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Looking to Get a Kick Out of Your Speakers?

Being a big fan of music I’ve definitely come to learn a lot about the differences between different brands of audio, how car audio is built, and what to truly look out for when purchasing any sort of audio system. Kicker has been widely known for providing great quality and sounding car audio products. Recently I was able to review the Kicker QS Speakers Series which are actually quite impressive. The Kicker QS Series Matched Component Systems have reached an entirely new level of optimal audio using the newest and most advanced parts to give listeners the next thing to live sound.

The QS Series midrange speakers come in two different sizes, the QS65.2 System that is 6.5 inches and the QS60.2 System that fits a 5.25 inch location. With a 3 layer TriTech composite cone woofer, the speakers provides a straight efficient cone that consists of a woven carbon-poly facing, rigid Rohacell foam core, and another carbon-poly backing put together for extreme internal damping and incomparable sound.

5.25-6 Inch QS Series 2 Way Convertible Component Speaker System

5.25-6 Inch QS Series 2 Way Convertible Component Speaker System

The midrange motor has a voice coil made of lightweight copper-clad aluminum ribbon wire that is tightly coiled for maximum power handling and great efficiency. It is wrapped around a T-cut pole piece and copper shorting ring that provides smooth frequency response and reduces harmonic distortion. The motor is also stored in a cast-aluminum basket which combines a unique groove-locking system to hold the TriTech cone in place.

With loud and clear 30 millimeter tweeter with DuPont Tetoron domes the speakers recreate luxurious highs from an angled, flush, or coaxial mount. This allows the installer to remove aluminum phase plugs from the midrange speakers’ centers and screw in special adapters and tweeters.

6.5 Inch QS Series 2 Way Convertible Component Speaker System

6.5 Inch QS Series 2 Way Convertible Component Speaker System

With great structure and superior sound quality you will definitely be boosting your listening experience while on the road. Make sure you check out this series and other speaker systems we have available here at SonicElectronix.com.


Car Sound Staging and Acoustics

Focal No. 7

The Stage is Set

Many people are convinced that buying high quality car audio equipment will automatically guarantee them a top notch sounding system.   Fact of the matter is, there are many factors to take into consideration when installing aftermarket sound components in your vehicle.   Sound staging is one of the most important aspects in that it can make the difference between a good system and a great one.  The basic concept of sound staging can be best described as trying to recreate a stereo recording as a live performance.  Think of the basic format of a band:  You have a singer, one or two guitarist, a bassist and a drummer.  Someone who has proper sound staging should be able to listen to the recording and hear the singer in the center, the guitarist on the left, the bassist on the right, and the drummer behind the singer.

Speaker Placement

Sound Staging

The placement of a vehicle’s speakers can drastically affect its sound staging. Common vehicles usually only have a standard 4 speaker system.  This can often result in poor sound staging creating a very artificial sound.  However, this can be improved by adding speakers such as the Infinity Reference 6032cf. The Unipivot feature allows the tweeter to be pointed at the listeners location even when the speaker is mounted off axis. Passionate audiophiles will go above and beyond to ensure that their speakers are in locations that will provide optimum performance.  This might include modifying door panels or building custom kick panels to accommodate midbass drivers and tweeters.  Some may create mounting devices which allow them to raise the speaker above the dash for improved imaging and staging.  Installers might achieve better sound staging by adding additional speakers to the equation in locations such as pillars or under seats.

Interior Acoustics

Sound StagingA vehicle’s interior characteristics can help determine sound staging as well.  Different surfaces will have various responses to sound waves depending on how they absorb or reflect them.  For instance, a surface such as glass will be reflective and cause sound waves to bounce around.  A surface such as upholstery will cause sound wave to be absorbed.  This can greatly affect how your speakers and subwoofers reproduce music.  For example, if you were to put identical sound systems in a Rolls Royce and a Toyota Corolla, they would sound very different.  Adding a digital sound processor such as the JBL MS-8 can improve staging significantly with its automatic time correction feature, allowing the sound from each speaker to reach the listener simultaneously.  Audiophiles will often apply sound dampening material to door panels and trunks in order to control interior surfaces and reduce unwanted vibrations.

Let’s be honest, there is no perfect sound system, but understanding how to take advantage of every small detail can mean a world of difference.


DLS Visits Sonic Electronix

DLS Car Audio at Sonic Electronix

To stay up to date and well educated about the products that they carry, Sonic Electronix hosts trainings from the manufacturers. Recently, the Swedish company DLS came to visit Sonic and teach them about their speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, as well as their X-Program line.

High-Performance Speakers

DLS Performance Speakers at Sonic ElectronixDLS makes speakers for those that are serious about their sound. Whether you are looking at their entry-level, mid, or high-end speakers, you can be confident that you are getting a professionally built speaker. Sonic learned that the same engineers that are designing the Audiophile Gothia 6.3 component system are also designing the entry-level Performance K6 speakers. The majority of the engineering and development goes into the crossovers. In fact, DLS offers some of the most audiophile car crossovers that the industry has to offer. No matter what the budget, DLS car speakers ensures the best sound quality possible.

