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What Car Amplifier Do I Need For My Kicker CVR Subwoofer?

Continuing on our series of What Amplifier Do I Need? this week we will be matching amplifiers to Kicker’s CVR Series Subwoofers. Kicker CVR woofers are one of the most top rated woofers in the car audio industry. They are extremely affordable and more than anything else they are dependable. These woofers can really take a beating making them a value purchase. CVR woofers are available in 8”, 10”, 12” or 15” sizes with either a Dual 4 ohm impedance or Dual 2 ohm impedance.

Kicker 10IX500.1


Kicker’s IX500.1 amplifier is the perfect amplifier for a 10CVR104, 10CVR124, or 10CVR154 subwoofer. The amplifier is rated at 500W RMS @ 2 ohms which is just what any of those subwoofers needs to perform at their peak. The subwoofer you select will have to run at a 2 ohm final impedance while wired in parallel. The amplifier’s extreme efficiency keeps it running cool during all listening sessions. Its compact design allows for easy mounting and convenient installation. The IX series is Kicker’s most efficient and reliable amplifiers and are designed to work perfectly with other Kicker products. The amplifier also features low-pass and subsonic filters for complete control of your sound reproduction.

Cerwin-Vega STEALTH500.1


If you are looking to power up a 10CVR102, 10CVR122, or a 10CVR152 subwoofer to a final impedance of 1 ohm, then look no further than Cerwin-Vega’s STEALTh500.1 monoblock amplifier. This amplifier offers a power rating of 500W RMS @ 1 ohm giving you all the power you will need. The use of a Thermal Management System, monitors internal thermal output by reducing power output when the amplifier begins to overheat. This allows the amplifier to have a continuous performance giving you uninterrupted bass reproduction. Apart from being very small Stealth amplifiers feature a full range Class D chip set that improves efficient and performance and increases reliability. It also reduces noise and filters out other sonic disturbances.

Earthquake Sound PH2000W/D1


The Earthquake Sound PH2000W/D1 amplifier is able to output 500W RMs @ 4 ohms. With this amp you can properly power up a 10CVR102, 10CVR122, or a 10CVR152 subwoofer to a final impedance of 4 ohms. At 4 ohms the amplifier and subwoofer will run to the best of their abilities and will have lower heat outputs. The Power House series amplifier features high and low-level inputs giving it the versatility to work in any car with any car system. The amplifier also offers a 5 year warranty making it almost impossible to pass up. If efficiency and high performance is important to your audio system, then this is the way to go.


What Car Amplifier Do I Need for My JL Audio W3v3 Subwoofer?

In this week’s What Amplifier Do I Need? we will be looking at JL Audio’s W3v3 Series Subwoofers. The W3v3 subwoofers are available in a 6.5”, 8”, 10”, 12”, and 13.5” size option that will satisfy any personal preference. The woofers range from 150W RMS to 600W RMS depending on the size of the woofer. JL Audio is known for manufacturing amazing drivers that are able to produce unsurpassed bass reproduction but even these amplifiers can’t power themselves up, they need the right amplifier to perform.

JL Audio XD200/2


If you are going to go with a JL Audio subwoofer might as well go with a JL Audio amplifier. The JL Audio XD200/2 is the perfect amplifier when wanting to get your feet a little wet. This amplifier works perfectly when wanting to amplify a single 6W3v3-8 or a single 8W3v3-4 subwoofer when bridging the 2-channels. The amplifier will put out 150W RMS at 8 ohms bridged or 200W RMS at 4 ohms bridged. There really is nothing better than a JL Audio amp, this amp will be extremely efficient and features technologies like Advanced Thermal Rollback in order to eliminated thermal shut-down events. The amp features low and high pass filters as well as noise killing differential-balanced inputs for clean and reliable power output.

Alpine MRX-M50


The Alpine MRX-M50 is rated at 500W RMS @ 2 ohms, making it the perfect amplifier when wanting to run a 10W3v3-2, 12W3v3-2, or a 13W3v3-2 subwoofer. Its small design and both high-level and low-level inputs allow this amp to be installed in virtually any vehicle, not many other amplifiers can offer that. The amplifier also features a variable bass boost along with a low-pass filer and subsonic filter that will allow you to manipulate the frequencies to your personal taste. When purchasing an efficient sub like the W3v3 you need an amplifier that is just as reliable and also affordable.

Boston Acoustics GTA-100m


Boston Acoustic’s GTA-1000m monoblock amplifier is rated at 600W RMS @ 4 ohms. This amp will allow you to run a 10W3v3-4, 12W3v3-4, or 13W3v3-4 subwoofer to a final super efficient impedance of 4 ohms. This is going to give you the best performance, the amplifier won’t have to work as hard and draw less power for lower thermal output. The woofer will run more efficiently as well due to the constant supply of undisturbed power. The GTA-1000m features balanced asymmetrical inputs for noise cancellation and fully adjustable and selectable low and high-pass crossovers for complete customization of sound reproduction.


