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CB and 2-Way Radios – Why the Technology of the 50’s Is Still Relevant Today

Cobra Radio

If the world goes down a dark and bleak spiral, the people of the future are going to ask: “What’s a radio?” But not if we have anything to say about it. With the rise and domination of Smartphones and streaming media, radio is becoming less and less relevant to the people of today. Or so it seems.

You see, 2-Way radios are still relevant to the average person as much as it might not seem like it is. Why? Well a radio can communicate with another person from a distance.Cobra CXT1035RFLT

But so can a smartphone…

You can contact emergency services in case of an emergency.

But so can a smartphone!

You can quickly find out information about storms and other hazardous weather.

But there’s an app for that!

This is all true. But let me ask you this, how long does the battery last on your cell phone? How many times have you dropped a call or found yourself in an area where your data doesn’t work? How many times have you had to ask “Can you hear me now?” because of the static in the poor connection? Ahhh…. starting to make some more sense now?

Here’s the deal, cell phone companies don’t like to put towers up in places like mountains, or the middle of nowhere or in the middle of the ocean because it would cost more money to them than its worth (and possibly because they want to inconvenience us). If you’re someone who likes to hike, climb, boat or explore abandoned places, it’s a very good possibility that your phone isn’t going to work very well in those places and doing those things.  Do you want to rely on your cell phone if you get your arm caught in a rock like the guy from 127 Hours? Didn’t think so.

Radios are designed to be used in that kind of environment, your phone isn’t. Not to mention, if you’re biking and hiking, or on a boat, do you really want to risk dropping and breaking your phone or losing it in the water? A radio is like an insurance policy for your cell phone; small investment, big payoff.

A cell phone might be good idea for a 3 hour tour… But not for 3 year long TV series

Plus, you get some cool features like the one touch NOAA broadcast. With the push of one button you get access to the emergency weather station and can find out if you need get your skipper back to shore because a storm. If only Gilligan and his crew had one…

And, the Cobra CXR925 has a Rewind-Say-Again feature that will record the last 20 seconds of a transmission so you can play it back. Never miss an important detail again.

And think about this, if you’re tailgating, it’s lame to have to call someone in the car ahead of you, wait for them to answer and then try to hear them over your Hands Free Kit because you shouldn’t be talking on the phone while driving, and then have a conversation. Just press a button on your radio and start talking. Simple. And have you tried making a phone call at an amusement park with all the screaming kids and roller coaster noises in the background? It’s something out of a nightmare. A radio is meant for noisy environments so you know you’ll hear the other person.

So, still think they’re irrelevant? If so then you let me know how it goes trying to dial the nearest coast guard or ranger station when you get stranded in the ocean or on top of a mountain. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so why take a chance that you don’t have to take? Be prepared all the time, every time with a 2-way radio.

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CB Radios

By David D. – Product Specialist

CB radios are popular amongst truck drivers, off-roaders, and even boaters. In more recent years, CB radios have taken a back seat to newer technology such as cell phones and the internet, but when your cell phone doesn’t get reception and the internet is out of reach, you can always rely on the trustee CB Radio. There is a reason they have been popular since the 1970s.

When the Midland 5001Z CB Radio arrived here at Sonic Electronix, I was curious to see how much they improved from the days when I was a kid messing around with my Dads. With its simple installation, I was able to check out some of the features. The 4 watt AM RF output power provides maximum range communication with crystal clear reception. The one feature that caught my attention was the X-TRA talk microphone control, this control boosts the microphone sensitivity and provides improved range and enhanced voice clarity. Midlands 5001Z CB Radio provides 40 channels of communication with automatic noise limiting; this limits the maximum volume level and drowns out all other noise. Another feature I like is the 4-pin front locking microphone connector, this 4-pin connector makes it easy to connect the microphone and locks it in securely to ensure you keep both eyes on the road at all times. A great safety aspect is the instant channel 9, which is the universal channel for emergencies. The Midland 5001-Z provides many other options such as external speaker jacks, PA speaker connector, squelch control that eliminates unwanted background noise, and a dimmer switch that allows you to adjust the brightness of the channel display and signal meter. The one change I noticed the most between this Midland CB radio and the one I used to mess around with as a youngster is definitely the communication aspect, the sound quality is excellent and has improved drastically. All in all I was very impressed.