No Listening Fatigue

DLS Tweeters at Sonic ElectronixThe DLS team develops speakers that do not result in listener fatigue. Unlike some speakers that can play loud and make ears bleed, DLS speakers can be played loud all day long without causing the listener pain in the ears. The result is louder music that the listener can enjoy for longer periods of time. Part of this is the use of silk dome tweeters. From entry to audiophile, every DLS speaker is comprised of a silk dome tweeter.

X-Program: A Sonic Exclusive

DLS Speakers at Sonic Electronix Sonic Electronix is proud to be the exclusive North American dealer for DLS X-Program. This line of car audio products offers the same DLS quality and engineering, but with a more exclusive look. As an example, the DLS X-Program X-SD62 is a 2-way component system with a low price. However, once the system is hooked up to the appropriate amplifier, these speakers come to life and rival systems two or three times its price. Other speakers, such as the DLS X-Program X-SA62, feature massive crossovers and more luxurious materials that produce sound so clear and detailed, you could only dream of how nice it sounds.

Visit the DLS Store at Sonic Electronix for the entire line of this internationally recognized and IASCA and EMMA winning company.


Rockford Fosgate’s Innovative VAST Surround Technology

Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12

In order to stand out in the car audio industry you have to be able to introduce products that are not only great in quality, but that feature technologies that set them apart from the rest of the industry. For true car audio followers the technologies found in products are the most important and pivotal characteristics that will defer them from one company to another. Rockford Fosgate is well known for having speakers that produce great sound quality and subwoofers that have a deep bass. What sets them apart from other subwoofer and speaker making companies, are the technologies that Rockford has created for their products. In particular their Vertical Attach Surround Technique, or VAST, technology. This technology that is used is what helps give Rockford an edge over their competitors. The VAST technology can be seen in all of the T1, T0, P3, and P2 Rockford Fosgate Subwoofer series, as well as in all Rockford Fosgate Punch and Power speaker series. At its central idea VAST technology is very simple but what it offers is beyond what we see in any other car audio company.

VAST surround technology is able to increase effective radiating cone area by up to 25% without complicated installation issues. This is done by creating a new design and manufacturing technique that eliminates the large flat glue surface, or the landing, thus allowing the surround to shift for increased cone area. Essentially what the technique does is change the way in which the surround attaches to the basket of a subwoofer or speaker. By bringing the surround closer to the basket, VAST technology is able to produce a larger cone area which in turn improves the nominal efficiency and maximum output of a Rockford Fosgate subwoofer or Rockford Fosgate car speaker without changing the integrity of the structure itself. When relating to excursion levels and surface area 25% is a very high increase in performance and output and for this very reason is VAST technology is essential to the growth of not only Rockford Fosgate but also the car audio industry. VAST technology will be a new standard for all manufactures because really who wants to pay more for less. With VAST you can rest assure that every inch of surface is being used for optimum performance and that with this technology Rockford Fosgate will stay true to their vision of Power and Attitude.


March Sonic Electronix Madness Sale!

Sonic Electronix Sonic Madness Sale

Sonic Electronix has gone crazy this march and they have started dropping prices on all your favorite electronic items! In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and the huge college basketball tournament, Sonic has decided to he you put together a new system for your car and save some money at the save time. Plus, this sale is great for everyone. No matter if you are looking for an entry-level audio system or a top-of-the-line audio system, Sonic Electronix has got exactly what you need. Head on over to the Sonic Madness Sale for the best deals in car audio and more!

Great Deals on Car Subwoofers

Whether you are looking for a new subwoofer or not, you have got to check out these deals. Low prices on some of the industry’s finest car subwoofers. Check out the Rockford Fosgate Punch P2D410 or the 8” Kicker Solo-Baric L5. Since Kicker has stopped production on these great sounding subwoofers, now is the best chance to get them before they are gone! Step up into competition sound with the 12” Rockford Fosgate T2D2 subwoofer. This enormous subwoofer is a legend in the car audio world.

Get a Sound Processor for Better Sound

If you are serious about your sound system, consider a sound processor to fine tune your sound. The RE Audio VLS-1 is a single channel processor that is designed to enhance the low frequencies of your subwoofer. For an OEM and full range system, check out the Cache COE8. This is a line output converter that is used to integrate an entire aftermarket audio system with an OEM stereo.

Looking for some Pro Audio and DJ Equipment?

Sonic Electronix is selling so much more than car audio equipment now. If you haven’t browsed the Sonic site recently, you are missing out on some great deals across the entire electronic industry. For this March sale Sonic is offering great prices on the Gemini CDJ-210 CD Player, the Chauvet 4BAR LED lights, and more. Don’t lose any more time. Head on over to Sonic Electronix to get the best deals this March.