Alpine’s 2011 X-Power Small Chassis Series Car Amplifiers

Alpine MRX-M1000

Alpine is well known for providing top quality products in multiple categories within the car audio spectrum. When you think of Alpine the words reliable, quality, and affordable come to mind, these are the principle foundations on which their new 2011 X-Power series amplifiers have been built upon. The X-Power series amplifiers are available in 4-channel, 5-channel and monoblock configurations, making them perfect for any application. Alpine has designed these amplifiers with every consumer in mind by providing a small chassis design that makes them versatile and mountable in any vehicle. Alpine’s use of trickle-down technology has provided this new series of car amplifiers with some of the qualities found in higher-end models , giving you the best dollar- per -wattage performance of any car amplifier in this category.

Alpine’s X-Power amplifiers feature a Dual Feedback Modulation Loop that provides the cleanest and best possible distortion free power output. This is done by a real-time-error correcting circuitry that analysis the signal twice, both input and output signals, throughout the entire process of the application. This ensures that you are getting the best possible performance from the amplifier at all frequency ranges. The use of a Multi-Stage Power Management circuit protects the amplifiers from excessive heat that if left unattended will damage your amplifier and lower the quality of your signal and thus the quality of your music. This is done by a constant monitoring of component temperatures throughout the amplifiers, which then decreases the power output if the components reach an unsafe temperature. The circuitry works in two stages each lowering the power output as needed to keep the amplifier from shutting down thus providing uninterrupted performance during long listening sessions. Apart from the technologies found in these amplifiers, is the versatility of these amplifiers. The small chassis design makes them easy to mount underneath the seat of the driver or passenger. This cuts down the length of wire that is used and reduces the possibility of interference that is usually found in long wire lead installations. The 4-channel high input speaker level connection allows the amplifiers to be installed into any factory installed system without the need of RCA connections, making the accessible to anyone no matter what type of vehicle you drive. Monoblock models, like the MRX-M100, feature a preamp output that will allow the daisy chaining of multiple amps without the need of an adapter, this is a great feature if you are looking to add more power to your car audio system and want to keep the same series of amplifiers throughout your installation. Every X-Power amplifier will come with a proven and tested Birth Power Certificate that guarantees its actual power output, giving you every single wattage of power that you pay for an even more since these amplifiers are underrated. With the ability to add a remote control bass knob on some these models, Alpine’s X-Power Series Car Amplifiers offer high performance, dependability, quality and affordability, making them a great addition to long line of Alpine Car Amplifiers and even an better addition to any car audio system.


Mackie SRM450V2 Professional DJ Loudspeaker

Mackie SRM450V2 2-Way Powered SR Loudspeaker

By David D. – Product Specialist

Power & Performance
Every DJ needs a good speaker to really get the party or club bouncing. The Mackie SRM450V2 12” 2-way powered loudspeaker can defiantly make that happen. The built in Class D amplifier provides this speaker with a low frequency power rating of 300 watts and a high frequency rating of 100 watts, plenty of power to make your mixes and sets sound amazing. The integrated 12” neodymium woofer provides a punchy, tight response, and an ample amount of bass for those techno or house beats. However, this Mackie Loudspeaker is not all about the bass; it’s also equipped with a 1-3/4” titanium tweeter that produces incredible highs and clarity.  For studio quality sound, this loudspeaker also includes electronic time correction, phase alignment, EQ, and a built-in phase accurate 24dB Linkwitz-Riley electronic crossover.

Superior Protection
In my experience with DJ loudspeakers, I know that they are often pushed to the limits and can sometimes be damaged, no need to worry about that with this speaker. The 5-way protection circuitry (Over excursion, thermal, low line voltage, driver protection, low frequency roll-off) will provide ultimate protection giving the Mackie SRM450V2 and long life span. To supply the speaker with less distortion at peak levels, Mackie has included a built-in limiter. Signal, peak, power-on, and thermal display LED’s provide easy operation and lets you know what the speaker is doing at all times.

Convenience Features
The strong and lightweight polypropylene cabinet design of this Mackie Loudspeaker is able to handle wear and tear when moving from venue to venue. Equipped with 3 handles (one top, one on each side), you can conveniently carry and move the speaker with ease. It’s also flyable, pole mountable, and floor wedge-able so you can easily use it in any situation that you may need too. With all this adaptability, it’s the most versatile portable active loudspeaker around.