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Multi-Channel & Mono-Channel Differences

If your car audio sound system is not meeting your expectations then maybe your specifications are to blame.  When examining mono and multi-channel amplifiers, there a few specifications that you should pay closer attention to than others.

Multi-Channel Amplifiers

Pioneer GMD9500F

Pioneer GMD9500F 4-Channel Amplifier

2, 3, 4, 5 or more channel amplifiers are usually Class A/B.  The class is determined by the configuration of the circuitry.  Class A/B circuitry leans towards being more inefficient but provides higher sound quality.  This makes them ideal for mid to high frequencies but are sometimes used for subwoofers as well.  They will also run at much cooler temperatures considering the lower wattage applications they are required to be operated in.  If you are considering purchasing a multi-channel amplifier, then the following specifications should be kept in mind to sway your decision:


  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: This figure refers to the strength of the signal vs. the level of back ground noise.  A high value will indicate a lower background noise and as a result, a better signal.
  • THD (Total Harmonic Distortion): This is the measurement of the harmonic distortion that is present.  It can be explained as the change in the signal as it is being amplified and exactly how much it is changed.  A lower value is desirable and a THD value of less than .10% is inaudible.
  • Channel Separation:  Sometimes referred to as “cross talk” this value indicates the level of interference between channels.  This value is measured in decibels and the higher the value, the greater and more effective the channel separation will be.

Mono-Channel Amplifiers

Rockford Fosgate PBR300X1

Rockford Fosgate PBR300X1 Monoblock Amplifier

Mono-Channel Amplifiers usually are Class D.  These amplifiers are going to be able to obtain lower ohm loads and higher output which makes them ideal for subwoofers. They are more efficient then their class A/B counterparts. In recent years, monoblock amplifiers have become more efficient and with smaller chassis. Features such as signal-to-noise ratio and THD will often be negatively effected. However, these specifications are not as important as others in regards to mono-channel amps. When examining mono amplifiers there a few different specs you should pay a bit more attention to:


  • Damping Factor: Having a high damping factor means there is a high ratio between the nominal load impedance (typically 8W ) and the source impedance of the amplifier.  It is said that the higher this value is, the more cone control is present which results in a better system response and more accurate bass.
  •  Pre-Amp Outputs: Most Mono amps have pre-amp outputs to daisy chain multiple amplifiers together without splitting the pre-outs from your head-unit.
  • Subsonic Filter:Only on mono amplifiers, this filter allows you to block frequencies that are not able to be reproduced by your subwoofer.  This filter is usally variable between 15-50 Hz.

Using an amplifier in the wrong application is bad, mkay.


New 2011 Line of Audiobahn Amplifiers

New 2011 Line of Audiobahn Amplifiers

Since 1997, when Audiobahn was first introduced to the mobile entertainment industry, they have been known for producing cutting edge car audio products. Not only does Audiobahn produce products with quality of sound and performance in mind, but they also focus on the appearance of their products. All of Audiobahn’s car audio products are designed with eye catching chrome-plated accents that add style to any sound system. This holds true for their new line of 2011 Amplifiers, not only do the amps look awesome, but they were built with precision and quality. Audiobahn’s new 2011 line of car amplifiers features 3 different series with numerous wattage and channel configurations.

Class D Series

Audiobahn’s Class D Series are single channel (monoblock) amplifiers that feature 2 different models. The A18001DJ is the bigger one of the two and has a power rating of 2500 watts when wired at 1 ohm, 1300 watts wired at 2 ohm, and 700 watts wired at 4 ohm. Its little brother, the A12001DJ features a power rating of 1500 watts when wired at 1 ohm, 800 watts wired at 2 ohm, and 450 watts wired at 4 ohm. These two monoblock amps share features which include dual cooling fans with chrome flame fan grilles, double-sided glass epoxy circuit board, cobalt blue illumination, nickel-plated block terminals, 4-way protection circuitry, large display volt meter, and many more. Check out our Audiobahn Monoblock Amplifier product page to see these amps for yourself.

High Current Series

The High Current Series Audiobahn amplifiers are powered by a class AB PWM MOSFET power supply. There are three different models which include two 2-channel amps that operate in a single channel configuration, and one monoblock version. The A2300HCJ will put out 2400 watts when wired at 1 ohm in the single channel configuration, or 1000 watts wired at 1 ohm in the 2-channel configuration. The A2200HCJ puts out 2000 watts when wired at 1 ohm in the single channel configuration, or 850 watts wired at 1 ohm in the 2-channel configuration. The single channel version has a power rating of 2200 watts wired at 1 ohm, 1100 watts wired at 2 ohm, and 600 watts wired at 4 ohm. The High Current Series amps also feature a remote mount bass boost control with clipping indicator, chrome plated flame design accents, dual cooling fans, nickel plated block terminals, 4-way protection circuitry, digital meter output response, cobalt blue illumination, and numerous other cool features. Not only do they look great, they are ideal for competition.

Intake Series

the Audiobahn Intake Series Amplifiers are produced in 5-channel, 4-channel, 2-channel, and monoblock configurations. The intake series amps are powered by a PWM MOSFET power supply and features an on-board cobalt blue digital volt meter which allows a quick assessment of your vehicle’s charging voltage to the amplifier. These amplifiers also come with a remote mount digital volt meter and a remote mount bass boos control. The intake series car amplifiers share features which include an air intake fan with chrome plated flame grilles, 3-way protection circuitry, high gloss chrome plated finish, RCA & high level inputs, cobalt blue illumination, and bass boost on/off option. One more cool feature that caught my eye are the nickel plated block terminals. These terminals provide a more efficient power transfer and are encased in black ABS plastic to prevent short circuits and wire entanglement.

