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Show Off Your Car with Carshow Headrests

Are you a cool person with a cool car? Do you want to be a cool person with a cool car? Well now you can! With the all new Carshow factory matched headrest monitors you can let everyone on the block know that their rear seat entertainment system is inferior and really turn some heads.

So what makes the Carshow systems so much better? First and foremost, it’s the quality. The fine folks over at Carshow spent some serious time painstakingly researching the exact color match from car manufacturers to make sure your system looks like it came installed from the factory. While most headrest manufacturers only make a few colors, back, grays and tan, Carshow has EVERY color and they even use the same stitching patterns that are in your vehicle. How’s that for quality and care?

Seriously, it just doesn't make any sense...

So now here’s the thing, let’s say you have a couple kids who can’t ever agree on what they want to watch. One wants to watch My Little Pony, the other wants to watch Justice League so what do you do? Compromise with Spongebob? Na, let them watch their own show. With the Carshow monitors, you can either share the same media or you can watch two separate things on each monitor. One could even listen to music while the other watches a movie. How cool is that?

Carshow understands that not everyone needs the same thing so they made 4 different models for you to choose from. They have a Dual Monitor Only system which do NOT have a built-in DVD player, a Single DVD player system, a Dual DVD player system and a Single DVD player system with an iPod/iPhone docking station. It’ll even interface with your Android Smartphone through the USB port. Boo-ya.

You could go spend your money on an inferior product that won’t perfectly match your interior and is going to lead to battles of epic proportions between who gets to watch what…


You can treat yourself to something nice that you know is going to last and look great while providing more features than you can shake a stick at. Go ahead and try to shake a stick at all the cool things it does.

At the end of the day you have to ask yourself’ “Do I want to be a cool person with a cool car with exquisite taste who only wants the best for their car, or am I going to settle for less?”

We think we know which one you’ll chose.



The Future of Car Audio

What Does the Future Hold?

Car logos

Vehicle manufacturers are becoming more adaptive at implementing the latest technologies into their vehicles

Car audio is a constantly changing animal.  We have come a long way from the early days of car audio in which people thought it was an expensive luxury to enjoy sweet melodies while you drive.  Nowadays, people not only expect to have audio in their car, but expect other features such as navigation, bluetooth, smartphone integration, video playback, and many other convenient features.  So what does the future of car audio hold for you?  How will newly developing technology affect your future purchases of not only car audio but for cars in general?  These things don’t only affect you but they affect us as well!

As modern vehicles become more advanced, they are becoming more integrated as well. Vehicle manufacturers are starting to realize the importance and popularity of car audio and video and are taking measures to give the consumer that all-in-one experience they are looking for.  The demand for watching movies on the go has had explosive growth with the decreasing cost of LCD monitors and DVD players.  As a result, OEM audio systems are going to be more surround sound oriented.


App integration is rapidly increasing in popularity

Smartphones are another thing that are starting to change the car audio world as we know it.  We have started to see the emergence of smartphone integration with the likes of Pandora and Aha radio apps being integrated into aftermarket receivers and even in some new OEM systems.  Even more integration is starting to be present with the Pioneer AppRadio2 which can utilize other apps and functionality such as navigation directly from your iPhone.  The future will definetly see more app integration in vehicles.  Apple is even hinting at Siri integration in the near future!

All of this talk about vehicle integration might raise the question as to why anyone would need to buy aftermarket car audio equipment.  Even though vehicles have become more integrated, they still usually have cheap, stock speakers, limited bass output, limited  music equalization, and restricted sound quality all together.  It will be a very long time until you can say that your stock sound system could over glorify that of a well-tuned, aftermarket sound system.  This can apply to other realms as well such as Keyless entry alarm and remote start systems.   The future of car audio is not entirely clear, but one thing is for certain and that is that people will always look to aftermarket when their stock system is not enough.


Incredible Headrest Video Monitors by Concept Chameleon

Are you looking for a way to make your family vehicle a little more exciting? Headrest monitors are a great way to entertain your family and friends on long drives, and they are becoming surprisingly more affordable. Concept Chameleon has recently released the 902 series headrest monitors, and they look stunning. There are two models available, one with a built in DVD player and the other without. These universal monitors look great in any car when replacing your factory headrests.


Add video playback for every passenger with this video monitor. Its 9” LCD screen has exceptional picture quality and looks great under any lighting conditions. This is the perfect companion to the CLD-902 due to it supporting RCA video input. Link it up with any component that offers video output, and you are set to go.


