit breaker.


X-Scorpion Now At Sonic Electronix

Clarion NZ500 (NZ-500) DVD Receiver with Bluetooth

For over a decade, X-Scorpion has been manufacturing car audio installation accessories such as distribution blocks, battery terminals, fuses, RCA interconnects, power/ground cable, iPod adapters and much more. All of X-Scorpions products are built with detailed passion, innovative technology, and are designed to perform at a very high level. Here at Sonic Electronix, we have just added over 200 X-Scorpion products to our website that will suit all of car audio installation needs. Below I will highlight some of the new products we recently added that can definitely enhance your cars audio system.

X Scorpions iPod integration cables will add an iPod connection to your vehicles factory or aftermarket stereo systems. With most people storing their music on iPods now-a-days, these cables are the way to go. The X-Scorpion RCA-IP is a universal iPod Dock Connector to RCA Audio Adapter Cable that connects your iPod to any headunit that is equipped with RCA connections. This adapter is compatible with iPods that have a 30-pin connection and will provide a charge for your iPod as well. We also carry these cables for manufacturer specific headunits like Pioneer, Kenwood, and Alpine.

Fuses are a very important part of your car audio system that often goes un-noticed. X-Scorpion makes every and any type of fuse needed for car audio and we have them all here at Sonic. Their newest fuses are equipped with LED indicators to make sure power is always flowing and feature gold, platinum, or nickel contacts. We carry many different types of X-Scorpion fuses including ANL AGU, ATC, and have fuse holders to match up with each type of fuse. The fuse holders are available in many different gauge configurations and also feature gold and platinum contacts. Each of X Scorpions fuse holders are equipped with set screw connection to secure fuses in place for ultimate performance.

Check out all of our newly added X Scorpion products and get some high quality installation accessories needed for your system.


Great Deals on Car Audio Installation Accessories

Car Audio Installation Accessories

One of the most important ways to get a great sounding audio system in your car is to have a proper installation. This means that all the correct wire is used, connections are made properly, the right accessory is used for the right purpose, and so on. When all of the little steps are done properly, the final result is huge. The music sounds cleaner, the system will last longer, and the listener will be happier.

Car Amplifier Installation Accessories

If you have an amplifier in your car audio system, installing it properly is one of the most important things you can do. Since it is the middleman between the car stereo and the speakers, ensuring proper installation is critical. Use true to gauge wire that is thick enough for the amount of power your system requires. For systems ranging from 400 watts to 1000 watts, consider the Kicker ZCK44 Amplifier Kit. This complete kit has everything that you need to get your amp up and running. For more information about what wire gauge to use, Sonic Electronix explains this clearly in their article “What Gauge Wire do i Need to Install My Amplifier“.

Car Speaker Installation Accessories

Sound dampening door panels, trunks, and other places within a car can significantly improve the sound quality. Sonic Electronix is offering many different brands of sound dampener on their Car Audio Installation Accessories Sale. For a simple speaker kit, the Ballistic SSSK or the Dynamat Xtreme speaker kit has just enough material. For two sets of doors, the Stinger RKXDK is a great cost-effective dampening kit.

Car Stereo Installation Accessories

Using the right accessories for your car stereo can ensure that the unit functions the way it should. Getting the correct steering wheel control, such as the universal Axxess ASWC will make sure that you have a quality interface and your steering wheel controls continue to work year after year. Other devices, such as the Got2bWireless The Voice add Bluetooth to the car for hands-free calling, texting, emailing, and more.

Be sure to get the best deals on car audio installation accessories over at Sonic Electronix. For a complete list of all the great deals, visit the Car Audio Installation Deals.