Audiobahn’s new 2011 line of car amplifiers will definitely enhance the appearance and performance of any sound system, and SonicElectronix has them all.


Soundstream D-Tower Series Car Amplifiers

Soundstream DTR1.1400D D-Tower Vertical Amplifier

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

One of the best things about building a car audio system from the ground up is that you get to choose all the components yourself. In doing so, you have the ability to get your car to sound exactly the way that you want. It becomes custom built to perfection. But the system doesn’t stop at the sound. While it probably the most important part of an aftermarket car audio system, it is not the only aspect. The visual aesthetics of the installation is a big part of the install. A clean install will last longer, look better, and sound cleaner. This aspect can become a challenge for the first time installer or for those that have a car with limited installation space. For those that have a car like this, more trust is put into the makers of these aftermarket audio devices to supply a product that it fully compatible with all types of cars.

Amplifiers and subwoofer enclosures have always been two components that are rather difficult to place inside a car. Soundstream Tower amplifiers are a great solution for those that need a particular design of amplifier in order for it to fit in their car. The vertical tower design stands tall and has a small footprint.  They offer a full lineup of amplifiers that includes a wide variety of single channel monoblock amps, such as the DTR1.1400D. That provides up to 1400 watts to a single channel and will easily work with some power hungry subwoofers. The DTR4.500 is an excellent 4-channel amplifier that will match the monoblock amplifier. With 125 watts to 4 channels at 2 ohm (80 watts at 4 ohm), this vertical 4-channel amp will easily power the majority of aftermarket speakers. This unique design is great for installations where there is plenty of vertical room, but not a lot of open space. In the back of a truck or behind a rear seat in an SUV, these amps will stand tall and provide plenty of power day in and day out.


Massive Audio N2 Nano Car Amplifiers

Massive Audio N2 Nano Block Series Monoblock Amplifier

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Getting the most power out of the smallest chassis is all the rage right now in the car audio industry.  Manufacturers from across the world are competing to create the smallest amplifier that is capable of producing the most power.  Luckily, the advanced Class D technology has made it possible for this smaller design.  If you have been following the blog, you will have recently read about the Kenwood XR-5S. It was a five-channel amplifier encased in an extremely small chassis and incredible power ratings.  Other compact amplifiers include the Kicker IX amplifiers and the Alpine PDX amplifiers.  While the manufacturers of these amplifiers are big names in the car audio industry, there are some smaller companies engineering some extremely efficient, powerful, and compact amplifiers.  One of these companies is Massive Audio.

Massive Audio has developed a reputation for creating car amplifiers with high output and a smaller chassis, especially in their latest N2 Nano series of amps.  Consider the Massive Audio N2 monoblock amplifier.  It is a 1600 watt amplifier that measures only 7-1/4″ L x 5-1/2″ W x 2-1/8″ H.  That is an incredibly small amplifier chassis for the amount of power that it outputs.  Despite the compact size, this subwoofer amplifier is perfect for powering the subwoofers that require a lot of power.  Subwoofers like the Kicker Solo-Baric L7, Rockford Fosgate T1 Power, MTX Audio Thunder Square 8500, or the Kicker CVX will match perfectly to this N2 car amplifier when wired to 1 ohm.  Even with the high output that comes with the installation of this amp, it does not stress out your vehicles existing electrical system.  Due to the tiny size, it becomes the ideal subwoofer for mounting under seats, in glove boxes, in center consoles, of in other areas that are lacking in space.  Not only will this amp save on space, but it will also provide high power output to your components.


Kenwood KAC-8105D

Kenwood KAC-8105D

Earlier this month we wrote a blog and discussed the Kenwood KAC-7205. It was a new 2-channel amplifier released at the beginning of 2010. The entire line of this year’s Kenwood amplifiers is definitely a noteworthy set of amps that your entire audio system can appreciate. Today we would like to discuss the single channel amplifiers in Kenwood’s Performance Series. Both the Kenwood KAC-8105D and the Kenwood KAC-9105D are efficient monoblock amplifiers that could be perfect to power your systems subwoofer. The 8105D is designed for a more moderate audio system with a max power output of 1000 watts, or an RMS rating of 500 watts at 2 ohms. The 9105D is made for the higher end mobile audio system with a maximum output of 1800 watts and a continuous power rating of 900 watts at 2 ohms. Being CEA-2006 compliant, we can trust that these amps will perform to the standards that Kenwood states that it will. For those that are looking to really enhance the overall bass of their audio system, either of these Kenwood amps can be the perfect link between the car stereo and the subwoofer. Whether your plans are to retain your factory OEM stereo or upgrade to an aftermarket in-dash receiver, these amps will suit you well. They feature a speaker level input for connecting directly to the factory speaker leads. The built-in cooling fans will ensure that this amplifier is as cool as possible during operations and helps the amplifier keep from overheating.

While this amplifier is great for mid to high-level systems, I have found that the price is comparable to many of the entry-level amplifiers out there. While the prices might be similar, the features are what really set this amplifier apart from all the others. The cooling fan, gold-plated contacts, CEA-2006 compliancy, 4-way protection circuitry, the tuned bass boost, and the dual mono driver are just a few of the many different features that set the Kenwood Performance series a step above the competition. While these amps might be a little too much power for your basic entry-level subwoofer, they are a great solution for the mid-level and higher-end car audio systems.