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My Favorite Subwoofer Under $100

Here in the Sonic Electronix copywriting department we have a lot of subwoofers coming through. My main job is to describe and write content about these woofers – so it’s common that you’ll find a stack of subwoofers near my desk. I get a bit of time with each of these woofers, and in this series I’ll help tell you some of my favorite subwoofer choices in different price ranges. This entry level series is going to include three different price ranges, and I’ll tell you which one is my overall favorite. I decided to only look at 12” subwoofers, because they’re the most popular subwoofer size.

Pioneer TS-W309D2

First and foremost I elected the Pioneer TS-W309D2 Champion Series subwoofer. This subwoofer is one of our more popular sellers, due to its lower price point and relatively high RMS power ratings. This isn’t the only place where this subwoofer shines, however. The reason I elected this subwoofer into the running is because of the build quality at its price point. Spring loaded push terminals weren’t sacrificed for budget reasons, and that’s a huge plus. The basket on this subwoofer is also constructed very well, and also has double stacked magnets. The Pioneer Champions subwoofers have a polypropylene composite cone, and a polymer surround. In my opinion these woofers are an excellent value for their overall build quality.

NVX N-Series Subwoofer


Second up is the NVX N-Series Subwoofers. The NSW124 is a perfect example of these value driven woofers. These subwoofers are a great option for those looking for more of a sound quality geared setup, but don’t want to sacrifice any overall output. These N-Series woofers feature a 2” KSV Voice coil, an impressively high roll rubber surround, and a polypropylene cone. These woofers are all housed in a stamped steel basket with push pin terminals, and have a very solid overall build. The NVX NSW124 is a great subwoofer contestant under $100, and I’d highly recommend them.

Sony GS 12" Subwoofer

Sony XS-GS120L

Finally up is the Sony XS-GS120L. This subwoofer almost exceeds our limit here, but stays under the bar. Although it’s the priciest woofer in this contest, it holds its own without a problem. The Sony XS-GS120L subwoofer is designed with very high components generally not found on entry level subwoofers in this price range. A very high quality mica reinforced cellular glass fiber cone is featured on these woofers with a rubber surround. A cast aluminum basket is used on these particular woofers, and it’s vented to allow for voice coil cooling; the basket also includes push pin spring loaded terminals as well. Sony went above and beyond getting these woofers a CEA-2031 RMS power rating of 500 watts. It’s very tough to find woofers that are honestly rated – and these Sony woofers took an extra hit on R&D to make sure that the consumer was getting the most accurate ratings, which is highly appreciated.

NVX Specs

A breakdown of the features found on the NVX N-Series

It’s hard to pick just one to top the competition. The Pioneer Champion woofer is an excellent woofer with impressive features such as the double stacked magnet. The NVX N-Series woofer has an extremely high roll surround, which is incredibly appealing to me. The Sony’s honest ratings and high quality cone make it a hard to deviate from as a candidate. If I had to choose one, regardless of price, to install into my personal vehicle – I would personally choose the NVX NSW124. I’m a sucker for that menacing surround and classic cone style. Also the 2” KSV voice coil and unique venting system gives me more flexibility with my amplifier.

Thanks for joining me with this segment of Best Subwoofer under $100. Next week I’ll be coming with a new segment featuring subwoofers in a higher price range. Let us know in the comments what YOUR favorite subwoofer at Sonic Electronix under $100 is!


Infinity Kappa Subwoofers with SSI Technology


By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Check out SonicElectronixTV, our exclusive YouTube Channel, for a closer look at the latest car audio products! In this episode your host Seth Wilde takes a look at the new Infinity Kappa subwoofers, which feature the all-new Selectable Smart Impedance (SSI) technology. In this video you will see how easy it is to switch the Kappa subs’ impedance back and forth between a 2 and 4 ohm rating using the SSI technology. The three voice coil design enables you to select between impedance ratings. You will also appreciate the close-ups of the Infinity 120.9W and Infinity 100.9W subwoofers. Each subwoofer is shown in vivid detail so that you can see the exquisite quality that is characteristic of the Kappa brand.

Both of these subwoofers are designed with a coated glass-fiber cone that practically sparkles when illuminated. The modern-looking cone is outlined by a thick rubber surround, which reinforces the cone during heavy excursion. The magnet is also fashioned with a rubber boot to keep the entire basket protected during heavy playback. The Infinity 120.9W is a 12” model (pictured above) is rated at a booming 1400 watts. The Infinity 100.9W 10” subwoofer is also rated at an ear drum shattering 1400 watts with 350 watts of continuous power. Both of these subs will absolutely bump inside of your vehicle.

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Watch the Infinity Kappa Subwoofers 120.9W & 100.9W video below:


Hifonics OLM Subwoofers


By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Living up to their mythical Greek god namesake, Hifonics Olympus subwoofers carry a tremendous amount of power. The Olympus subwoofer line is designed to provide maximum bass with minimal distortion. Beyond the excellent sound quality, Olympus subwoofers are built to handle the power from the largest of amplifiers. These subs feature oversized 3” voice coils to help dissipate heat while handling tons of power. One look at the massive double stacked magnets is all you need to know that these subwoofers are built to handle loads of power.

These Olympus subwoofers are available in 12” and 15” models. The Hifonics OLM1612 is a 12” Dual 2 Ohm Olympus series subwoofer that is rated at 1600 watts of RMS power. The dual voice coil configuration gives you more wiring options. Its special fiber-glass infused FEA structured cone is specially designed for added flexibility and heat dissipation. Weighing in at 33 pounds, this subwoofer is a heavy duty bass machine that will bring enough bass to get your car flexing with the beat.

The next step up in the Olympus line is the OLM2412, which you can think of as the OLM1612’s big brother. This 42 pound juggernaut can handle up to 2400 watts of continuous power! It is also designated at 2 ohms, and its dual voice coil configuration makes it easier to find an amplifier that can provide that type of power. It also is fashioned with a special fiber-glass cone, characteristic of Olympus models. With the right amplifier, this subwoofer will notify the entire neighborhood of your arrival.

Why stop at 12” if you have room for a 15” mega subwoofer? The Hifonics OLM1615 is a 15” Dual 2 Ohm Olympus series subwoofer. Rated at 1600 watts, this subwoofer will blow you away with its absolute power. That’s a lot of bass! But even the OLM1615 has a big brother: meet the OLM2415. This 15” Dual 2 Ohm subwoofer is the definition of a heavyweight. Its die-cast aluminum chrome speaker frame is one of the reasons this beast weighs in at a scale-tipping 65 pounds! It can handle a jaw-dropping 2400 watts of RMS power. That’s enough power to let the whole block know that you are back in town and mean business.

Hifonics recommends housing Olympus subwoofers in ported enclosures for optimal performance.  If you hook up these subwoofers with a great amplifier and amp kit, all of your friends will envy your car stereo system.

To learn more, watch our Hifonics OLM Olympus Subwoofers video: