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Parrot Asteroid Smart – The Multimedia Receiver of Your Dreams

Looking for an upgrade for you vehicles sound system? Well you’re in luck; Parrot is revolutionizing the industry with their all new Asteroid Smart multimedia receiver. This Android powered double DIN stereo is equipped with a touchscreen 6.2”, and an operating system that makes selecting your media easier than ever. With the Asteroid Smart, you get it all.

One of the bigger features of this deck is its mobile internet access capabilities. Simply plug in an internet receiving dongle and do things such as browse the Asteroid Market, stream some new music from Pandora, or check the weather. Plug in your Apple iPhone and load up the GPS App for full integration of your smartphones navigation system; the receiver even comes with an external antenna for better reception. Built-in Bluetooth version 3.0 allows you to make and receive hands-free calls as well as stream wireless music from your Bluetooth enabled device to the speakers.

  • Integrates GPS Navigation from Apple iPhone
  • A2DP Bluetooth Version 3.0 for Hands-Free Calls and Wireless Streaming
  • Connect to Wi-Fi for Access to Asteroid Market

The Parrot Asteroid Smart boasts 4 rear USB ports so you can connect a few different devices simultaneously like a flash drive, iPod and iPhone. For people looking into head-rest monitors, this receiver has built-in audio and video outputs for connection to separate screens throughout the car. Three sets of 6V RCA preamp connections will give optional amplifiers in your system a strong signal with less noise interference. When you connect an iPod or iPhone, an on-board 24-bit digital analogue converter will enhance your MP3 and WAV files for playback through the door speakers.

  • 4 Rear USB Connections for Multiple Devices
  • Built-In Audio/Video Inputs and Outputs
  • 3 Sets of 6V Pre-Amp RCA Outputs

This touchscreen multimedia receiver is one of many great products made by Parrot, so you can expect nothing less than quality. A solid handful of features, intuitive software and high-quality engineering make up this attractive receiver, so get yours today at SonicElectronix.com!

Check out our in-car look at the ASTEROID Smart:


Put an iPad Mini In Your Dash!


Apple recently announced the iPad Mini and of course everyone has to have one now.  I prefer to call it an iPod Jumbo but that’s besides the point.  If you follow our Youtube channel, then you probably saw our Nexus 7 tablet install in a Dodge Ram.  This is a similar idea to this installation but the iPad mini allows you to do a few things differently. The iPad Mini is almost exactly the same size as a double DIN stereo so putting in almost any car is a possibility.

One thing that is different with an iPad in-dash install is that you can now connect to overhead and headrest monitors easier by the use of Apple’s lightning connector-to-HDMI adapter.  This makes the conversion very simple and the installation all the more efficient.  Obviously, the installation will be different in every vehicle and as a result will require custom installation.  The iPad mini can serve as a great navigation unit not to mention all of the endless apps that can assist you while you’re crusin’ down the road.  If you get really creative, then you can add other inputs like a possible back-up camera.  If you’re lucky enough to live near our installation bay in Santa Clarita, California, then we can fabricate a custom bezel for your dash to accommodate your vehicle. Even if you’re not close to us, this will be a very popular aftermarket mod that a lot of shops will be more than willing to accomplish for you.  We will be doing an installation video for the iPad Mini just as we did with the Nexus 7 so be on the look-out!


Coming Soon: Alpine INE-Z928HD Navigation Receiver

The Game Changer

If you thought 7 inches was the maximum size a Double-Din car stereo screen could achieve, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise.  The folks at Alpine have been hard at work concocting a head unit that breaks all the rules.  The Alpine INE-Z928HD navigation receiver features an unheard of 8 inch screen and is filled to the brim with the latest technology.  This year at the international CES awards, this unit won an innovations design and engineering award and it is blatantly obvious as to why. Everything about this unit is smoothly intuitive and gives the user a seamless way to access any of the plentiful features that are present.

