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Why Everyone Should Own A Subwoofer

Who Needs Bass?

Focal BUS 25

Focal BUS 25 10" Powered Subwoofer Enclosure

Picture this: You’re driving along listening to your music.  You pull up next to a 16 year old kid at a red light who has his subwoofers blaring so loud that your ears start to bleed.  You think to yourself, “How does that make music enjoyable?” Fact of the matter is that some people want bass so loud that you have to replace your windshield after every listening session.  At the same time, some people just want bass that will compliment their music in order to achieve the full spectrum of musical frequencies. No matter what your preference, there is a subwoofer for everyone.  Without a subwoofer, you could be missing out on listening to your music how it was intended to be heard.

Kicker PECVR12

Kicker PECVR12 Single 12" Amplified, Loaded Enclosure

Not everyone needs two 18″ subwoofers that will rattle your brain into next Tuesday.  While this application is great for genres of music such as hip-hop or dubstep, there are many other genres of music that do not require as much bass.  Easy-listening, jazz, classic rock, or blues just to name a few.  One could argue that bass is even more essential in these genres.  These soft musical genres have low-end bass frequencies that can be unheard without the utilization of a subwoofer.   Even if you have a vehicle with limited space, you can find a subwoofer solution that is right for you.  Amplified, loaded subwoofer enclosures are an all-in-one way of adding bass to any vehicle.  They include integrated amplifiers so installation is minimal.  These are ideal for leased or rented vehicles which you hesitate to tamper with.  If you own a truck, there are plenty of shallow-mount subwoofers and pre-loaded enclosures that can conveniently fit under the back seats.  All of these different options make it hard to argue against a bass filled system.

Whether you’re looking to put yourself in a bass coma or trying to recreate studio quality sound, there is always a way to get bass in your vehicle.  Being able to properly reproduce low frequencies will give your music a 3d-like tone.  Chances are you spend a good amount of time in your car.  So why not invest in some comfort food for your ears?  You don’t have to be a punk kid like me to appreciate large quantities of bass either!  We have a huge selection to choose from. Check it out!



Sonic Electronix X-Factor Dance Contest

It’s time again for another contest here at Sonic Electronix.  In order to celebrate the New Year, we’ve thought up something special, designed to showcase the creativity of our fans.   This January we’re running the X-Factor Freestyle Dance Contest.  We want our fans to create a 10 second video that portrays their own idea of what a Sonic Electronix “X-Factor” Dance would look like.  Our feeble attempts around the office at what an X-Factor Dance would look like have made us realize we need more unique ideas – and who better to ask then our loyal fans?
Audiobahn AWIS15JIt wouldn’t be a real Sonic Electronix contest without some type of awesome prize to give away.  What better prize is there than an Audiobahn Subwoofer and Amplifier package?  For first place, you can take home Audiobahn’s 15” Immortal Series AWIS15J Subwoofer along with the 1500 watt Audiobahn A1500HCJ Monoblock Amplifier.  Our second place winner will receive an Audiobahn 12” High Excursion AW1200J Subwoofer and the 1000 watt Audiobahn A8000J Amplifier.  Finally, in third place you can get your very own 10” Audiobahn Natural Sound AW1051J Subwoofer and an Audiobahn A4002J 2-Channel Amplifier.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to choreographing and put together the hottest dance craze of 2012, and show us that you know Sonic Electronix is the X-Factor when shopping for electronics!

Car Sound Staging and Acoustics

Focal No. 7

The Stage is Set

Many people are convinced that buying high quality car audio equipment will automatically guarantee them a top notch sounding system.   Fact of the matter is, there are many factors to take into consideration when installing aftermarket sound components in your vehicle.   Sound staging is one of the most important aspects in that it can make the difference between a good system and a great one.  The basic concept of sound staging can be best described as trying to recreate a stereo recording as a live performance.  Think of the basic format of a band:  You have a singer, one or two guitarist, a bassist and a drummer.  Someone who has proper sound staging should be able to listen to the recording and hear the singer in the center, the guitarist on the left, the bassist on the right, and the drummer behind the singer.

Speaker Placement

Sound Staging

The placement of a vehicle’s speakers can drastically affect its sound staging. Common vehicles usually only have a standard 4 speaker system.  This can often result in poor sound staging creating a very artificial sound.  However, this can be improved by adding speakers such as the Infinity Reference 6032cf. The Unipivot feature allows the tweeter to be pointed at the listeners location even when the speaker is mounted off axis. Passionate audiophiles will go above and beyond to ensure that their speakers are in locations that will provide optimum performance.  This might include modifying door panels or building custom kick panels to accommodate midbass drivers and tweeters.  Some may create mounting devices which allow them to raise the speaker above the dash for improved imaging and staging.  Installers might achieve better sound staging by adding additional speakers to the equation in locations such as pillars or under seats.

