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Last Chance Deals at Sonic Electronix

Last Chance Deals at Sonic Electronix

At Sonic Electronix, there are many ways to save on everything from a new car stereo to a great pair of headphones. However, this holiday season, the team at Sonic Electronix has put together even more ways to save during our Last Chance Deals sale! During this exclusive sale, you will be able to find almost 200 popular items that will be up to 65% off! This sale will be going on from December 14th – December 22nd, just in time for that last minute shopping for your loved ones this Christmas.

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In addition to the exceptional discounts during this sale, Sonic Electronix is also giving our customers a chance to receive their order by December 24th with free ground shipping when you place your order by December 18th! However, you may also place your order all the way up to December 23th and you will still receive your order by Christmas Eve. To find out when you will need to place your by, you can see the full Holiday Shipping Schedule below.

Holiday Shipping Schedule

Another way you can save on holiday gifts this season is by shopping our wide variety of gift guides. In our gift guides section, you can either shop by lifestyle or by budget! Our gift guides make it easy to find incredible gifts in Car Audio, Car Video, Portable Audio, Marine Audio, and many more – at unbelievable prices.



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Myron & Davis Custom Headrest Monitors

Myron & Davis Custom Headrest Monitors

Headrest monitors are becoming more popular in cars these days, especially in comparison to the larger overhead monitors. While installing a flip-down monitor can sometimes be easier and result in a larger screen, it is at the cost of a rearview mirror. Headrest monitors do not block any of the drivers view and put a screen directly in front of the viewer. For that reason alone, many people across the world are becoming converted to the convenience of Myron & Davis headrest monitors.

There are many things that separate Myron & Davis aside from all the other aftermarket headrest manufacturers out there. It is these differences that make the cost worth it. One of the first things to note is that the headrests are custom made for your car. That is a bold and rare statement to hear in a day and age where one-size-fits-all solutions are found everywhere. By checking the application guides and then supplying the Sonic Electronix Service Rep with your vehicle information, you are preparing yourself for a factory fit and finish. From the leather grain to the leather color and from the shape to the headrest piping, these headrests will seamlessly blend in to your car.

They are available in a few different configurations with DVD players and standard headrest monitors. For example, the Myron & Davis P7HDM2LR features a pair of headrest monitors, each with their own DVD player. This way the passengers can enjoy their own choice of movies without making the other passengers watch the same. For those that only want a single headrest DVD player, the Myron & Davis P7HDM2ER is the perfect choice for any vehicle.

One of the biggest reasons to choose a Myron and Davis headrest monitor is the safety aspect. Realize that by installing a headrest monitor in your car, you are effectively putting a TV (and possibly a DVD player) right next to your head. In the case of an accident, you are going to want to make sure you are safe and protected. In order to ensure its safety, Myron & David performs a series of tests to guarantee performance and safety. In fact, the products are tested with the same OEM safety standards that car manufacturers use on their factory installed headrests. Each headrest exceeds the DOT (Department of Transportation) regulations. EMI and EMC tests are also performed to ensure safety while the monitor is in use. Safety should always be number 1 on your priority list, and so should Myron & Davis.


RE Audio Enters the Overhead Monitor Game

RE Audio Kove KV15.1

RE Audio has been popular in the car audio industry with their high impact subwoofers, and cleanly organized no-nonsense amplifiers. Recently, Kove Audio joined forces with RE Audio and designed a product line of overhead monitors. These monitors follow in RE Audio’s path with affordable pricing and quality craftsmanship. These Holiday Seasons make your road trips more stress-free with the addition of an Overhead LCD Monitor. These awesome distractions will have your road trips filled with audible entertainment and will minimize distractions from the road so you can have safer, more enjoyable travels all across the country.

First on the production line is the RE Audio Kove KV14.1 Overhead LCD Monitor. This 14.1” Monitor is perfect for a wide-range of different vehicles. The large LCD screen allows for easy enjoyable views of the picture along with the 1024 x 768 screen resolution. This resolution allows for a large amount of pixels to display on the monitor, which can help combat against strained eyes. The overhead monitor has a built in 2-step FM transmitter and IR transmitter to help transmit audio either via headphones or an FM radio source. The rotating swivel screen will allow you to adjust the monitors viewing angle even after it has been installed into your vehicle. Finally, integrated overhead dome lights help replicate the factory experience and retain previous lighting in your vehicle to help seamlessly integrate this overhead monitor.