Noteworthy Features

 Alpine INE-Z928HD

Alpine INE-Z928HD

  • Pandora Internet Radio control for streaming and station creation from iPhone, Android, and even Blackberry smartphones
  • 3D WVGA navigation design with over 6 million points of interest and free TMC traffic monitoring
  • Built-in HD radio which is compatible with SiriusXM
  • Built-in Bluetooth for audio streaming, phonebook search, hands-free calling and call waiting
  • 9-Band Parametric equalizer with customization features such as speaker count, speaker location, and upholstery type
  • 3 Pairs of 4 volt pre-amp outputs
  • My favorites screen allows user to set up to 8 shortcuts

If you’re wondering how you fit an 8 inch double-din head unit in a space meant for up to 7 inches, then don’t worry because Alpine is way ahead of you.  They have developed Perfect fit packages which are specifically designed to accommodate the INE-Z928HD.  They are available in ten of the most popular vehicle platforms and have even designed a universal kit for custom installations if there is no specific kit for your car.  In addition, these kits will retain any factory steering wheel controls and come with a vehicle specific wiring harness.  We are very eager to get our hands on this unit and you should be too.



JVC KW-AVX730 Car Stereo

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Getting the most out of an in-dash car stereo can be a difficult task.  First you have to analyze your needs for your new car stereo.  What features do you need?  Do you need a DVD player? How advanced of a sound processor do you need?  Do you need Satellite radio?  What about Bluetooth?  With so many choices and expandability modules, the JVC KW-AVX730 is the perfect double DIN car stereo for your next car.

One of the first things that people will notice about the JVC KW-AVX730 is the 7” bright LCD display.  When watching DVDs or using the standard user interface, the screen is clear and easy to read.  There are display adjustments for the color, brightness, contrast, as well as tint so you can be sure to get the display to look exactly how you want it to.  You will be able to further impress friends and family when you pull off the detachable faceplate from the stereo!  By removing the front screen, you are able to protect your investment from both thieves as well as the harsh sunrays that can potentially damage the unit.

For those that use iPods or iPhones, the 2 way USB control makes the connection and control simple!  Using the two-way control gives the user the option to control the iPod from the headunit or the iPod itself.  Other ways to get the most out of this unit is by adding a module to give extra audio playback options.  Satellite radio add-ons such as SIRIUS and XM are both compatible.  By installing an HD radio module you can receive digital radio signals for a clear reception.  The Bluetooth module will allow hands-free talking, as well as music A2DP streaming.  With so many options, you can get the car stereo you have always wanted!



KW-AVX810By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

If you’re going to upgrade your car stereo system, you might as well get one with all of the “bells and whistles.” The JVC KW-AVX810 is an ultra cool in-dash, double din, DVD, MP3 and CD receiver with a 7” touchscreen. The 7” widescreen display makes it easy to enjoy movies and select the touchscreen menu buttons. Like the KD-AVX77, the touchscreen uses special proximity sensors to dim or hide the menu buttons as you draw your hand away from the screen. You don’t often see car stereos with proximity sensors, that is pretty rare! This head unit will blow your friends away with its special features.

This car stereo offers numerous expandability options for adding different formats of music. The laundry list of options includes a front SD Card aux input and a rear panel USB input. You can use these inputs for adding devices loaded with your favorite music. This stereo is also ready for Bluetooth, Satellite Radio, and HD Radio. Separate modules and subscriptions are required as indicated. Further, the KW-AVX810 is compatible with iPods and iPhones. Some iPods will plug right into the USB input while others may require an additional adapter. The list of add-ons doesn’t stop there. You can configure the KW-AVX810 with a steering wheel remote adapter to retain your factory steering wheel controls. It can also be wired with a CD changer if you would like to store multiple discs.

In terms of audio configuration, the KW-AVX810 doesn’t disappoint. The 3 sets of 5 volt preamp outputs (including a front, rear, subwoofer and/or center channel output) make it possible to wire this head unit to all of your audio components. When it comes to sound, the built-in 7-band parametric equalizer and 8 EQ presets give you the flexibility you need to find the perfect sound. You can tweak the sound even while driving using the remote control (included with your purchase of the KW-AVX810).

With its numerous options and fully customizable interface, the KW-AVX810 is a great buy! It is also detachable and fully motorized, making it easy to hide when necessary!