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Compustar Introduces Brand New 2011 Car Alarm That Interfaces With iPhones

Innovating new ways to bring together all of you electronics for the ultimate integrated experience is what our future is striving for. Every day another product is introduced that interfaces with yet another product. In the electronics world, it’s great because new products become more convenient every single day. With the progress electronics manufacturers are making, it seems eminent that within 25 years there will be one super product that can control every single function of our lives. Compustar has introduced the DR-1000 brand new alarm system that truly integrates popular mobile phone technology along with their high-end alarm systems. The Compustar DR-1000 was introduced at CES 2011 featuring some technology that will help using an iPhone to interface directly with your alarm system. Not only does it interface with iPhones, it also interfaces with Blackberry’s and Android based smartphones.

Not only will you have the option to receive alerts directly on your iPhone, but you can also interface directly with the system itself. For the first time from Compustar you’ll be able to lock, and unlock your doors. Also featured is the ability to remote start or stop the vehicles engine, and use an integrated trunk release. You’ll also be able to press the panic button directly from your iPhone to avert attention to your vehicle if required.

One of the most exciting and important new features found on the Drone Mobile Compustar Alarm System is the ability to GPS track your vehicle from anywhere you have cell-phone service. This will help the user locate their vehicle with ease from the convenience of your smartphone. This also will pinpoint the location of your vehicle on a map and even get directions to and from the vehicle or phone. Finally, fleet management allows you to keep track of an entire fleet, and even help with detailed reporting as to where the vehicle has been, speeding violations, maintenance reminders, and even more!


MTX Audio Thunder 8000 Series Subwoofers

MTX Audio Thunder 8000 Subwoofer CES 2011

Big bass is what MTX Audio is all about! If you have had a chance to hear the powerful bass that comes from any of their showcars, you will know what I am talking about. Each woofer with the MTX logo on it can be trusted to have some strong bass and will last a long time. In the past several years, MTX has continued their evolution of quality woofers. In 2011, this legacy continues with a few new lines of subwoofers.

One of the most anticipated woofers for the 2011 MTX lineup is the MTX Audio Thunder 8000 subwoofer. They will be releasing this woofer in 10”, 12”, 15” versions and each of those sizes will be available in a dual 2 or a dual 4 configuration. This variety will continue to give the installer plenty of options for matching amplifiers and subwoofers. The larger 15” subwoofers feature a 130 oz magnet, while the smaller 12” and 10” will feature a 93 oz magnet. The cone of the subwoofer is different from the entire MTX line of subwoofers and brings a nice sense of class to the line. A silver woven glass fiber cone spans catches the eye and emphasizes sophistication while the sub delivers top-notch bass.

MTX Audio had this subwoofer at the 2011 CES show loaded in a Bass Slammer enclosure (read more about this at our MTX Thunder 8000 Subwoofer Thread). When powered on, this subwoofer comes to life and breathes deep, hard-hitting bass. The bass is loud and powerful, but also retains a strong sense of clarity and detail. It proved to be an excellent combination of sound quality and SPL. We can expect to see some great installation this upcoming year with these new subwoofers from MTX. Whether you are looking to bring your dB rating to the next level or just looking for a great sounding woofer, you have to check out these new MTX Audio Thunder 8000 subwoofers.


JVC Mobile Introduces Brand New Arsenal Subwoofers at CES 2011

Manufacturing a new line of audio equipment is always exciting to the industry, and JVC recently released their new Arsenal subwoofers featuring Kevlar Laminated Hemp-Fiber Cones and a 2-year warranty among many of their other redesigned features. The newly introduced Kevlar Laminated cone will allow for stronger, heavier reinforcement to compliment deeper and richer low frequency. A new for 2011 feature to their Arsenal subwoofers is the patented Rapid-Fire Impedance Selector, which will allow users to easily change the resistance rating of the subwoofers voice coil with a single motion switch.