This standalone monitor has a built in DVD player so you do not need to purchase any additional components. You can use this monitor as a video source for connecting additional video devices such as other headrest monitors or overhead screens. This video monitor has both video input and output so you may link together as many as you would like.

The Choice is Clear

The headrest monitors are built with good quality parts. The design is so simple, simply connect the power and ground wires and plug in your RCA video cable. The adjustable pole pieces can accommodate most vehicles, making this the perfect upgrade for any car, truck or van. If you are looking add video playback to your car, Concept Chameleon has you covered.


What Are DVD Region Codes?

Every DVD you put in your player has a region code associated with it. Whether it is a region 1 disc or region free, it is something to consider when purchasing a DVD player or disc. Today, almost all devices that have the ability to play a movie will have a region number including PC’s, standalone DVD players, car stereos, video game consoles and Blu-ray players.

What Is The Purpose?

You are probably wondering what a region code is, and more importantly what purpose they have. DVD region codes restrict playback of movies that come from geographical locations outside of your residing place. For example, you cannot typically play a DVD on a United States DVD player if that disc is distributed in Australia. The purpose of these restrictive codes is so the Digital-Rights Management can control aspects of a movie release such as content, price, and the release date. There are 6 official region codes that separate every country geographically into their associated market.

Why Are They Important?

DVD region codes are important because without them, distribution agencies would have a very tough time controlling the market. If there were no codes, one could simply call their friend in a different country and have them send a DVD to them in the mail before the release date of their own region. With regions in place, consumers have no choice but to pay the set price for their movie at the time of release. Manufacturer’s can demand a higher price for their product depending on the allowances of the market at that time. This results in more profit for the movie industry that produced it.

DVD Region Breakdown:

  • Region 1 – The U.S., U.S. territories and Canada
  • Region 2 – Europe, Japan, the Middle East, Egypt, South Africa, Greenland
  • Region 3 – Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong
  • Region 4 – Mexico, South America, Central America, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Caribbean
  • Region 5 – Russia (okay, former Russia), Eastern Europe, India, most of Africa, North Korea, Mongolia
  • Region 6 – China

How This Affects You?

When shopping for a new DVD player or car multimedia player, it may be wise to choose one that has a worldwide region associated with it. Region ALL and region 0 players will either have all region flags set, or they will mask the region of the disc before attempting to play it. Some players will even allow you to manually set the corresponding region of the disc before attempting to play it. Be sure to do your research before you purchase any video related product to be sure it is compatible with the types of discs you are looking to play. If you are purchasing a product from outside of your own country, this is especially important. Region ALL and region 0 DVD players are the way to go in today’s industry if you are at all worried about compatibility.


Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD Car Stereo New for 2011

Kenwood PS Subwoofers

This time of year is always an exciting time as manufacturers are beginning to ship the new units that we have been hearing about for a few months. Pioneer has been releasing information about their new audio/video receivers for a little while now, but they have just recently begun to ship. The anticipation from the press release to the time that we are actually using the unit is sometimes unbearable. With the new line of Pioneer audio/video products now shipping, the car audio industry is reaching a new level of sound quality and convenience in the car.

A prime example of a benchmark audio/video in-dash car stereo is the Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD. Out of the box, this unit gives you plenty of options for a top-notch audio system that will make all the other AV units out their jealous. To accomplish this, Pioneer has fine-tuned the equalizer from the previous model for an Easy EQ (EEQ) 8-band graphic equalizer. This allows the listener to adjust the sound quality with great accuracy. They have also incorporated a 24-bit D/A converter, Dolby Digital decoding, Linear PCM decoding, as well as DTS digital out. It is starting to sound like a Pioneer home receiver isn’t it? These audio improvements assist in the overall processing of audio, but really shine when you pop a DVD into the receiver. For complete audio equalization, try using the Pioneer CD-MC20 auto-tuning microphone.

One of the best parts of the AVH-P4300DVD is that is fully customizable to be a system that is just what you want. The benefit of this is that you aren’t paying for extra features that you don’t need or will never use. Some of these features include GPS navigation, satellite radio (SIRIUS and XM), HD Radio, Bluetooth, back-up camera, iPhone/iPod support, and steering wheel control. We look forward to this unit being one of the most popular car stereos in 2011.