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Audio-Technica ATH-M50s/LE: Now at Sonic Electronix!


To celebrate Audio-Technica’s 50th Anniversary, A-T has introduced a special limited edition ATH-M50s/LE Anniversary Headphone in a silver-colored metallic finish.

Showcased at the Winter 2012 NAMM show, the ATH-M50s/LE headphones clearly show that Audio-Technica has outdone themselves. This limited edition offering from Audio-Technica’s impressive line of 50th anniversary products boasts a remarkably broad and transparent frequency response range and luxurious ear cushioning that ensure a comfortable fit, especially over long mixing/recording sessions.

It’s apparent that Audio-Technica designed these beauties for professional mixing and monitoring due to the closed-back cushioned earcup design, which creates a superb seal and a true sense of immersion. These special headphones are also conveniently collapsible for portability and can be stored in the included protective pouch. For the DJs reading this out there, you’ll be happy to know that the circumaural ear pieces easily swivel 180° for efficient single-ear monitoring and offer a firm seal for the necessary amount of environmental isolation. The ATH-M50s/LE also utilize a straight cable that connects to the left earpiece that terminates with a gold-plated mini-plug (or with the included screw-on ¼” adapter plug).

The ATH-M50s/LE headphones come with Audio-Technica’s sophisticated and proprietary 45mm large-aperture driver technology and stellar-quality components that deliver exceptional power handling and high SPL capabilities while maintaining sound clarity that puts crystals to shame throughout the audible frequency spectrum. With punchy bass that would knock out Mike Tyson and high-end sure to make you quiver, these headphones feature neodymium magnet systems in their drivers for super-efficient signal transfer. Finally, these headphones are available in black color with coiled cable (ATH-M50), white color with coiled cable (ATH-M50WH), and black color with straight cable (ATH-M50s).

Pick up yours today, because they’re going fast!

Also, check out the Red version now available!

Audio Technica ATH-M50RD

Audio Technica ATH-M50RD



Last Week At The Winter 2012 NAMM Show…

Sonic Electronix was at the NAMM show, and here’s just a bit of what we saw:


Special 50th anniversary edition with stunning traditional urushi lacquer finish, hand-painted Japanese maple leaves, etched-on serial number, and carefully crafted wooden carrying case



Did you hear that guy say that those microphones were hand-painted with a mouse hair brush? How awesome is that?! Anyway, even beyond its aesthetic appeal, it’s quite an impressive microphone. It’s got a dual-diaphragm capsule, three switchable polar patterns and transformerless circuitry that almost completely eliminates low-frequency distortion.






ATH-M50s/LE : LIMITED EDITION Professional Studio Monitor Headphones (with straight cable)

Special 50th anniversary edition in silver-colored metallic finish


This pair of headphones, while not hand-painted with a mouse hair brush, is another pretty sweet offering from Audio-Technica for their 50th anniversary. They’re collapsible and include a carrying pouch for easy transportation, they boast a frequency response of 15 – 28,000 Hz (8,000 Hz above the range of human hearing – perfect if Fido wants to listen to his favorite doggie tunes on his next walk) and proprietary 45 mm large-aperture drivers with neodymium magnets. Worth every penny, if you ask me.


Keep an eye out for more Audio-Technica gear coming soon to your favorite audio gear e-tailer, Sonic Electronix!

This next video is of the amazing Reactable – an electronic instrument that uses numerous sound generation and manipulation modules to create music in a way that, as far as I know, is completely unique:

As stated in the video description, for those of us who don’t have the luxury to decide between buying a brand new car or buying an awesome new instrument such as The Reactable, there’s a delightful alternative: a Reactable app that’s available on both the Apple App Store and the Android Market. Check out http://www.reactable.com for more information.

Also, be sure to check out SonicTV on YouTube for more informative and fascinating videos of products to come!


Follow Your DJing Dreams With Numark’s iDJ Live

Numark iDJ Live (Box)

The holidays are almost over folks, and if you have any aspiring DJs in your midst, you should definitely consider putting a last minute call to Santa and his elves for the Numark iDJ Live! As stated in the product’s description, the controller is perfect for music lovers who have never tried DJing before. With its streamlined interface, the iDJ Live is designed for beginners and pros on the go and is very much plug-and-play. All you need is an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone (be sure to check the compatibility chart on the product page), the Algoriddim Djay app and you’re all set. Of course, you can always hook the unit up to larger speakers for a better experience, too.

Sounds great! But what would I need for that?

The iDJ Live comes with a dual mono 1/8″ (3.5 mm) headphone/speaker splitter cable, so all you would need is a male-to-male 3.5 mm cable like this: Aux cable
…and some sweet speakers like these:
(You’d be very wise to get a speaker system with a subwoofer.)
Limitless Creations x643

and you’re ready to rock!

