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S/PDIF Combos Coming Soon To Sonic Electronix!

What the heck is “S/PDIF?”

No, it’s not a typo. S/PDIF stands for “Sony/Phillips Digital Interconnect Format,” or “Sony/Phillips Digital Interface,” and is a means through which users may transmit audio signals digitally, which makes for higher fidelity: digital in, digital out. Right now, there are two consumer-level digital transmission interfaces: HDMI and S/PDIF. Most people reading this probably know that HDMI transmits both video and audio, however, what you might not know is that S/PDIF only transmits audio.

So you might ask, “Why bother with S/PDIF then?” Well, not all equipment has an HDMI input or output, which should be pretty obvious when dealing with things like audio interfaces and reference monitors that don’t handle video signals. In some situations, like separate sound and video outputs from computers, you might even need to hook up both HDMI and S/PDIF cables.

Blow 4D

The Blow 4D reference monitors' DAC module which has both S/PDIF coaxial and 3-pin AES/EBU connections

S/PDIF has two different types of connectors: coaxial (RCA) and optical (TOSLINK). The coaxial cables are usually found colored orange in order to differentiate between other colored RCA connectors such as yellow for video, and red and white for analog audio. The optical cables are far more delicate and are made of fiber optics.

The upcoming combos…

We at Sonic Electronix value high-fidelity audio above all else, and that’s why we’re currently putting together combos that link pieces of gear based on S/PDIF. The picture above is taken from the Infrasonic Blow 4D reference monitors, about which I also recently wrote a blog. We’ll be pairing up these fantastic speakers with just about any piece of gear in our inventory that has S/PDIF output, and as always, we’ll be offering them to you at the special discounted prices you love and have come to expect from Sonic Electronix!


Car Amplifier/Speaker and Amplifier/Subwoofer Combo at Sonic Electronix

Combo: (2) RE Audio SEX12D4 and (1) RE Audio XT-2000DEV3

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

The stock audio system in your car just isn’t good enough.  No matter how much you paid for it or how many speakers there are, a quality aftermarket audio system will always sound better.  Of course, this is dependent on the equipment being properly installed, as well as the compatibility of the aftermarket electronics.  The latter can be on of the most difficult parts in getting quality aftermarket sound.  Finding compatible components that work well together is a point that cannot be stressed enough.  Not having matching parts can lead to poor sound quality, interference, damaged equipment, and many other potential problems.  Without being a professional, how do we find out what components work with each other?  That answer is simple; let the professionals do all the hard work for you!  Sonic Electronix offers a large selection of pre-assembled combos, such as amplifier and speaker combos and amplifier and subwoofer combos.

The car audio experts at Sonic Electronix create combination packages by matching car audio components based on their compatibility.  The result is a perfectly matched system that will sound great and last a long time.  This makes choosing a system easier and faster because all the hard research is done for you.  Plus, the prices are even better when you buy the combos instead of the individual items.  For example, the RE Audio SEX Subwoofer and XT Amplifier combo package offers two subwoofers that when wired together at 1 ohm will perfectly match the output of the included amplifier.  How to wire the subwoofers together is even outlining in the description on the product page.  They also offer combos for 4-channel amplifiers and speakers.  Consider the Bazooka BA460 amplifier and Infinity Kappa Speaker combo.  This deal includes front and rear speakers that sound incredible, as well as an amplifier that will give the speakers the power that they need.  Next time you go shopping for some new car audio components, check out the combo sections over at Sonic Electronix and save some money while getting a perfectly matched system.