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Blast to the Past!

Love music? Love dancing? Ever wonder would it would be like to kick it old school, or perhaps (even for some of us) to do it again?  Well now you can with the Lasonic i-931 High Performance Ghetto Blaster! This portable stereo brings back the classic ghetto blaster (boom box) design that was always rocking throughout the 80s. Not only does this stereo system take you back in time, but is also fuses modern day technology with that legendary old school look.

Lasonic i-931Ghetto Blaster (Black)

The Lasonic i-931 is unique from its successors by its ability to stream audio using Bluetooth technology allowing anyone to enjoy a wireless experience. The stereo is also capable of reproducing music from SD/MMC cards for MP3 playback and USB flash disks. With a built-in auxiliary input, this stereo can pair up with essentially any portable music device. For those feeling that this may be a bit “too modern,” this ghetto blaster also has an AM/FM tuner with up to 20 radio presets to allow any user to have quick access to their favorite radio stations.

Old School and Modern Day Fusion

The Lasonic i-931 not only has all of these great features, but it also plays out a very awesome clean and detailed sound. The stereo is powered by two 15 watt speakers with devoted bass and treble EQ controls. This old school blaster is anything but outdated, and still has that great classic feel with that powerful modern day sound.

The Lasonic i-931 comes in Black and White skins, so make sure you check them out here at Sonic Electronix and start kicking it old school today!

Lasonic i-931Ghetto Blaster (White)


Find Audio Gear Based on Your Musical Preference

We’re all here because we love music, and your music taste can say a lot about you. When you have a musical genre that speaks to you, it can become something you want to defend. If you heard someone voice a negative opinion of your favorite musician or band, it can be easy to become offended. A recent study conducted by Prof. Adrian North at Heriot-Watt University concludes that in any ways, our musical preferences are an extension of our personalities, noting “We’re drawn to certain genres because we relate to them in some way.” In this manner, criticism of our musical tastes can become more of a personal attack, rather than just a comment regarding an artist or genre that they may not feel the same about.

Researchers Peter Renfrow and Sam Gosling have matched some common musical styles with characteristics that go hand-in-hand in their 2003 study, “The Do Re Mi’s of Everyday Life: The Structure and Personality Correlates of Music Preferences.” With this they broke music into four categories, Reflexive and Complex (classical/jazz), Energetic and Rhythmic (hip hop/dance), Upbeat and Conventional (country/pop) and Intense and Rebellious(heavy metal/rock). Some different characteristics that go along with these different titles are common and tie the genres together.

The study revealed certain behavioral similarities between these groups.

Energetic and Rhythmic: Confident, liberal-minded, gregarious, athletic, feels attractive

Upbeat and Conventional: trusting, hardworking, feels attractive, helpful, politically conservative

Reflexive and Complex: open-minded, politically liberal, creative, intelligent, tolerant, enjoys aesthetic experiences

Intense and Rebellious: athletic, energetic, adventurous, intelligent, inquisitive

Choosing Audio Gear Based on Your Musical Taste


  • Characterized by drum samples, and catchy beats
  • Achieve a strong low-end with a 15″ subwoofer, capable of hitting lower frequencies and with more impact
  • Increase the accuracy of the vocals with the precise metallic tweeters
  • Improve the bass response when using a factory head unit by adding a bass restoration processor
Rock/Heavy Metal
  • Adding an 8″ or 10″ subwoofer allows for quicker bass response to keep up with fast double bass
  • A sealed subwoofer enclosure would go hand-in-hand for fast bass response
  • Metallic tweeters and a component system are perfect for smooth transition and clean accurate highs

  • Characterized by memorable vocals, lyrics and beats, with simple catchy melodies
  • A component speaker system would help with adding a better soundstage, and allow you to upgrade to more powerful midwoofers to enjoy a smooth response
  • Composite or soft dome tweeters highlight acoustic instruments and vocals
  • 10″ or 12″ subwoofers will allow for accurate and even bass output


  • Characterized by dynamic instruments and smooth vocals
  • Bring out the rich vocals and bright horns with the smooth response of a silk tweeter
  • 12″ subwoofers are ideal for bringing out the deep notes of a stand-up bass
  • A quality equalizer will help you fine-tune the system and make critical adjustments
Hopefully this guide can help you be a better you, and enjoy the elements that make your favorite music what it is. No matter what Genre you’re into, there’s something out there that is made for specifically for your needs!

Check out audio gear hand selected by our experts based on your favorite type of music!


Roland Pro Audio Gear – Coming Soon to Sonic Electronix!


Roland is about to celebrate its 40th anniversary and Sonic Electronix couldn’t be happier for them! To help celebrate, we will soon be carrying a comprehensive line of Roland, Boss and Cakewalk pro audio gear. Roland was founded by Mr. Ikutaro Kakehashi in Osaka, Japan in April of 1972. Today, Roland has factories in the U.S., Italy, Japan and Taiwan. For any out there who might have just recently emerged from under a rock, Roland is one of the most ubiquitous and reputable names in professional audio equipment. From instruments like synthesizers, electronic drum sets and dance/DJ gear to amplifiers, guitar pedals and recording products, Roland will no doubt continue to expand its catalog throughout the professional audio world.

Where It All Began

Roland’s first product was the Roland Rhythm 77 (TR-77), a drum machine housed in a flat wooden case that had a stand for holding scorebooks. It was designed for rhythm accompaniment to organs, pianos, synths and such. It was one of a trio of drum machines (TR-33 & TR-55) with slightly different features between them. In 2011, Roland has unveiled products such as the BC-2 Combo Drive guitar pedal, a complete DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) known as Sonar X1, and the globally unique SPD-SX sampling pad among several others. Truly, each of these products could warrant a blog of their own, and maybe we’ll see one or some of those here someday as Sonic Electronix continues to grow.

Where It’s Going

We at Sonic Electronix are clearly taking our expansion into the professional audio realm very seriously with the addition of the Roland product line. We’re tirelessly working to get these products up and available on our site so that you can take advantage of Sonic’s great deals and integrate the Roland name into your life. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Life is what you make it.” With nary a shred of doubt, I think just about anyone reading this would agree that music can make life pretty spectacular. Between your enthusiasm for music and the legendary quality of the Roland name, the possibilities are infinite. Keep your eyes and ears open for more news on this topic, as we will soon be shouting it from the rooftops… and blogging about it from our cubicles, of course.