The Arsenal lineup of subwoofers will feature 10 models. These subwoofers range in class and size from 10-15 inches. Also features are two new patent-pending technologies. First, the Multi-Mount Smart Trim Ring will allow for more versatile mounting options for a much easier installation, and also provides a clean appearance by concealing the mounting screws. Also featured is the Dual Diametric Progressive Spider Woven Tinsel Lead which will allow for ultimate durability and longevity of your subwoofers life. Authorized dealers like SonicElectronix will have these subwoofers backed with a 2-year warranty to showcase their new technologies as well.

Each subwoofer in the lineup will also feature a protection circuit with a built-in fuse for extra protection against current overages that cause blown voice coils. These and other advanced technologies are incorporated into this newly introduced lineup to produce better sound, along with high performance and usability. Multi-directionally woven dampers correct the balance of the speaker, even with terminals concentrated on one side. The Eco-friendly Hemp Fiber reduces unwanted mid and high-frequencies in subwoofers, acting as a natural low pass filter. Internal loss is reduced within the speaker diaphragm for pure fidelity sound. JVC new subwoofers are sure to provide superior bass response and durability in the new 2011 line-up of arsenal subwoofers. When durability matters the most, JVC will come through with their new 2011 subwoofers.


2011 CES Coverage at Sonic Electronix Forums

CES 2011

Missed the 2011 CES Show in Las Vegas this year? Do not worry because Sonic Electronix was there in the 12-Volt sections to find the best deals and newest products. Let them be your eyes and ears at the show this year. Head on over to the CES 2011 Sonic Electronix Forum to get the latest on the new 2011 car audio products. The Sonic Electronix media team continues to update this page as they are making the drive back to Valencia, California. Keep visiting back for more information.

One of the best things about putting this information on the Sonic Electronix Forums is the ability for the forums to be interactive. See a thread you like and you can comment on it. Have a question about a product you are reading about? Feel free to ask the questions on the forums and the Sonic Electronix media team will do its best to answer your questions. Since many of these items are brand new, there is only a limited amount of information available on them. By asking your questions on the forum, you could be requesting an answer that will not be found anywhere else. Chances are the question that you have is also being asked by many other people.

Some of the exciting threads include the new 2011 Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT and the Pioneer AVIC-X930BT. These new units are featuring some enhanced featured that include the integration of Aha Radio on both units and built-in HD Radio for the Z130BT. Another popular thread is about the Vibe Audio Lite Air Compact Subwoofer. This new under-the-seat subwoofer is coming across the seas from the British audio manufacturer and brings quality, compact bass to cars with extremely limited installation space. Learn more about the 2011 CES show at the Sonic Electronix CES 2011 forums page!


Sonic Electronix Prepares to Visit CES 2011

CES 2011

The end of the year is an awesome time for Car Audio. Consumers have had sufficient time to test out and break in their new gear and have some feedback for the manufactures to take back to the drawing board. CES 2011 is closing in and Sonic Electronix is preparing to visit some manufactures at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show and find out what their new year has to offer for the industry.

With the amount of manufactures that Sonic Electronix carries, it can be tough to meet with them all, but it’s planned to visit with Kicker, MTX Audio, RE Audio, Boston Acoustics, Audiovox, Alpine, Monster, Myron & Davis, Maxxsonics, Scosche, JVC, Dual, AutoPage, Clarion, VIBE Audio and many more! These are just a few of the manufactures that Sonic Electronix will be catching up with to help everyone see what the New Year has to offer for the car audio industry. A lot of advances were made at last year’s CES 2010 and a lot of manufactures revamped their entire product line-up. It could be a groundbreaking year for new car stereos, amplifiers, subwoofers, or car speakers and their developers may just be holding back for the unveiling for the world’s most anticipated release of consumer electronics.

The Consumer Electronics Show is a yearly event held for new electronics to be showcased and introduced for their first time. This year it’s expected to see new products, and new technologies that will shine a light on the Car Audio Industry. As always, Sonic Electronix is focused on bringing the most up to date information possible on what’s going on with CES 2011 in the Car Audio/Video catagory. So keep an eye on the Sonic Electronix Blog for constant, up to the minute updates directly from CES 2011.