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Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) 101

What is MIDI?

For starters, for anyone who isn’t yet “in the know,” MIDI is NOT music.

I know, I know; shocking, right? It is not a digital audio codec like MP3, AAC, FLAC, etc. No actual sound ever passes through MIDI cables, either. There are .mid files, yes, but they’re made up of data that when run through the proper software, one can indeed hear music and/or musical sounds. In fact, anyone who’s ever played Rock Band or Guitar Hero has a bit of experience with MIDI, whether they realize it or not. Let me simplify a bit and say that MIDI is a digital communications language.

What is it used for?

MIDI is a set of instructions that one uses to tell instruments and software what to do. The acronym “MIDI,” stands for “Musical Instrument Digital Interface.” However, MIDI can also be used to control lighting equipment and even animatronics and robotics. As you can most likely guess after reading that, MIDI can do far more than simply tell instruments what notes to play when. Through MIDI, users can turn volume up or down, open filter controls and pan around the stereo spectrum among many other things. Like most any other sync protocol, MIDI is transmitted through a Master/Slave relationship. Master devices ONLY transmit data. Slave devices ONLY receive it. What are some examples of said devices, you ask?

Why is it important? Who uses MIDI?

Master devices are essentially tangible things: keyboards/synthesizers like the Akai Pro LPK25, electronic drum pads and DJ software controllers like the ION Discover DJ (ICUE3) as well as the various buttons, sliders and knobs on the devices themselves. DJs and musicians alike use devices like that to control software on their computers, manipulating the music (like more traditional DJs do when they “scratch” records) and thus achieving their own unique sound. Slave devices can be tangible too, like in the case of daisy chaining keyboards together, but they can also be plug-ins and software instruments like Logic’s EXS24.

What are software instruments and plug-ins? Well, that’s a whole other blog right there (maybe you’ll see that one sometime in the near future!) Anyway, through a little customization, users can assign software functions to knobs to control things like flangers, echoes, etc. so they can affect the music with a vast variety of special effects. Actually, if you’re thinking about getting into DJing, now would be a great time since we’re currently offering 15% off all DJ controllers, and a lot of them come packaged with reputable software like Traktor LE, Serato or Ableton Live to get you started.

In conclusion, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little introduction to MIDI, and I encourage anyone reading this to ask any questions you might have. Believe it or not, we’re all actual people here at Sonic Electronix, and we do pay attention to what our customers and fans have to say. Thanks for reading!


Numark Virtual Vinyl Software Package

Numark Virtual Vinyl DJ Audio Mixing Software Package

Are you a DJ that loves the old school feeling of 12” vinyl turnatables? Or, are you the type of DJ who likes to do your mixing or scratching with CD Decks? With Numarks Virtual Vinyl Package, you can have the best of both worlds. Virtual Vinyl gives you, the user flexibility and creative possibility of mixing audio and video. This package comes with the Virtual Vinyl audio interface, two 12”/78 control vinyls, two control CDs, CUE software CD, four RCA and stereo audio cables, and a USB cable. Numarks amazing package gives you the power to scratch, mix, and sample digital audio and video files using any turntable or CD player.

The included control vinyl and CDs give you performance features such as master tempo, seamless looping, instant pitch-matching, automatic beat-matching, BPM-aware effects, hot-cues, sampling, and much more. The Numark CUE DJ software is what drives this package and ensure seamless integration with your computer whether it is a Mac or PC. This software really puts you in the driver seat; it allows you to customize the appearance, layout, and feel of the software to suit your needs and style. CUE’s Rhythm Window allows you to see music as a visual waveform, this helps acquire 100% mixing accuracy. You can also pitch tracks up and down with or without Key Lock, which holds pitch while you independently adjust the BPM. Some other cool features include Net Search, which searches the web automatically for specific tracks, online social music groups, automatically sync tracks together for effortless song transitions, play history management, and much more.

Virtual Vinyls interface box is the heart of this package and is all you need to connect everything. It is equipped with two phono/line switchable RCA inputs, two pass throughs, and three pairs of outputs. The included USB cable will provide connection to the interface box and your computer. This Numark package supports video playback from DVD, VOB, DIVX, MPG1, MPG2, MPG4, AVI, WMV, Karaoke (CD+G), and audio and playlists from CD, DVD, MP3, WAV, iTunes, etc. There isn’t much Numark left out of this package, no matter what kind of DJ you are, this package will impress you.

Numark has done it again with the Virtual Vinyl Package and keeps the driving force of DJ innovation moving in the right direction.


MixMeister Fusion DJ Software

Numark MixMeister Fusion Performance DJ Software

By David D. – Product Specialist

Numark has always been a staple in the DJ game, especially when it comes to mixing and sequencing software. The Mixmeister Fusion 7.2 version will not ruin their reputation by any means. This software allows you to combine live DJ performances with the dead-on precision of the best music production software. Numark has made it easy for everyone to use with the support of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X 10.34 or above.

Numark MixMeister Fusion DJ Software allows you to reconfigure a mix with a workflow similar to DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and the functionality of a loop editor. This makes it possible for full length DJ sets or mixes to be compiled and produced on-screen. Say good-bye to the annoying tasks of beat matching, counting beats in your head, or setting cue points. This software allows your creativity to take over and lets you shape your music in millions of different ways. With most beat-mixing tasks being automated, you can now mix up to 8 songs at the same time with perfect sync. This enables you to take full advantage of impressive features like intelligent looping and powerful on-board capabilities such as adjustments for tempo, volume and EQ on the fly. The wide range of MIDI hardware controllers further expand the user options and effect automation. MixMeister records all of your actions and creations and allows them to be tweaked and altered to create your desired mix. When the mix is complete and recorded, it can exported into an MP3 or burned to a CD using the software’s integrated burning tools, allowing you to show your sweet creations off to all your friends.

This Numark DJ Software is very versatile and easy to use, so whether you’re a beginner trying to improve your skills, or a professional DJ doing live sets nightly, this software will definitely work for you.