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PowerBass 2XL Component Series Speakers

PowerBass Convertible Speakers

Tired of hearing the same distorted music from your car speakers? Replace them! Aftermarket speaker solutions are affordable and can take little effort with the right tools. Installing a new set of speakers gives your entire vehicle a brand new voice – one that we all would appreciate. Make sure you install speakers of good quality when upgrading your factory speakers, and for a rich sounding solution you can’t go wrong with PowerBass 2XL Convertible Speakers.

Realizing that not everyone can easily install a pair of Component Style Speakers in their vehicle due to the externally mounted tweeter, PowerBass manufactured these 2XL Speakers as Convertibles. This means the tweeter can be mounted on the speaker itself (Coaxially) and mounted separately (Component-Style). This means more compatibility with a wider range of vehicles, and also an easier installation process so you can hear these speakers as fast as possible. The simple features don’t stop there – a 3 Ohm impedance design allows these speakers will make more efficient use of the amplifier so it can output higher wattage. This means a clearer, and a louder enjoyable experience from your amplifier!

With a pivot point 1” silk dome tweeter you can adjust the high frequencies of your music to perfection. The pivot point allows you to adjust the music to project from different angles, which can help for setting your vehicles audio stage. The silk dome tweeter will allow for a smooth experience without any of the hard tones that some may find with a “brighter” tweeter design. This can aid with “listening fatigue” a common side-effect of the previously mentioned brighter tweeters. They can end up really wearing out your ears to the point where you may prefer driving with the stereo off. Being such fans of car audio, we cannot condone driving without a stereo on.


Great Sound from Affordable Car Speakers

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

There are many misunderstanding that can occur while shopping for a new pair of car speakers.   One of these misunderstandings is that the more money we spend on speakers, the better they sound. While it is true that the more expensive speakers are made with finer materials and incorporate more sophisticated engineering, it does not always mean that they will sound better than speakers that cost less.  In order to get the most out of a pair of speakers, proper installation, wiring and amplifier matching play an important role in achieving great sound.  Below are some affordable car speakers that play loud, while retaining sound quality and high fidelity.  These speakers offer great sound with an affordable price.

Kicker DS600 Kicker DS600 Car Speakers

Kicker DS600

Part of the entry-level Kicker car speaker series, the Kicker DS600 provides an excellent solution for those that do not plan on installing an aftermarket amplifier.  The 50 watts RMS pair nicely with most aftermarket headunits.  Kicker has used the engineering from the higher-end components in the creation of the DS series to bring quality sound to an affordable price point.  Each DS speaker features the notable black cone and yellow ring that has become a Kicker symbol.  The full ranges of frequencies are accurately replicated with smooth response.

Rockford Fosgate Punch P1S652

When years of experience and top-notch engineering meet, the Rockford Fosgate Punch series car speakers are created.  The Punch P1S652 car speakers are perfect for dropping in a replacing the factory speakers in a car, but also pair very nicely with an external amplifier.  Rockford many patent backed technologies to create a technologically advanced speaker at a low price.  The VAST surround increases the surface area of the cone, while improving the strength of the rubber surround.  The FlexFit basket helps the speakers install in a variety of different sizes of cutout holes.  Rockford Fosgate Punch speakers define great sounding affordable speakers.

Eclipse SC8365 Eclipse SC8365 3-Way Component Car Speakers

Eclipse SC8365

With the recent closure of Eclipse as a car audio manufacturer, it is becoming easier to find incredible deals on these high-end components.  The Eclipse SC8365 is the perfect example of a great sounding, top-notch speaker set that is now priced as an entry level speaker.  It is a 3-way component set with a MSRP of $679.99, yet is commonly found for over 70% off.  Each side can handle about 100 watts RMS and it is recommended that a car amplifier be used when installing these speakers. Eclipse used a solid aluminum cone and a durable rubber surround, along with their Acoustic Thruster Technology for breath-taking sound with a low price.


Rockford Fosgate Punch & Power Speakers


By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

I am here to pass along a great deal to you. Right now, we’re offering a 20% off coupon on select Rockford Fosgate full-range and component speakers. Not only do you get a great set of Rockford Fosgate speakers, but you are getting them for 20% off! This offer can mean a savings of up to $40.00 on select Rockford Fosgate speakers. Where else can you find a great deal like that?

Aftermarket speakers are a must if you are upgrading the sound system in your vehicle. I spend much of my time in my car driving to and from work so I, of course, want a great system to keep me occupied during those long drives. I listen to different genres and types of music, from classic rock to hip-hop, so I needed a pair of auto speakers that would do the job in that sound environment. A few months ago I decided to splurge on a pair of Rockford Fosgate speakers. And there is a definite sound difference from the stock speakers that were in my vehicle before.

To achieve the right sound, you will first need to determine your vehicle’s speaker size. There are many different sizes to choose from, such as the P1692 6” x 9” Full-range speakers and the P1653 6-1/2” 3-Way speakers. Full-range speakers, also called coaxial speakers, are perfect for basic applications. Looking for something with a little more power? The P1652-S 6-1/2” Punch Series component speaker system has a concealed crossover in the basket and separate tweeters.

No matter which set of speakers you decide to buy, you will be getting great value with this limited time offer. Now you can rock & roll with Rockford without breaking the bank!