Interior Acoustics

Sound StagingA vehicle’s interior characteristics can help determine sound staging as well.  Different surfaces will have various responses to sound waves depending on how they absorb or reflect them.  For instance, a surface such as glass will be reflective and cause sound waves to bounce around.  A surface such as upholstery will cause sound wave to be absorbed.  This can greatly affect how your speakers and subwoofers reproduce music.  For example, if you were to put identical sound systems in a Rolls Royce and a Toyota Corolla, they would sound very different.  Adding a digital sound processor such as the JBL MS-8 can improve staging significantly with its automatic time correction feature, allowing the sound from each speaker to reach the listener simultaneously.  Audiophiles will often apply sound dampening material to door panels and trunks in order to control interior surfaces and reduce unwanted vibrations.

Let’s be honest, there is no perfect sound system, but understanding how to take advantage of every small detail can mean a world of difference.


Matching Subwoofers and Amplifiers

AmpliFinder Amplifier and Subwoofer Matching Tool

Earthquake Subzero SZ10 Subwoofer

Kicker ZX750.1 Amplifier

Making Matching Easier

One of the most common questions asked at Sonic Electronix is, “How do I know which amplifier I need for my subwoofer?”  This can be a hard or even intimidating question for some but fear not Sonic Electronix has your back!  Introducing our brand new AmpliFinder tool.  AmpliFinder is an amplifier finder tool that will take away the confusion of pairing a subwoofer with an amplifier.  Not only will it tell you which amplifier you require, but it will give you a complete list of every amplifier that is suitable for your subwoofer.

JL Audio W7 Subwoofer

MTX RT500D Amplifier

How it Works

AmpliFinder will lay out the possible wiring configurations for your subwoofer.  Depending on the ohms and number of voice coils of the subwoofer, different wiring configurations will be displayed.  AmpliFinder will also take into account the RMS power rating of each subwoofer to appropriately match that of the amplifier.   Just select the manufacturer, model number, and the number of subs you wish to power and prepare to be wowed by the abundance of possibilities.  For example,  the Earthquake Subzero SZ-10, when input into the AmpliFinder will give you the Kicker ZX750.1 as a choice which is a perfect match for the 750 watts RMS subwoofer.   Also, the JL Audio 8W7AE-3  when entered will give you the MTX RT500D which is a perfect match at 2 ohms as well.

  • Conveniently search for specific subwoofers with a user friendly interface
  • Displays complete list of compatible amplifiers
  • Visual wiring configurations included in search

Why wait? Give it a try now:



Earthquake Sound’s Best Valued Subwoofers

For those of you who aren’t interested in spending a lot of money but would love to get some bass in your car, there is an answer. Sonic Electronix is proud to offer both the DB Series and the TNT Series subwoofers by Earthquake Sound. These subs are similar in price but very different in design, and we are going to highlight some key features of each series.

The TNT Series Subwoofers feature an extremely high cone excursion for maximum movement of air. The high-roll foam surround allows the speaker cone to maintain complete linear movement while moving rapidly, which assists the cone in achieving its excursion. This series is designed for anyone interested in getting an explosive sound at the most affordable price possible. The voice coils on these subs can withstand high temperatures, allowing the magnet motor structure to operate cleaner and more efficiently. Earthquake Sound has stripped the subwoofer down to its basics with the TNT series, allowing more focus on the performance and not the flashiness.

The DB Series Subwoofers are similarly priced to the TNT’s, and they offer a higher quality output that matches perfectly to any high end set of car speakers. You’ll be impressed with the DB subwoofers once you hear them. They produce hard hitting bass with smooth transient peaks. The Pulp Fiber subwoofer cone sounds excellent in lower frequencies, and produces a very smooth and transparent roll-off into higher frequencies. Backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty, it’s easy to see that Earthquake stands behind their products. If your sound system is lacking a lower sound stage, the DB series subwoofers will fill that gap.

When it comes down to the decision, you will be happy no matter which of these car subwoofers you decide on. The TNT’s will put some bump in your trunk; while the DB’s will seamlessly fill that lower music range with quality, hard-hitting bass. Earthquake Sound has it all, so look no further.