About the unit

The iDJ Live comes with dual bass, treble and volume controls, sync and cue buttons to keep your mix tight and two large platters that can be used to either “scratch,” or search through tracks to set cue points. It also comes with a Browse knob that scrolls through your music library the way you’re used to doing with your “i” devices already, so there’s no need to learn a confusing new interface. You can even record your mixes or set Automix mode to let the iDJ Live and the Djay app mix your favorite playlist(s) automatically.

The iDJ Live includes a handy iPad stand as well, enabling you to keep an eye on your screen without having to bend over the controller or having to rig up a shaky DIY stand of your own. Also, as the iDJ Live unit does draw power from the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, it would be in your best interest to save some battery life by turning off 3/4G and/or Wi-Fi, turn off location services like GPS, and adjusting your display brightness. If you’re worried whether or not it’ll get to your house in time for Christmas, if you happen to live in the greater Los Angeles area, you can swing by and pick it up from Sonic Electronix’s will call area up here in Valencia.

That about wraps it up, so on behalf of the team at Sonic Electronix, I’d like to wish you all very happy holidays!


Soul by Ludacris Headphones- New Arrivals!

Soul by Ludacris Headphones
If you thought Dr. Dre was the only one with a successful headphone line, then it’s time for a wake up call. Backed by one of the most recognized rappers in the game today, the Soul by Ludacris headphones are a perfect combination of style and sound quality. They are the result of years of research and development by some of the most dignified audio engineers in existence today. The Souls have an option available for every lifestyle including the sleek SL300, SL100, and the in-ear version SL99.

Music Listening On the Go

Soul by Ludacris SL99The SL99 is the ideal in-ear headphone for the music listener on the go. With it’s built in sound isolation technology, you will be able to keep your beloved music in and the noise out. These Souls are included with small, medium, and
large ear tips for optimum fitment. If you live life in the fast lane, the SL99’s are the optimal choice.

  • Protective road case for storage and convenience
  • Tangle-resistant cable with cord manager for hassle-free use
  • Compatible with iPhone 4, 4S, 3G, 3GS, iPad and iPod

The Workhorse

Soul by Ludacris SL100If you are looking for a dynamic on-ear headphone that wont break the bank, then look no further. The SL100 is perfect for DJ’s and students alike. This stylish headphone will allow you to look good and listen even better. Its comfortable and audio-inducing design will give you that little edge you’ve been looking for. Whether you’re hitting the club or hitting the books, these bad boys will deliver.

  • Breathable, adjustable headband for comfortable listening sessions
  • Convenient folding design for added portability
  • Engineered for precise audio balance

Maximum Soul

Soul by Ludacris SL300The SL300 is what the audio gods had in mind. Not only does it have unparalleled noise cancellation technology, but its lustrous comfort and design will keep you from putting them down. The large and accurate drivers deliver a sound that will rival that of its competitors and provides clear and precise music reproduction. The Sl300 will allow you to listen to the music just like the artist intended.

  • World class active noise cancelling technology, eliminates unwanted sounds and noises
  • Illuminated, stylish earcup badge
  • Advanced sound driver circuitry, designed for superb bass, and clear mids and highs

American Audio VX2500 Professional DJ Amplifier

American Audio VX2500 Professional DJ Amplifier

So you’re a DJ, and you already have a set of turntables, a mixer, a booming speaker system, and a pair of headphones, however, there is one thing you might be missing. To get those speakers sounding like they are supposed to, you should invest in a Professional DJ Amplifier like American Audio’s VX2500. This amp will be the finishing touch to your DJ equipment and enhance the overall power and sound quality of your speakers.

The American Audio VX2500 is a 19” 2U fan cooled VX series professional DJ amplifier that can be wired in 8 ohm, 4 ohm, or 2 ohm impedance’s and can also be bridged at 8 or 4 ohm. The highest power output unbridged (at 2 ohm) is 1400 watts while the highest power output bridged (at 4 ohm) puts out a whopping 2800 watts. This amplifier features a built-in dynamic sound processing circuitry which improves dynamic range & quality of sound, making your mixes and sets sound that much better. The front panel of the VX2500 is equipped with an LCD display that shows temperature, working mode, and protection mode. You don’t have to worry too much about this amp overheating or short circuiting thanks to the integrated Comprehensive Protection System. This protection system includes DC output protection, overload protection, high temp protection, short circuit protection, current Inrush protection, soft start-up protection, auto shut down, and a 2-speed cooling fan to ensure a long lasting lifespan.

American Audio has thrown convenience into the mix for this amplifier. The rackmount steel chassis have built-on front panel handles for easy installation into a rack mount road case like the American Audio ETLC 8×4. This road case has a sturdy plywood construction and holds 19” rack mount equipment with 8 spaces on the top and 4 spaces on the bottom. If you want to step up your game a little bit and invest in a professional style rack case, the American Audio TLC Pro 8×4 will also hold the VX2500. This case is made of lightweight durable plastic and features 8 spaces on top and 14 spaces on the bottom, perfect to hold most of your DJ gear.

Complete your DJ system off with the American Audio VX2500 Professional DJ Amplifier. It has audiophile features for an affordable price, so enhance your systems sound quality and get yours today.