We know that holiday seasons can be stressful! Distracting your family from open road boredom is not only helpful to them, but can help you drive more focused and less distracted from in-vehicle distractions. This year when the bickering starts you’ll know exactly what to do. Just flip down the screen on the RE Audio Kove KV14.1 and allow the 14.1” of LCD screen do its thing. We all know that on a family road trip a quiet, relaxed car is a happy car.


Myron & Davis Products Now Available at Sonic Electronix

Myron Overhead Monitor

Sonic Electronix has begun to carry a new line of mobile video products by Myron & Davis. These quality monitors will compare to higher-level brands of LCD Screens, and are manufactured with high performance and a value driven price point in mind.

Vehicle LCD Monitors are a great addition to any car. They can be especially convenient in the Holiday Seasons when you and your family buckle up for the long road trips these next few months have to come. Featured in different screen sizes, and made for different applications, a Myron & Davis LCD monitor would be just what you need to distract everyone in the vehicle long enough to spend some quality time with an old acquaintance, the open road.

Myron & Davis Monitors take it one step further by offering a simple solution for those who want to integrate a factory look in an aftermarket monitor installation. Overhead monitors designed specifically for Select GM Vehicles can make for a simple installation that looks like it’s direct from the factory. These factory-looking monitors are made to integrate your factory air conditioning knobs into the aftermarket installation. This allows for an easier installation, and a much cleaner looking final product.

Some vehicles featuring Active Headrests cannot have their headrests replaced with a standard aftermarket headrest pillow and monitor. In these cases, Myron & Davis has manufactured a Piggyback Electronic Active Headrest Solution, the PACCM85. This exceptional solution for Active Headrest equipped vehicles allows for a quality, compact monitor to be installed on the back of both the driver and passengers headrest allowing for rear-seat entertainment that is not only a perfect distraction for you to get back in touch with your old friend, but also for your entire family to stay entertained during the long hauls. This Holiday Season, find yourself on a road trip of accomplishment with a Myron & Davis LCD Monitor.


Concept Chameleon Headrest Monitors

Concept Chameleon CLD-700

By Samantha R. – Product Specialist

Used as a practical electronic component in 1962, LED backlighting has been introduced to headrest monitors specifically through Concept Enterprises.  Being one of the very few headrest monitors that use this LED backlighting technology for their LCD displays; Concept’s products have come out with a huge bang as well as dominating 2010 technology with opportunities for further growth. Providing a vehicle with exceptional picture quality and high efficiency, LED backlit panels create the ultimate entertainment experience for you and your ride. In fact, LCD monitors with LED backlights will be the dominant lighting source for display applications for the years to come. A drained battery is never useful and with LED backlighting the monitors will draw less power providing your displays with a longer running time.

The purpose of designing a single headrest monitor that isn’t sold in pairs is to give the user more options for customization. Seeing as how we are no longer dependent on radios, the in-dash receiver, overhead, and headrest monitors are becoming the luxurious DVD player add-on for the car. Usually, the headrest monitors come equipped with interchangeable color shrouds (covers) that match the interior of your vehicle. Making sure it matches and fits your car is usually becomes a huge hassle, but when the product comes equipped with accessories and covers, it makes choosing and purchasing much simpler.

Essentially the two monitors are the same aside from a few different features that could put more money in your pocket. Rather than spending twice the money and having two built-in DVD players, purchasing one can do you just as good. The Concept Chameleon CLD-700 is a perfect example of a headrest monitor with built-in DVD player. Getting this specific monitor would only require an additional headrest without a DVD player built-in, like the Concept Chameleon CLS-700, which conveniently works with the DVD player monitor. In the case where you decided you wanted to have two different movies playing per headrest, you would then purchase two of the built-in player monitors. Although more costly and a more technical installation, this option is not necessarily needed to have a luxury vehicle. For a bright, vivid display in your car, you can trust the Chameleon headrest monitors from Concept to get you the video playback you want.